What Division Is Jefferson University Women’s Soccer? 

Soccer for both men and women alike is the art of playing with your feet while your mind &  heart are immersed with joy and jubilation for the game. Soccer, just like life comes with its highs & lows, passion, levels, and competitiveness. Such is the framework for Women’s  Soccer. Let’s discuss, What Division Is Jefferson University Women’s Soccer?

What Division Is Jefferson University Women's Soccer?

Soccer Team of Jefferson University who play to reach their fullest potential. But what division is this famous team playing in in the current season? that’s something we will discuss further in this article. 

This team is in the state of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.  

Jefferson University women’s soccer team is currently playing in one of the division of the NCAA  which stands for The National Collegiate Athletic Association, an organization devoted to the success of its intercollegiate academies. Their team is currently playing in Division II. A  division consisting of fewer school teams in numbers than Division I. Nonetheless, this division is full of competitive soccer players, talented and passionate girls who chase their dreams of professional soccer further along with their academic lives. 

What Does Soccer Mean for the Girls of This Team? 

Soccer is the sport that unites all races, all nationalities, and all people; regardless of the country, they are from into one field, a beautiful green field where many kids chase a ball with excitement and indomitable energy towards winning.  

Soccer promotes teamwork, the art of passing the ball to your teammate gives you a  bonding emotion, and the sensation of linking your passes with your friends in your team gives you a sense of belonging which in turn enhances your drive and courage to contribute furthermore for the points your team earns. Isn’t that a beautiful concept for all children who as soon as they start running, learn to kick a ball thus they learn how important it is, to share your dream and efforts with others? It is such an educative sport that subconsciously teaches everyone acceptance of one another, freedom, and no limitations. As long as you chase the soccer ball, the sky is the limit. 

This sport provides college girls stricken by the pangs of academic pressure and its accomplishments, a place where they can lay off all their burdens and stress, a  moment where they can just become immersed in the present moment and have some fun while they play with an open heart. 

Why did joining this team became the goal for many?

One of Jefferson’s Women’s Soccer Team briefly explained her desire for joining her current team.  

‘’ I chose Jefferson because of my love for the city of Philadelphia, the culture  Jefferson has cultivated where it feels like home, and the offer of continuing to play  the sport I love’’ – Albergo said 

By such sentiments, we can perceive how beautiful an experience like this is, the opportunity to play in your home town, with faces you’re familiar with, with people you call friends. An occurrence like this boosts your morale and overall well-being! Such is football, known as soccer in the US, a beautiful sport that cultivates universal harmony and ignites oneself with a newfound desire to enhance one’s work ethic and willpower to improve as an athlete, nevertheless an individual. This sport truly builds character and educates your mind to be fair & compassionate with the opposing team, whether you lose or win. 

How many teams are in Division II? 

Presently there are around 265 teams across the countries partaking in this high-level academic championship. This division is merely a door that leads a soccer athlete to the next level, which is Division I, the only difference that consists of these two is that the D1 offers more chances for scholarships, likewise more competition which is a  factor for an athlete to develop, thus reach its heights of potential. 


Jefferson’s Women’s Soccer Team is a team with high-level players who do well in domestic championships, their skills are acknowledged by many coaches with a good eye on the game, and a team that is growing evermore, bringing new fresh feet in the soccer field, this team is always expanding and developing talented players who desire success and a scholarship to further chase their childhood dreams. 

Frequently asked questions: 

1) Can you become a soccer player on this team with no experience?  

You may need some lengthy experience in soccer and a set of skills to attract the coach’s attention. 

2) Does this team do well in her division?

Their current form is 12 wins 5 draws and 7 losses, it’s a good score considering the depth of the intercollegiate competition. 

3) How many coaches does this team currently have?  

This team has a head coach, an assistant coach, and a volunteer one.

4) What are the academic minimums to join this university? 

To join this university, you may need to have an average GPA of 3.2