Are Snakes Good Pets For College Students?

Well, one must be an extreme wild-life lover to even decide to pet a snake, but as said, if it makes you happy, no one else’s opinion should matter! Snakes though, have always been associated with nightmares, horrors and are counted in one of the greatest fears of humans, but some people find them adorable and beautiful creatures glazed up in shiny skin. Let us see are snakes good pets for college students.

Are Snakes Good Pets For College Students?

Are Snakes Good Pets For College Students?

There can be mixed opinions on whether snakes fit well in homely environments as pets or not but if their company feels relaxing and soothing to an individual and one has a clear idea of taking care of these graceful creatures, there’s no harm in keeping one. 

How keeping snakes as pets can be beneficial for college students?

  • Research suggests that snakes can be good stress relievers.
  • Snakes are low maintenance and therefore affordable by college- going students
  • They are quiet and capable of giving silent company without creating a disturbance during studies.
  • Cleanliness is not a very big issue when it comes to these reptiles.

As every coin has two sides, there are some cons of owning snakes too:-

  • Keeping them without proper knowledge can lead to dangerous situations like venomous bites.
  • Meeting their needs can be challenging at times.
  • Keeping a watch over them can be an engaging task as these creatures tend to escape.
  • Their presence can scare away your well-wishers too!

Therefore bringing in such a pet can prove to be a great decision but only if one has done proper research on it without depending blindly on what the pet-shop owners have got to say about buying them just to increase their sales.

How to take good care of your pet snakes?

  • Environment

Maintaining the natural environment that snakes are habitual of is very important. Providing adequate sunlight, and greenery and preparing their living spaces with specific soil types becomes necessary if you have decided to be their caretaker.

  • Habitat

The aquarium or terrarium you are planning to place your pet snakes in should be spacious enough to enable the snakes’ free and relaxed movements even if they stretch themselves fully. The use of High-Density Plastic (HDPE or PVC) is suggested to retain the heat required for the comfortable stay of these cold-blooded reptiles. Thus proper research on the kind of species, their growth, and the habitat suitable for their growth is necessary.

  • Humidity and Temperature

A temperature range of 10-150F is required by the snakes to survive. In order to adjust the temperature according to them an artificial heating pad can be used at the bottom of the enclosure. Incandescent light fixtures and ceramic heaters can also be good options. It should also be made sure that natural light reaches them daily.

  • Water

Snakes also love to soak themselves in water before shedding their skin. Therefore a shallow dish that allows them to soak and submerge themselves completely should be kept in the habitat. Water should be changed and the dish should be cleaned from time to time keeping in mind the health of the snakes. Also, the snakes that belong to high-humidity areas will require you to keep a misting bottle. An automatic misting system can also be used if it comes under your decided budget.

  • Diet

Snakes can be fed once every 1 to 2 weeks. Although all snakes are carnivorous, their diet depends on the specie they belong to. Therefore a study of their diet can be done to know what kind of rodents, amphibians, reptiles, or birds can be fed to them. For example, a baby corn snake requires a meal every 5-7 days whereas an adult corn snake requires only one big-sized mouse kind of meal every two weeks.

  • Handling

For you to be safe from the attack of your pet snake, it is important that it feels safe in the surrounding provided by you. Therefore until your pet gets used to the environment, try to handle it gently without letting the poor creature feel intimated by your presence. After all, as we all know, friendly touch and gentle hands work wonders on the animals as love and care are what the animals seek just like us human beings!


Thus they can provide a peaceful, noise-less company to the focused students without leaving much mess for you to clean up after. Also do not forget to get inspired by their qualities of transformation, calm and composed approach, and graceful attitude!


  • Is keeping a pet snake economical?

They are much more economical than dogs and cats. They do not require time-to-time grooming and will cost you a minimal expense of 5$ monthly on their diet. Other than that, preparing for their living space is more like a one-time investment.

  • Which species of snakes are considered good to be kept as pets?

Some popular species which are low maintenance; can be easily taken care of; and are known to be gentle prove to be amazing pets like Children’s Python, Gopher Snake, Milk Snake, Rosy Boa, Ball Python, Corn Snake, California Kingsnake, etc.

  • Can your pet snake make you sick?

Hygiene is always necessary while handling pets, but when it comes to snakes, like other reptiles they carry salmonella bacteria. Though they are themselves prone to these bacteria, they might pass on the bacteria to you. So make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after you have been in contact with your pet.