Can a student delete a submission on grade scope?

Gradescope is an ed-tech-based firm in the United States that provides online and AI assistance in grading systems for higher education. Grading software from the company includes features for assessing written examinations, worksheets, and auto-grading submitted code. Gradescope claim to have over “25,000 instructors” using their software as of the 2020 school year. In this article we shall see if a student can delete a submission on grade scope?

Yes, students can replace or delete their submission on grade scope by opening the grade submission form. On the submission form, the name and details of the submission will appear that changed according to requirement. After deleting response can be uploaded that will never harm the original progress of the form.

Can a student delete a submission on grade scope?

The process to delete submission

The submission can be deleted by following some steps:

  • Identify the submitted assignment by opening the Submissions page
  • Click show details
  • Delete or replace the file with tabs that appear below the student’s name

The process to replace submission

The submitted file can be replaced with previously uploaded pdf file. Open the submission tab to show details of the submitted file. This replacement will never harm the grading processes of submission. While new scanned submissions can be uploaded on the manage submission page. Click the tab Upload submission in the bottom bar for replacing the previous submission.

Late assignment submission on grade scope

 Late assignment submission is acceptable if students can not submit their assignment on time. The due hours and days will be displayed along with the submitted assignment on the grading interface in the download grades spreadsheet. The instructors and TAs can help the students to upload the assignment on the due date that can be seen on the grade scope dashboard. For some assignments the late due date is available on allowing late submission tab.

How to do a resubmission on grade scope?

Resubmission will be followed by the type of assignment given by the instructor.

A response can be submitted multiple times with the labeled time limit for a specific assignment. These resubmissions are allowed by instructor with due date. However, the number of resubmissions can be reduced according to the instructions.

On the other hand, timed assignments in the lockdown browser have a limit to submit for one time whether the time limits end or not. Time consumption will continue if students leave the site.

How to calculate the total number of submissions?

The total number of submissions on a name can be calculated by opening the manage submission page in the upper left corner of the submission page. The total number of submissions can be found with the student names. The students without any assigned submissions in the group.

How to download submissions from grade scope?

The submissions can be downloaded by extracting a student’s submitted file on the grade scope submission page.

  • First, open the Manage Submissions tab
  • Access submission by selecting the name
  • Submission will be displayed on the screen
  • Tap at download original on the action bar

An assignment can also be prepared and extracted from submitted files of students’ submissions in the group.

Acceptable template for assignment submission

Gradescope allows students to use several different templates to submit their assignments but sometimes an instructor may specify a certain type of file template only.

Gradescope provides opportunities for students as well as teachers to work well on their study material and allow other students to learn exclusive insight knowledge through their shared standardized and streamlined digital and code assignments. Students can upload new assignments and delete or replace existing ones in case of any misplacement or mistake.


How can I download my assignment grades on grade scope?

Assignment grades can be downloaded and exported in the form of CSV or excel spreadsheet in by following steps:

  • Open assignment review grade page
  • Tap on the download grade button at the bottom

The downloaded data in the form of the spreadsheet can be concise according to the devise screen by using the spreadsheet wrap text feature. This file of assignment grades will provide you with data about every student in the same course.

What is anonymous grading on grade scope?

Anonymous grading is a tool that helps to hide students’ personal information during assignment workflow and grading submission. This feature is available to function at the assignment level for all types of assignments.

How to enable anonymous grading for my assignment?

To enable anonymous grading for submission of a new assignment click on enable anonymous grading before submitting it. The student id name and email will no longer be visible (instead a numeric name will appear) on the workflow page and upload submission will also become disabled on the mange submission page. Anonymous grading can be disabled at any time by visiting the set. 

How to create a programming assignment on grade scope?

To create a programming assignment that is available with institutional site licenses Gradescope Complete subscriptions for specific courses follow some steps.

  • Tap at creating an assignment in the footer
  • Open the list of assignment types
  • Choose programming assignment

Programming assignments can be submitted in the number of file types on grade scope.