Is It Too Late To Go To College At 25?

Just as the sayings goes “its better late than never” and “its not how fast but how well”; going to college is of great importance and age shouldn’t be a barrier, what really matters is being happy and contented with ones achievement. Some people are fortunate to go to college early while some are not because of some unforeseen circumstances. Having the opportunity to go to college is a great gift and shouldn’t be determined by age or any other factor except if the individual isn’t willing to take up the opportunity. In this article we shall see If It is Too Late To Go To College At 25?

Going to college at age 25 isn’t late so long as the individual is psychologically ready for it; psychologically because it has to do with your mind, the individual mind has to be prepared, ready and willing to go to college. Age does not necessarily determine ones readiness for college but the mind. Just as the saying goes “there’s power in the mind” so long as the mind is ready there’s no barrier that can stop it, not even age. Taking that bold step is a great decision and preparing one’s mind to be ready and willing to take that step and get that degree without being mindful of age as a barrier or source of hindrance is even a greater decision . Age shouldn’t stop one from being who one has always dreamt of becoming just like I said earlier, “ its better late than never “ . It might not really be easy but having a picture of the result gives one a sense of satisfaction.

Is It Too Late To Go To College At 25?

Six Reasons its not Too Late to go to College at 25

  • Better motivation
  • Clearer future
  • Learning never stops
  • Age is but a number
  • Better opportunities and earning potentials
  • Expansion of social and professional networks

Better motivation

Going to college at 25 gives you a better motivation to why you need the degree, it makes you more determined and more willing to achieve the goal of earning a degree.

Clearer future

Taking the bold step of going to college at 25 gives one a clearer picture of what one wants to be, and makes him or her focussed on what he or she wants to achieve, putting in more effort in order to achieve the goal because they have a clearer picture of what they want in future.

Learning never stops

Learning is a continuous process. In other words, learning never ends, so going to college at 25 doesn’t make you any less human. Moreover, you are going to add to your knowledge and add more value to yourself.  Learning itself can be exciting and fun especially when one programs his or her mind to make it worthwhile.

Age is but a number

Age is but a number is a popular saying which is true because you are not too young or too old to try something new, earn a degree, change a career, try new opportunities, experiences and so much more. So being 25 or even older shouldn’t stop one from earning a degree if they want too.

Better opportunities and earning potential

The more education you have attained, the less likely you are to be unemployed. Earning a degree gives a  better opportunities in the work society and increases one’s earning potentials 

Expansion of social and professional networks

Going to get a degree at 25 or any age at all expands one’s social and professional networks. Social in the sense that it exposes one to meet and interact with new people aside one’s regular circle there by expanding one’s social circle. Professional in the sense that it exposes one to different opportunities through the people they meet and interact with.

Tips to go to college at 25

  • Make up your mind and know why you are going to college
  • Recognize your advantage
  • Choose the right degree and college for your goal
  • Indicate your funding plan
  • Apply and enroll
  • Establish a plan on how to successfully obtain the degree

Make up your mind and know why you are going to college

Making up one’s mind is the first step to take; taking up that decision that yes! You want to earn that degree and preparing your mind for it is very important, afterwards knowing why you are going back to college is very important as well and keeps one motivated and more focus in order to earn their desired degree.

Recognize your advantage

Recognizing your advantage requires you giving yourself credit for all your achievements in the past years, the self development, the experiences and lessons learnt during these years helps in giving you a clearer picture and vision on your strengths and weaknesses and gives you a clearer vision of what you want in college and Which degree is suiting for you.

Choose the right degree and college for your goal

Choosing the right degree requires you evaluating your strengths and weaknesses and focusing more on your strengths to determine which degree is right for you and also choosing the right college suitable enough to attain your goal, in choosing a college choose a college whose tuition plan is suitable for you and who’s environment is also suiting for you too

Indicate your funding plan

Indicating your funding plan requires your evaluating your source of income and comparing with that of the college to know if it’s suitable enough for you, and if it isn’t you can check for other colleges in which your funding plan suits their payment plan .

Apply and enroll

Take the bold step apply and enroll ; and be positive about it that the outcome would be worthwhile

Establish a plan on how to successfully obtain the degree

After taking all the steps above it on you to make up your mind and establish a plan on how to successfully obtain the degree, the only limitations one has are the ones we set for ourselves so make up you mind and don’t let age be a limitation for you obtaining your desired degree.


Some decisions can be difficult to make sometimes, especially those which have great impacts in our lives but if we don’t take such decisions in life, life itself will make the decision for us of which we can’t tell if the decision would have been better than the one we made ourselves. Going to college at 25 isn’t late, it’s just based on one’s mindset. In four years you could be a 29years old with a college degree or a 29 years old without a college degree which is more preferable, the choice is yours to make.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How late is too late for college?

It’s never too late to earn a degree, learning never stops and age shouldn’t be a barrier to learning.

  1. Do matured student do better in college?

Research has shown that matured students do better in college because most come in with high level of commitment, enthusiasm and additional life experiences

  1. Disadvantage of being a matured student?

Matured students tend to lack social interaction because they tend to feel different from their peers in college and this depends on the mind set of the individual.