How Do I Change My Spotify Account To Student ?

Undoubtedly, Spotify is asserting its dominance upon the entire music streaming applications and has emerged as a typhoon in the music industry. The fact that makes it more evident is that Spotify is the only music streaming platform which is reckoned to possess the largest number of paid subscribers as well as monthly non-inert utilisers globally. Moreover, the credit to its popularity goes to the affordable plans and perks offered, the prominent one being Spotify Premium for Students. Spotify Premium for Students gives a lucrative discount of 50% than original premium rates. Therefore,it is a boon for students to upgrade to the former. In this article we shall how do one Change My Spotify Account To Student ? 

In order to convert a Spotify account to Spotify Premium for Students, one should proceed to Spotify’s official website and then follow the further instructions for enlisting the payment method.

Procedure To Convert Spotify Account To Spotify Premium for Students

  • Through website
  • Through upgrading current plan
  • Through cancellation of current subscription
  • Through support center
How Do I Change My Spotify Account To Student ? 

Through Website

As mentioned earlier, first, one ought to visit Spotify’s Student page through any preferred suitably convenient search engine. Thereafter, click on to the option of ‘ Get Started ‘ which will further lead to another tab asking for signing up. Next to which, sign up with relevant details if one is a new applicant ; in case of an old user, one merely needs to log in. After that, one needs to verify his/her identity as a student for which one either needs to log in to the portal of his/her university or upload any pertinent proof of enrollment. After successful verification through the SheerID system, the server would guide to fill in the payment details and also execute the same.

Through Upgrading Current Plan

If one has already chosen a particular plan,then it needs to be upgraded for electing the plan meant for students aka the Spotify Premium Plan for Students. For this purpose, log in to Spotify’s account and click on the ‘ Profile ‘ icon located at the right upper corner of the tab. A pop-up window will appear. Subsequently, select the ‘ Account ‘ option. Scroll down and choose ‘ Subscription ‘ situated at the left side. The next tab will exhibit the details of the current plan. Later, go for the ‘ Upgrade Plan ‘ icon placed at the immediate right corner of the tab. Click the ‘ Get Student ‘ icon by scrolling downwards, fill out the details and follow the procedure mentioned previously.

Through Canceling Current Subscription

If the problem persists, one can cancel the current subscription and then re-subscribe through the student’s page. Cancellation of previous subscription does not halt the services provided by the former plan as it runs upto the time for which the premium promised for.

Through Support Center

If the issue isn’t resolved, one should straightaway seek help from Spotify’s Support Center by visiting the official website of Spotify. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page,where one could easily find ‘ Help and Support Center ‘. Click onto the same and describe the problem faced along with filling in the required details. The problem will be sorted within a few days and the help center will revert back when the query is cleared. 

How Does Spotify Ensure Genuine Student Identity ?

Spotify confirms whether the applicant is really a student through its third party system named SheerID. Alongside,it also verifies the enrollment proof which concretes the viability of the user’s student identity. 

How Much Discount One Gets On Upgrading To A Student’s Plan ?

Spotify Premium For Students offers a jaw dropping discount of 50% as compared to the regular Premium plans for an adult individual. 


Apart from offering 10,000+ songs and podcasts, ad-free music, unlimited downloads, on-demand access to songs and podcasts, curated playlists also renowned as Spotify Wrapped ; Spotify Premium For Students also provides access to Hulu’s ad-supported plan as well as SHOWTIME. Hence, at a remunerative discount of 50% for upto 4 years, upgrading to Students Plan is a worthwhile deal. So switch to the Students Plan as early as possible and do check out the article for doing so !

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does the Students Plan run ?

1 year. Although,it can be renewed after every 12 months and thus, students are eligible to get the discount for upto 4 years.

  1. Can high school students upgrade for Students Plan ?

Unfortunately no. Spotify’s Student Plan is primarily meant for university students.

  1. How does SheerID recognises a student ?

SheerID uses applicant’s first name,last name and date of birth to tally it with reliable sources for confirming student identity.

  1. My university is not recognised. Can I avail Spotify Premium For Students ?

Unfortunately not. However, if the university gets recognition through SheerID, thereafter you could avail the services of Spotify Premium For Students.

  1. Can I still avail the services of Spotify’s Student Plan after graduation ?

No. After completing graduation, there is no option to renew the plan. As long as the current plan is valid, one is free to avail the services of the Students Plan.