How do you deal with a smart student?

Brilliant students have the capability of building a successful life for themselves, but achieving this direction is paramount. The difference between the brilliant and hard-working students is that the former does less work but passes excellently, whereas the latter burn the midnight candle. To deal with a smart student can be an uphill task. Most of them display a lackadaisical attitude towards their classwork, they can be difficult, but when well-trained, they are of enormous benefit. Handling them is possible but how to go about it is the question we will launch into in this article.

How do you deal with a smart student?

Who is a Smart Student?

An intelligent student is a student who doesn’t put in too much work to succeed. The student gets work done much more straightforwardly than the other students. Other students may have to work things out through heavy and constant studying. An intelligent student may not have a vast knowledge of what is being taught. The intelligent student is all about an application to the real world.

Are Intelligent Students Smart?

The word intelligent and intelligent are often used interchangeably, although there’s a disparity between the two terms.

When you’re, you’re smart, and you exhibit intellectual knowledge. Smartness can be likened to cleverness. The intelligent student can also be seen as the student who does anything to pass. They can maneuver situations to their favor even at the expense of others.

Intelligence is an inherent attitude that manifests even without showing off. An intelligent student can make quick and wise decisions without turning into a catastrophe. Things are being figured out no matter the context or situation—There’s speedy processing of information devoid of inherent capacity.

 The truth lies that intelligent students can be brilliant too with exposure, and intelligent students can be intelligent.

What Do Smart Students Do?

Genetic bases may not be the answer to students’ excellency in school. Below are what intelligent students do:

They read for pleasure

They don’tdon’t just read to pass exams for some tests. Research over the years has shown that when students/people read for its fun, the benefits are more enjoyed. It doesn’tdoesn’t just stop there, there there’s development witnessed in the areas of writing skills, grammar skills, vocabulary, and reading attainment.

They balance school and pleasure.

Yes, the intelligent student is not all about putting hours into homework. They are not students who miss their extracurricular activities to revise for an exam, but they can strike a balance between their schoolwork and extracurricular activities. 

They ask lots of questions (insatiable curiosity)

They are never shy about their ignorance. They bombard the teacher with lots of questions until the doubt is cleared. Then, in most scenarios, they conjure up annoying questions or platforms to ask questions.

They can be the know-it-all type of student.

They can sometimes feel that you waste your time by teaching them. They believe they have a clearer understanding of the subject than you, the teacher. Often, they are disrespectful as they tend to teach and instruct you in your class. 

How To Deal With A Smart Student

We are always familiar with the problem of students who disrupt classes, bully, and still fail, but we seem to overlook another set of problematic students. These students show disinterest in school and learning, but their test scores are usually high. Are they stuck with a child who insists or constitutes a nuisance to you? Follow the following tips on dealing with them and unlock their full potential.

Understand the problem source

Find out the reason why the child is acting out. Knowing the root cause of a problem is a step closer to solving it. For example, some intelligent students’ behaviors are because the class works are too easy. They choose to be rebellious to show you how smart they are. Some others could be home difficulties. Understanding their situations and showing how much you care can be crucial to managing their conduct.

Avoid power struggle

Keeping your cool can be quite hard. They tend to push all your buttons and dare you to do your worst. They even disprove your theory and initiate a different theory or method.

At this point, donation’s engaged in an argument or conflict with them.

Keep them engaged constantly.

A bored intelligent student can cause trouble when done with a class task. Device new activities for them. Please make it so that they are onto another one as they are done with one.

Do not sass back

When you exchange a word with this kind of student, you encourage them and their attitude. If they don’tdon’t win, which is hardly possible, they go back to come up with a better line just for you.

Please give them a challenge.

To keep the bright student from being bored, give them a challenge. This could be giving them an assignment or classwork that requires more effort than other students.

Why Managing/Dealing with Smart Students Can Be Hard

Dealing with intelligent students can be frustrating. Irrespective of their being innovative, these students can be challenging to manage due to the following reasons:

  • They always want their opinion to be heard, thereby challenging authority.
  • They have an answer to everything. They are swift to dismiss a notion they don’tdon’t agree with
  • Another reason could be that they are easily bored and feel that the school work is beneath them 


Most intelligent students are not particular about the process. They want the result. This means they are not patient enough to go through “how” it is done now. They want to get it done and over with.

Dealing with them can be a handful as they disrupt class, but it becomes a walkover with proper guidance. Also, never take their actions personally. They will hurt you but never show it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there known disadvantages of being an intelligent student to oneself

There are no known cons or disadvantages of being an intelligent student. However, you will be bored continuously. You will start viewing others as wasting your time as they are way beneath you. 

  • Can I engage in a debate or an argument with an intelligent student?

It is never advisable to go into an argument with an intelligent student. They are never willing to back down and want to drag the matter on as long as possible. So for your sanity and that of other class members, drop a chance to argue with them.  

  • Can parents help their intelligent kids?

Yes, they can by doing the following:

  • Finding tutors who will be willing to work with them
  • Ensure they learn on their own
  • Emphasize how wrong it is to disrupt people’speople’s class
  • Find out what interests them and allow them to work on it
  • Force them to accept the consequences of their actions.