Who Is On The Cover Of MVP 06 NCAA Baseball?

MVP baseball is a game series published by Electronic Arts (EA), it is a game based on the sports baseball. For every new edition, there will be an athlete(s) on the cover of the game. This is much like a tradition and even game lovers look forward to who will be on the cover of their favorite game. More often than not, it is professional athletes that make the cover of these games, until a major incident happened precedent to the making of the 06 edition.  Here we will see about Who Is On The Cover Of MVP 06 NCAA Baseball?

David William Maroul is the athlete who was the cover of MVP 06 NCAA baseball, he was playing baseball for the Texas Longhorn. David was a star athlete at then, impressing massively for his level. Normally, it was major league baseball (MLB) players that made the cover MVP series. This time around it was an NCAA baseball that Electronic Arts (EA) decided to feature as the cover of their game. This happened because Electronic Arts (EA) lost the Major League Baseball (MLB) license, and as a recent did not have the power and legitimacy to feature any MLB player, coach, stadiums, and generally everything that has MLB on it.

                The decision to go with David Maroul as the face of the game was no light decision, but the records David Maroul had and even the ones he had broken could speak well for him. The developers made major changes to the game just as announced, but the major change that took all the attention was the change in the cover of the game. David had an outrageous year on the field in 2005 and even took home the award for the most outstanding player in the college series. He is one of the very few to ever claim this award.  

Who Is On The Cover Of MVP 06 NCAA Baseball?

Cover Of Electronic Arts (EA) games, Baseball. 

For an athlete to be on the cover or the face of EA games a lot of consideration and decision must have been involved in the process. EA games have a record of putting up great, legendary players as the face of each edition of their game. The player/athlete making the cover of the game must generally be a popular one, one that is loved by many who are interested in the game and sports in particular. This is to make the lovers of the game more interested and invested in getting the new edition as fast as they can. EA published a baseball version of its game from 2003-to 2007 and it was named “MVP Baseball”.

The first athletes to make the cover of the game were, Randy Johnson and Miguel Tejada. They were both playing Major League Baseball (MLB) for Arizona Diamondbacks and Oakland Athletics respectively at that time. The follow-up edition of the game MVP Baseball 04, and had Dominican-American, Jose Alberto Pujols Alcantara on the cover of the game.  

Electronic Arts (EA) games

EA publishes a lot of game series, some are based on sports, while the rest are based on other areas of life like a battlefield, survivorship, and so on. These games include but are not limited to these games; 

  • Fifa 
  • Ski and die 
  • John Madden Football ’92 
  • NHL Hockey 
  • PGA Tour Golf 
  • Blades of Vengeance 
  • NBA showdown 
  • Virtual Pinball 
  • The Need For Speed 
  • U.S. Navy Fighters 
  • Road Rash 
  • Test Drive 
  • Moto Racer 
  • Cricket ‘97 
  • Fifa Soccer Manager 

Some of these games have been released every year, majorly because of the commitment of their players who are always anxiously waiting for each new edition. 

Electronic Arts (EA) is one of the few respected figures in the world of gaming. The top-quality standard of games it puts out year in year out has not let the players down as to make them leave. From time to time some updates will not go down well with the players but that is not much of an issue as the developers pay attention to the complaints of the players and make the required adjustments. 


The inability of Electronic Arts (EA) to secure a Major League Baseball (MLB) license was a fortunate happening for most important David William Maroul, who had the rare privilege of being on the cover of MVP Baseball. This was by no way a mean feat, as it was MLB players who usually made the cover and David was still an NCAA player. Electronic Arts (EA) incapacity to secure an MLB license for their game was one of the major reasons the game did not last for long. It was these MLB players and their stadium that would have attracted gamers all the more because of their popularity, not some athletes or stadiums that were not so known nationwide. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the new edition of MVP baseball going to be released? 

Since the 2007 edition, EA games have not been able to release any new edition of MVP baseball until now. EA is making a return to baseball, this time around it is expected that they will have an MLB license. The new game has a release date of 5th April 2022. It is called “MLB: The Show 22” and superstar Shohei Ohtani will be on the cover of this comeback edition. 

  1. Which are the most popular EA games?

The FIFA series is the most popular EA game, it is a game based on the sports called “Soccer” by Americans and “Football” by most of the world. It has recorded astronomical sales numbers eclipsing other games. Its first release was in 1993 and since then EA has constantly released a new edition of this series. 

  1. Can I still be able to get MVP baseball 06? 

Yes, the MVP baseball 06 can still be downloaded and even streamed. It is still up for download to be played on either the PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3. Since EA is making a return to baseball in 2022, one can look forward to this new edition.