Are AirPods Good for College Students?

The AirPods are the enhanced and the advanced version of the normal earphones and AirPods are becoming one of the most trending gadgets in the current market. The main reason behind why people are choosing AirPods instead of earphones is that the AirPods are wireless and very simple to handle. let’s see IF The AirPods are good For College Students.

Are AirPods Good for College Students?

Now a days, the students are using a lot of electronic gadgets in their daily life. Generally, the students have to travel some distance to reach their college and while return to home. While travelling they get may get bore. To avoid that boredom they used to listen songs and watching movies while travelling. It is difficult to listen the voice from mobile while travelling because there is a lot of noise will generate while travelling. So, to avoid that disturbance, College students are good to use AirPods while travelling.

The Another main reason for the college students using AirPods is that they need to attend some important and urgent calls immediately. It is difficult to attend those calls fluently without AirPods. So, the AirPods helps a lot during this situations. The AirPods are simple to use and the students can use it even by keeping their mobile in the pocket or bag. This gives safety to the mobile even there are lot of passengers are there in the vehicle.

Based on these situations, we can say that that the AirPods are good for the college students.

Advantages of AirPods for college students

  1. The pairing of Mobile device and the AirPods is very simple and easy to connect.
  2. No need to take care about the mobile device while listening songs. We can keep the device in our pocket or bag.
  3. The AirPods set very comfortable to our ears and they don’t make pain and burden to the ears.
  4. Students can attend the calls very fluently at any time while using AirPods.
  5. No need to fear about the wire tangling problems like normal earphones because AirPods have no wires.
  6. Easy to carry and maintain.
  7. If we kept AirPods in our ears then it gives premier look to our face and our face appears more stylish.
  8. The major advantage of using AirPods is that it gives extended battery life. It means an opportunity for the users that they can use one AirPods at a time and remaining one AirPods can keep in charge. After completing the battery of one AirPods then we can replace with another one. There is another option that we can use both pieces at a time.

Disadvantages of AirPods for college students

  Along with the lot of advantages there are some disadvantages of using AirPods. These disadvantages are not only affected to college students but also all the users who are addicted to use AirPods in their daily life.

Some of the disadvantages are:

  1. Listening audio with high volume using AirPods may leads damage to the ear canal and it affects the inner part of our ear. It leads to infection in ear.
  2. Sometimes the AirPods may be slip from our ear while travelling on a road having pot holes or while walking on a road.
  3. Some brands of AirPods have poor design and it give less comfort and sometimes it may cause ear pain and they can easily slip from our ear.
  4. The AirPods are very delicate and we have to handle them with care. If it fall from the high surfaces then it may damage and won’t work.
  5. Some AirPods are not water resistant and they don’t work if they fall in water.
  6. Some types of Airpods those having poor design may cause irritation in ear and cause sweat in the ear and because of that sweat the AirPods gets infected and the battery of AirPods get drained easily.
  7. Some brands of AirPods don’t give good battery life and the battery will get drained quickly.

The Features we have to observe before buying an AirPodes:

There are lot of features we have to observe before buying an AirPodes. Each brand provides each type of specifications and unique designs. By considering all these internal and external specifications we have to decide which AirPode we have to buy.

Some of the main features we have to observe :

  1. Design of the AirPode
  2. Battery power
  3. Type of charging port
  4. Volume limiting
  5. Sound amplifier
  6. Noise canceller
  7. Microphone and controls
  8. Voice Assistant

After reviewing all these properties and features we have to decide whether we have to buy that Airpodes or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does all the colleges allow their students to carry AirPods inside the college campus?

Ans : Based on the college rules and regulations they will allow. Some colleges don’t allow their students to carry AirPods inside the campus.

  1. What are the top 3 brands of AirPods for College Students?

Ans:  Apple AirPods pro



  1. How much the average cost of branded Airpods?

Ans: The average cost of branded Airpods is in between 14$ to 1000 $. Based on the brand and the specifications the price may vary and also the price may vary from time to time due to demand.

  1. What is the suggestable amount volume in AirPods that we have to listen music?

Ans: If we listen the music with high volume then that sound will damage our inner part of the ear. So to avoid that damage we have to maintain very low amount of volume in the Airpods. The suggestable volume to listen music is around 60 percent volume of the total mobile volume.

  1. How long the battery will come if we made full charge to our AirPods?

Ans : On an average, the normal AirPods will comes for 7 hours if it was full charged. But some branded AirPods will come for even 40 hours. The battery life will depend on the battery power. 

By reviewing all the things related to the AirPods, there are lot of advanatages are there and also with some minor disadvantages. So we can say that absolutely the AirPodes will be helpful for the college students.