How many calories do students need?

We all need some amount of calories in our daily life to provide energy and help us to survive and perform our daily activities. We get calories from the foods and beverages which allow us to do our work. Calories can vary depending on gender, age, weight, height, and lifestyle. A student needs higher calories as he/she works more and also, he/she is a teenager so good amounts of calories are required. so, How many calories do students need?

How many calories do students need?

Calories are required depending on the activity level. If a student does their normal routine work like schooling, tuition, and playing with friends then not many calories need but if a student involves any sports and gym and does a high level of activity like weight lifting then he/she should take a high amount of calories than a regular school going student as he works more and burns more calories in a day.

Factors that decide your calories

Calories depend on many factors like age, gender, body weight, height, activity level, and fitness goal.


Our calorie intake depends on age. A student whose age would be around 19 years needs more calories than a small kid (less than 14 years old). As we age, we need more calories and energy to work continuously. A male student whose age is 19 needs around 2800 calories a day and a female student needs around 2300 calories a day and it also varies on their activity level.


Calorie intake very much depends on gender. A male student needs much more calories than a female student because males have bigger body sizes and more muscle mass than females and they need more calories in a day.

Body Weight

Higher the body weight, the higher the calorie intake as simple as that. If anybody has more body weight irrespective of gender, he/she needs more calories in a day. 


Our calorie intakes also depend on height. A student whose height is much higher than another student needs more calories because his/her size and muscle mass are much higher than another student. 

Activity Level

Everybody knows that if our activity level is much higher then, we need more calories as we burn more calories in a day and we have to eat a much higher amount of food to fulfill our daily calorie intake. If a female student has a higher level of activity as she is involved in weightlifting or any sports then she needs more calories than a male student who does not even do any exercise. 

Fitness Goal

If a student has a fitness goal it can be anything like becoming bulk, gaining lean muscle mass, or just losing weight, He/she needs to make a diet and take calories according to his/her fitness goal. If a male student needs to gain more weight then, he should increase his daily calorie intake to put on more weight on his body.

Calorie Intake Table

You can find the calorie intake depending on the age and activity levels.

Students’ (male) calorie intake:

Student AgeActivity Level
Not ActiveModerately ActiveActive
14-152,200 2,5002,800

Students’ (Girl) calorie intake:

Student Age

Activity Level

Not Active

Moderately Active


A well-balanced diet for a student to fulfill the required daily calorie intake

A student should check his body weight, height, age, sex, and activity level to find the daily calorie intake requirements and make a balanced diet or should consult with the dietician for better results.

If you are a normal student who studies the whole day and is not much involved in sports or any fitness activity then, a male student whose age would be around 15 years should take around 2000 calories per day and a female student whose age would be around 15 years should take 1700 calories per day.

If you are a student but also involved in fitness activities like gym, weightlifting, running, boxing, etc should take around 2500 – 3100 for a male student and a female student should take around 2000 – 2500 calories per day.

If you are a student but involved highly in fitness activities and also participating in competitions then, A male student should take over 3000 calories per day according to their body weight whose age would be around 19, and a female student should take around 2600 calories in a day.

Keeping in mind that, Bodyweight affects calorie intake very much so calculate wisely.


Now you know lots of things about the calories and factors that depend on calorie intake. You should keep in mind all the above factors while evaluating your calorie intake and also add foods that have high nutrient values and also include fruits that have lots of vitamins and minerals. These factors depend on your calorie intake and also help you to achieve your fitness goal irrespective of your gender and sex.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should a student count their calories?

It is not necessarily for everyone. A student counts their calories so that he/she can achieve their fitness goal.

  1. Are calories good or bad?

Calories from fruits and vegetables are good and healthy but calories that come from fast foods are very bad and unhealthy for your health and you should avoid taking calories from fast food.