What Is A Good GPA In School?

Gaining admission into college is a thing and graduating with an outstanding result is another thing, college is a stepping stone to reaching the peak of your career, and it is a process you cannot skip if you want to launch into the professional world. So, it’s not just about getting admitted as a freshman into the university of your choice but graduating with flying colors. Let us see what is a good GPA in school.

What Is A Good GPA In School?

What is a good GPA in school?

A GPA is an acronym for grade point average and it is most commonly used in colleges and institutions. However, a GPA in school is considered good when it is between 3.0 and 4.0. It is a metric that is used to measure your academic achievement in college.

Why is my GPA important and how does it contribute to my academic profile? 

Grade point average is a metric that helps to know your academic capability as a student and it is used to measure your school achievement. It contributes to your academic profile due to the following:-

  • At the end of your academic pursuit, if you want to proceed with your master’s or doctorate program, you will need your transcript and your transcript will contain the course you did while ok echo and your GPA
  • Your GPA will determine your achievement which will be included in your CV or resume. You won’t be able to compete with people with high GPAs if your GPA is low.
  • Applying for the scholarship: Applying for scholarships is always result oriented. Especially in schools that have high standards for academic proficiency.  
  • Join an organization or club: Some clubs and organizations in school require you to have a high GPA. Clubs like Debate & Literary clubs, educational clubs, etc, require you to have a good grade point average
  • Applying for leadership post: Leadership post can be demanding, therefore, for you to perform your leadership role to a maximum level, you must have built a very good GPA.
  • Applying for a master or doctorate program: For you to be accepted to proceed with your education, most institutions want to know if you are fit to continue your academic in their school 

How to calculate a GPA?

Countries like the United States make use of a 4.0 grading scale, unlike African countries that make use of a 5.0 grading scale.

Each grade is assigned a point. That is;

A- 4

B- 3

C- 2

D- 1

These points are multiplied by the number of units of that course to get the total number and then divided by the total number of units to get the Grade Point Average. For instance; if you take the following courses in the first semester, to calculate your GPA, you have;

Courses CreditGradeGrade point 
Mathematics 3A44×3= 12
Biology3A44×3= 12
Chemistry3B33×3= 9
Practical biology2A44×2=8
General Studies 2C22×2=4

Total number of weighted grade point= 12+12+9+8+4= 45

Total number of credit= 13

GPA= 45/13= 3.46

A 3.46 GPA is a good Grade Point Average in school

How to build a good GPA as a freshman in school?

Being a freshman in college can be overwhelming, there are so many expectations you have to meet, expectations from and and and and and and and and and and and and parents, expectations from yourself. Registration can be overwhelming already, now getting yourself ready for the task after registration is also another phase.

  • Attend class regularly
  • Set SMART goals at the beginning of the semester
  • Get organized
  • Do your assignment
  • Be focused
  • Make friends that will help you achieve your goals
  • Get some sleep
  • Play
  • Take out time to read 
  • Have a personal timetable
  • Know what works for you 

Attend class regularly

Steady attendance in class enables you to have a clear idea of the definition of the concept, it enables you to have first-hand understanding and important information, you get to see the tutor/teacher/lecturer face-to-face, and you can also relate with practical examples he/she gives in the classroom. Also, some lecturers give bonus marks for attendance. You don’t want to miss out on the attendance mark

Set SMART goals at the beginning of the semester

The goal gives you a sense of direction, it gives a clear cut of the academic achievement you want at the end of a semester(short-term) and session or the end of your academic year in college(long-term). 

Your goal should be:-

  • S – Specific
  • M- Measurable
  • A- Achievable
  • R- Reliable
  • T-  Time-bound


Your goal should be specific and focused on having a good grade point average at the end of the semester


How do you measure having a good GPA at the end of the semester, what is a good GPA in school? Your goal is measurable when you narrow it down to; at the end of the semester, I want to attain a 3.0 GPA


Is it possible for you to have a 3.0 GPA at the end of the semester, what are the chances of you having it? Will your friends and the circumstances around you make it achievable?


Attaining a 3.0 GPA is relevant to your academic success in school. 


Your goal must have a deadline. At the end of the semester, I will have a 3.0 GPA. This goal is time-bound because it gives you a stipulated time you want to achieve the goal

Get organized

Organize your assignment, classwork, and the personal project you are working on. Keep track of upcoming topics and projects, and have an academic journal, this will help you jot down your to-do list for each day. Have a reading timetable, stick it to the wall and follow it religiously. You can have a reading routine, you can create one with friends to make it fun and interesting. Your routine comprises what you want your study period to be

Do your assignment

The assignment is a way tutors and lecturers test your intelligence and some of the questions given may even be what they have taught you in class or slightly related to it, they only want to know how you can structure your words. 

Take extra lessons/ tutorial

It is important to take extra lessons after school, this lesson can be organized among students in the department, to teach difficult parts you don’t understand. It also helps students to prepare for tests and exam 

Be focused 

School is filled with lots of distractions and you can easily be carried away by the extracurricular activities in school. Social events in school are also a way of taking your focus off your academics. You must know how to balance your academics and social life. So that no area of your life will lag behind

Make friends that will help you achieve your goals

The friends you make will greatly influence your GPA and if you are on a journey of 

To get a good GPA, you must make friends who have the same goal you have. Your friends should be interested in academics and social activities. If you have friends that are constantly on the lookout for academic proficiency, you will likely have a good GPA at the end of the semester 

Get some sleep

Don’t hesitate to sleep when you need one, it is good to rest your brain when your brain needs it. After engaging in so many academic activities, there is a high tendency that your brain is hot, so, get some sleep. Also, sleep improves concentration, solidifies what you have learned, and improves your ability to organize and recall information.


Sometimes, you need to relax and withdraw yourself from academic activities and have fun. You can have fun by swimming with friends, grounding, playing table tennis, engaging in yoga, and going for picnics. You may need time to reflect and get your mind off the drama that has been happening in your life. This is the process of recharging your battery as a human because we also experience burnout as humans.

Take out time to read 

This point can not be overemphasized, ensure you read every day. Read! Read! You don’t have a way around it. Know the best time that is convenient for you and that you assimilate well, don’t compare yourself with friends. If you know you can’t do night reading, don’t force yourself. You will only burnout and you won’t assimilate, if you assimilate more during the day, make judicious use of your day 

How to raise your GPA even if you have had a poor GPA in the past?

It’s okay to have a poor GPA in your freshman year and having carry-over the course may be even more overwhelming for you as you have to write the course again the next year. but is not the end of life because if you brace up, you can even end up graduating with a first-class or second-class upper. 

  • Don’t write yourself off: It’s okay to have failed in the past, but it’s more okay to pick yourself up and brace up. 
  • Attend lessons regularly: Attend class regularly, some lecturers give points to students who attend class regularly, and sometimes, attendance may be strict. And listen attentively while lecturers explain 
  • Attend tutorials: Tutorial is a more effective way of creating with your mates about things you don’t understand. Don’t skip tutorials because some of your classmates may even have the privilege of explaining better than the lecturer did
  • Read: Reading is not an easy task, you have to be intentional about it. 

Focus only on your academics: be focused and determined than the way you were in the previous semesters, and make friends that can help you academically

How to maintain a good GPA?

If you have had a very good GPA in your first and second years, you may want to take chances on your academics, your mind might want to trick you to relent while you live in the glory of your past success. The following tips will help you to maintain a good GPA

  • Don’t live in the glory of your past success: Realize that you still have a lot to achieve and if you keep thinking about your past success, you might not be able to break old records and set new ones for yourself.
  • Maintain your study period; Don’t reduce the length of your study period, instead, you can increase your study duration
  • Attend class regularly: Don’t stop attending class because you attained a good GPA the previous semester, now is another time to set a new goal. The goal is to break your old record
  • Maintain your standards: Never reduce your standard because of your academic proficiency, and don’t let down your guard because you have achieved a level of success
  • Engage in group study: Engage in a group reading with your friends, if you are brilliant in your circle of friends, don’t feel superior to others. Explain what you know that others don’t know, and pen to learning from friends


GPA is the grade point average and it is a metric system that is used to measure the academic achievement of students at the end of a semester. 


CGPA is cumulative Grade Point Average, it is a metric system that is used to measure the academic achievement of students at the end of a session.

Your short-term goal is your GPA and your long-term goal is your CGPA. Cumulative GPA is your first semester GPA + second semester GPA/2


In conclusion, attaining high academic proficiency in school is not an easy task. It takes a lot of determination, intentionality, focus, discipline, and diligence. A 3.8 GPA is not far-fetched, it can be attained if you set your mind to achieving it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Why is a good GPA important?

A good GPA is important because it gives you an edge while applying for scholarships, it is the metric that is used to measure your academic achievement.

Q2. How can I maintain a good GPA?

  • Engage in group reading
  • Set new records for yourself
  • Maintain your standard
  • Attend class regularly.
  • Attend tutorial   

Q3. How can I build my GPA as a freshman student in college?

  • class regularly
  • Set SMART goals at the beginning of the semester
  • Get organized
  • Do your assignment
  • Be focused