How Can I Contribute To The University And Community As A Student?

The role of a student does not begin and end only at school. Social construction encourages every person in society to perform their duties and responsibilities. These are social responsibilities, legal responsibilities, moral responsibilities, and general responsibilities. Every person plays a vital role in fulfilling these responsibilities. Similarly, a student plays a very vital role in contributing to the university and community. According to a 1993 article by Alexander Astin, almost any type of student involvement in the community positively affects student learning and development. This also enhances the learning and development of students. Let us see how to contribute to the university and community as a student in this article.

How Can I Contribute To The University And Community As A Student?

How Can I Contribute To The University And Community As A Student?

There are various ways through which a student can contribute to the university and community. Some ways are: spreading awareness, imparting knowledge, being a volunteer, giving a supporting hand, and promoting a healthy environment. All these ways can help a student successfully contribute to society as well as to educational institutions:

Spreading Awareness

There is a lack of awareness in the present world regarding many issues and problems. A student can help in reducing these issues by spreading awareness in society. Similarly, a student can also help in overcoming the issues of universities by spreading awareness amongst their peers and others. A student can either select the path of participating in any physical activity to spreading awareness or publicizing their academic knowledge through blogs, social media, newsletters, journals, etc.

Imparting Knowledge 

It is said that knowledge when divided, gets multiplied. A student can always contribute to society by imparting their knowledge to the needy and also by imparting knowledge and wisdom to the future generation. Many children lack basic education and knowledge due to poverty. Students can contribute their share of knowledge with them. Even in educational institutions, students can help their classmates and juniors who find difficulty in their studies. We must not forget that students of today are teachers of tomorrow. 

Being a Volunteer 

The young energy hikes the statistics of being a volunteer for many projects. Many Non-profit Organizations or Non-government Organizations are involved in various projects for the welfare of society. Students with their young energy and innovative thoughts can contribute to them not only physically but creatively. The involvement of students in such projects may also bring awareness to the same in universities and schools. This can help in increasing the volunteers and range of new ideas and helping hands. 

Giving a Supporting Hand

By providing a supporting hand to someone we not only help them but also seek their blessings and positive energy. A student’s behavior must always be helping behavior, whether it is for the university works and activities or social requirement. By lending a hand of support, a student can also learn a lot:

  • Helping others
  • Providing support and comfort
  • Learning new ideas 
  • Behavioral growth.

Promoting a Healthy Environment

In today’s world of chaos, there is a need for calmness. As much as an adult needs to have a healthy and happy environment, children need to have a healthy environment. Students can help in creating and promoting a healthy environment in their universities as well as the community. The positivity shared by students can help in their growth and development and can also help them to overcome their hardships of learning. The promotion of a healthy environment helps in the growth of students emotionally, mentally, physically, and psychologically. 

How the Contribution does Affects a Student?

The contribution done by the student for the betterment of university and the community positively affects the child. Sometimes even by observing and accepting a good change, staying calm and composed, a child contributes to society. A student learns and shows growth in various aspects of life:

  • Academics
  • Health
  • Performance
  • Behavior
  • Emotion 
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Soft-skills

All these aspects of a student’s life are affected when s/he contributes for the welfare of education institutions and society. The major role played by students helps them in developing their psycho-emotional skills and knowledge of worldly being. 

The essence of life is not only in living it to the fullest but also in living it with others in a healthy environment. This is possible when students lend their hands and contributes to society with their enormous zeal and innovative ideas.


  • What impact does society leaves on the life of a student? 

Society can also help a student through various twists and turns of life. It teaches many lessons and provides an overall development to the psyche of a student. Student learns various emotional and moral aspects of life through the community or society. It leaves a greater and deeper impact on the mind and behavior of a student.

  • How does a student’s contribution to university affect the growth of a nation?

A student’s contribution to university by volunteering for different projects and causes and by lending a supporting hand to teachers and youngsters could help build a better nation, making a better tomorrow.