Online Schools That Give Refund Checks And Free Laptops


Several online schools provide financial aid and other facilities to students. But we need to search for the university that provides online classes for the courses that we study. Some schools offer laptops and also a refund of the amount of the fee to the students. Let us see some online schools that give refund checks and free laptops.

Online Schools That Give Refund Checks And Free Laptops

Online schools that give refund checks and free laptops

As we know that online schools do provide a lot of facilities to the students. They offer much help to students so that they can do their studies without having any financial issues. It is a little hard to find these colleges and get admission there. You can contact the officers who do an admission. You can contact them and get information about what facilities they provide in all detail. You can contact them through email address, contact information, or any other way available.

You can search for the online schools that give refund checks and free laptops on the website of the college. Some of them are Walden University, University of Phoenix and many more mentioned ahead. It will lower your study cost by getting admission to these colleges. They provide laptops so that their students cannot fall behind in technology. They will be updated about the technological advancement that the world is increasing day by day. 

What are the reasons why online schools give free laptops and refund checks?

Some colleges provide refund checks and free laptops to students. The refund they provide is not money which they give in the form of a gift nor neither they offer a free form of money. It is the amount that they take at the beginning and when the session is over, they refund the leftover amount which was excess by including all the expenses and fees on the student. 

Sometimes you have to pay the refund amount back to the source when you get a job and also pay an interest amount for that. It is not free money gifted to you by them. 

They provide free laptops because they had a partnership with the company and they get them at a low cost. Then they add up this cost to the tuition fees which they offer as laptops. 

Top colleges and universities that provide you with free laptops and refund checks:

Walden university:

It is an online college and its students contain 145 countries that are a part of this university. It provides more than 100different certificates and its programs are more than 260 which is the best to find a high pay job.

 it is said as one of the main universities that offer you free laptops and refund checks. This university is among the top list in that sense. It allows its students to get a refund through direct deposit or checks on paper. It is distributed in the fourth and third weeks of the semester. 

But the laptops are distributed at the very first of the semester. 

University of phoenix:

This university is situated in phoenix. the university of phoenix also offers free laptops and refund checks. They provide a refund in the form of direct deposit or checks. It is the choice of the student in which form he wants the refunded money.

This university has more than 100 programs and degrees not less than 300. In this university taking a degree is not tough but very easy because this college is open for 24 hours and the complete year 365 days. 

Saint Leo university:

This is a college that is situated in Florida. It has an online classes system with student number more than 18,000 admissions enrolled. Its degree courses contain more than 50 courses which include master’s degrees, doctorates, certificates, and endorsements. The students who have enrolled in this university contains veterans, armed forces, and their family members. 

  • This college provides refunds to their students in the form of paper checks, direct deposits, or money into the bank mobile account of the students. The students who have a bank mobile account get their refund amount within a period of 14 days of the semester. 
  • Within a period of 21 days after the funds are disbursed, the college sends the checks through the mail to the address of the student.
  •  If you own a bank mobile account, then the refund checks take time of about 14 days and bank mobile do also take 1-2 days to process the tuition fees. 

Strayer university:

This university is situated in Washington; D.C. and it is a private institution. It provides its old as well as new students laptop facility by which they can boost their performance which leads them to success. 

If you are a bachelor’s student or started a bachelor’s degree in this school, then you will be provided a brand-new laptop in which you will a pre-installed Microsoft software. It is not that you have to return but after you complete your degree, then you can keep it with you. It not only offers you laptops but also offers you refund checks which is an amazing factor about this university.

Capella university:

This is an online degree program university and its faculty are highly educated. 80% of its staff hold a doctorate. The average age of tit students is 38 years. Among its total students, 71% are the one and part-time classes, and two third are provided financial help by the university. 

  • It includes specializations over 140 and degree program over 50. 
  • It also issues refunds and you can get them through direct deposit or paper check by use of the routing number of your bank account.
  • It takes a period of three business days for posting a refund check in your account. It is issued fast when the student loan is disbursed. 
  • It takes about 7-10 days for processing the direct deposit. 
  • It takes 10-15 days to receive a refund in cash when the process starts. 

Liberty university:

Liberty university gives refunds to eligible students only. If they have extra refunds that they can use for financial help to students after all the education expenditures are debited, then they will process the refund policy. 14 days are taken by the university to process the refund. 

Like other online schools do, it also wants its students to own a personal laptop for study. They ask the students to buy it. As they did not distribute laptops for free to the students but they are in partnership with a great laptop brand and they provide the students with a discount on laptops. They do so; so that their students will not lack other university students in the race for technology advancements. They are in partnership with dell, Lenovo, and apple.

Bethel university:

It provides check refunds to the students. But this is not a compulsion, if the student wants to receive the refund through a paper check, then it also can be mailed to their respective addresses. 

  • If the student wants a direct deposit in their account, they can also do that. When the debts of the university once settled, it takes a period of 10 working days to settle the refund. 
  • This university is in partnership with the Tennessee laptop program. Based upon this, bethel university does offer free laptops to its students who are pursuing a graduate course at the university. 
  • To get a laptop, you must be eligible for that. To be eligible, you need to be a part of the Tennessee laptop program and he is a pursuing candidate in the graduate program. This can be through bethel’s graduate school or college of adult and professional education.
  • But these free laptops are not for the students who are pursuing the arts and science at bethel university college.

Moravian college:

This is another one that comes to the list of offering free check refunds. 

  • This college offers its students a free apple mac book pro and also an iPad. This offer is for every new admission to the college whom they think they will keep here after graduation also. 
  • In 2018, this college was recognized as an apple distinguished school. 
  • The students did not directly take the benefits. Before taking this, they have to deposit for the program and get enrolled first. 

Valley city state university:

When the debts are completely cleared, then this university does also start transferring the refunds immediately. This university also supports the students in the matter of distributing the laptops. It does distribute new laptops to the students who are full-time students. If the full-time students receive laptops, then the turn of part-time students came. If the laptops remain for them, then they are provided by those laptops after full-time students. They are at the top of the priority list.

Independence university:

This is another one that provides its students with various facilities for completing their education.

  • It is another who also offers the same thing that refunds checks. But these refunds are initiated after the debts of the university and their expenditure are covered. After the debts were settled, they immediately started transferring refund deposits or refund checks. 
  • When new students enroll in the college, they are provided the free laptops 

Purdue university global:

This is a non-profit online public institution. It is being regionally accredited for that also. It helps adults who are students to take a degree from this university. 

  • This university has been ranked top 10 among the top public university in the state. This rank was given by the wall street journal. 
  • Its 100% online courses provide you with more than 175 programs from many parts of the world. 
  • Its online courses also offer various seminars that interactive and campus-based teaching approach that is a traditional method of studying.
  • Paper checks or direct deposits are the methods to borrow the refunds from the university. Refunds are sent in the term. of 10 days a week.
  • For paperer check the transaction period may be slightly long but direct deposit has a faster rate of transactions.

How do schools provide refund checks and in which form?

Refunds are being initiated by the universities after covering the cost of education. After that, the schools follow this type of financial system and there are many methods and ways to do that. There is a specific way and method of transferring the refund. There is a total of three methods of this and it is completely upon the student which method they choose to get their refunds:

Paper check:

This is absolutely the easiest way of getting the refund as a paper check. This can be initiated by sending a mail to the student at the address which he provides while applying for a refund.

Direct deposit option:

This one is also a way of getting refunds if the student wants to take a refund in the direct form. All they need to do is to contact their financial bursar’s office to make enrollment in this case.

Mobile disbursement:

This has been regarded as the fastest means of getting refunds. Electronic deposit methods is being preferred by the students in this form. What the students have to do is check a bookmobile vibe checking account that needs to be digital, and an FDIC-insured checking account. This is specially made for students only. There are a total of more than 55000 appointed ATMs that are fess free.


There are a lot of online schools that promote the education of their students and offer free laptops and refund checks to facilitate their studies. It helps the students financially and they do not stay back when we look at the technological advance world. Free laptops make online classes easier. The above-mentioned schools are those that provide both these facilities to the students. 

Frequently asked questions: 
  1. Do all online schools give free laptops to their students?

Many schools and colleges provide free laptop facilities to their students but not all. Some schools have included the laptop price in tuition fees, some companies provide it for promotion, whereas some colleges do offer laptops at a discounted rate to students. Some schools give laptops at the beginning and take them before the session ends. 

  1. Do we receive refund checks after the end of every semester?

Yes, refunds are distributed to students after the end of every semester. But it could be recognized as the free money which the college provides you, instead it is the amount that the students spend, and they are repaid with interest. 

  1. How can we get a laptop from online school for free?

There are some ways you can get a free laptop.

  • The on-it foundation and computer with causes is the organization that provides you with a free laptop.
  • Scholarship and grants such as the dell scholars’ program, offers financial aid, laptop, and free textbooks to students.