Drop Sorority


The recruitment process and Instagram make Greek Life seem magical and exciting. However, the reality is that things are not as black and white as they seem. For some, joining a sorority becomes the best decision of their lives. Yet for others, the experience was like hitting the glass. Things such as the recruitment process and inadequate representation may not sit right with some sisters. Let us know ‘Drop Sorority’.

Drop Sorority

In general, the process of leaving the sorority includes writing a formal resignation letter to the chapter president or membership vice president stating your reason to drop the sorority. 

This is followed up with a one-on-one meeting where your president may try to negotiate something that will make you stay. They will ask for feedback on ways to improve the community. At last, you will have to terminate the membership by signing the paperwork.  

Reasons to leave Sorority

The most common reason to leave a sorority is the cost. Joining a sorority is not cheap, especially when you must pay your tuition fees, rent, and groceries. The additional expense of sorority dues, events, and t-shirts can be a huge burden. 

Some other reasons to leave a sorority include: 

  • Falling grades
  • An issue with the recruitment process
  • Lack of Representation
  • Desire to join some other sorority
  • Dropping out of college or transferring to another university
  • Pregnancy
  • Internship or Job Opportunities

Merits of dropping the Sorority 

  1. More flexible schedule

If you enjoy the sorority events and gatherings, the week may feel more productive and energizing. However, if that is not the case then the week can feel super decluttered. Leaving the sorority means freedom from all the energy-draining activities. 

You can rather invest this newly acquired extra time in volunteering activities, reading more books, hitting the gym, etc. Instead of hanging out with a huge gang of sisters, you can spend alone time exploring things that you love. Having extra time also means that you can bring up your grades, level up your resume, and develop skills and talents.  

  1. You’ll make more non-greek friends

Once you drop the sorority, you will get to connect with people outside the Greek community on a deeper level. There is no need to spend major events such as homecoming and spring breaks glued with the sisters.

In some sororities, the girls can pressurize you to confine your dating option to a limited fraternity. Dropping sorority means that you can meet your special person outside the greek system. You can make more time for your significant other if you are in a relationship.

  1. No more additional expenses

Apart from the periodic dues, you may have to pay for the occasional meals, trips, and events. This can significantly add to the expense of groceries, rent, and tuition fees. 

It is better to look at your budget and analyze whether the sorority expenses are an investment or a liability. If your spending does not align with your ultimate financial goals, you can choose to invest your money in things that matter to you. However, if money is your only concern then you must explore alternative options too. Some policies offer lower membership rates. Sometimes, the members have the option of buying additional sorority items.

  1. No more faking the enjoyment at the events

If you feel like you do not fit in with the sorority members, you must have found yourself pretending to enjoy the events from time to time. Now that you have spent a decent amount of time with the sisters, you must know the ins and outs of the campus and local areas. Dropping the sorority now will help you make the most out of your time. 

Demerits of dropping the Sorority

  1. Limited career opportunities

The sorority hosts several events ranging from small study sessions to major fundraising events. Though you may not enjoy all these events, active participation in them can greatly impact your professional life. You get to network with people on both personal and professional levels. 

Moreover, you get the opportunity to interact with several influential people who can open doors to various jobs and internships. If you are looking forward to expanding your network, you must second-guess your decision about dropping the sorority. 

  1. Meeting the old sisters can be awkward

Some sorority members would stay in touch even after you drop. Others may fail to understand your perspective and avoid you together. Whatever the situation comes, you must be prepared to face it. 

Staying active in the events and having a meaningful conversation with the sisters can help you develop a deeper relationship with them. It means less awkwardness and drama when you decide to leave. 

  1. You’ll miss the prepaid events

The money that you use to pay the sorority dues has several purposes. It also includes organising fun activities for zero additional cost. Comparing the kind of events can give you better insight into whether you should stay or drop the sorority.

  1. The process of dropping can be long and overwhelming

The process of dropping the sorority can differ from chapter to chapter. However, one common thing is that the process is formal. One must go through all the steps otherwise it can significantly damage your reputation. 

Leaving the sorority is a huge and overwhelming decision. Stepping into the unknown can be intimidating but you must learn to trust your gut.

When can you drop the Sorority?

Every sister has the power to terminate their membership at any time. So, the decision about when you can leave the sorority is entirely on you. Here are some scenarios where a sister may decide to leave the sorority. 

Dropping the Sorority after the bid day

The recruitment process can sometimes feel rushed. All the glitters may sway you off your feet, leaving you with no time to think about yourself. So, you don’t have to beat yourself up for not thinking it through earlier. Moreover, girls leaving the sorority is more common than you think. 

If you want to withdraw your bid the day after, you must talk to the new member educator. She will guide you in the dropping process. 

Dropping Sorority before Initiation

Once you are initiated, you can never go through the recruitment process ever again. So, it is better to drop the group now than regret the decision later.

In such a case, you just need to talk to the chapter president and she will guide you on the process.

Dropping Sorority in the senior year

Leaving the Sorority can make up time for a lot of things such as internships, job search, volunteer work, etc. However, it also means that you must wave goodbyes to the sorority letters and events.

How to drop the Sorority?

The process of drop the sorority varies from chapter to chapter. Each group has its procedure and policies to terminate the membership. However, it will include these general steps.

For Initiated Members

  1. Writing a resignation Letter

The process of dropping a sorority starts by writing a resignation letter to the respective authority. It can be your Chapter President or Membership Vice President. Here’s a sample resignation letter. 

Dear President,

With all due respect, this is to inform you that I wish to terminate my membership from [Name of the Chapter] chapter of the [Name of the Sorority] sorority at the [Name of the University] University.

I have made the decision due to [State your reason]. Until the date of my official resignation, I will continue my part as a member of the sisterhood and keep the resignation process as smooth as possible. Kindly, let me know about further instructions. 

I hope for nothing except the growth of all the sisters at the [Name of the Chapter] Chapter and continue my connection with the members even after my resignation. Thank you. 

Yours Sincerely,

[Your Name]

  1. Meeting with the Authority

Next, you will have a one-on-one interview with either of the Presidents. You must state the reason for your membership termination decision. Based on the situation, the president would try to negotiate with you.

  1. Return all your sorority things

Once you terminate the membership, you must return the belongings of the sorority. It includes Membership Badge, House Key, Membership Card, T-shirts, etc.

  1. Pay the sorority dues and fines

Most sororities require you to submit all the sorority dues and fines before membership termination. In case of financial difficulty, you can expect waiving of some amount of money.

  1. Sign the termination paperwork

Finally, you must sign the Membership termination paperwork. This will release you from all the bindings of the sorority life. 

For Non-Initiated Members

If you are a new member who has not gone through the initiation procedure, you can simply talk to your President. There is no need to sign any paperwork or pay the dues.


The process of dropping the sorority includes the submission of a resignation letter and signing the membership termination work. The process can be intimidating and daunting but you don’t have to fret because you won’t be alone. Many sisters realize that they don’t fit in until their first few months. All you need to do is gather up the courage to take a stand for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. Can you join a sorority after dropping?

If you have dropped your sorority after the initiation, you can never go through the recruitment process ever again. However, if you have not been initiated, you must wait until the next formal recruitment process. 

  1. What is an early alumnae status? 

An early alumnae status is when you are partially disaffiliated from the sorority. It means that they can still wear the letters and attend the event with the permission of the chapter.  

  1. Are sorority events mandatory?

Yes, sorority members must attend all the events. Without a qualifying reason for not following the events (such as a funeral and a doctor’s appointment), one can face hefty fines.