School Supplies For College

When you enter college as a freshman you have a lot of things to do like attending the orientation program or meeting your new roommates. So it is pretty easy to forget the school supplies that you need for college for studying and various classroom activities. These are the same supplies that you had while you were in high school but there are some differences between the two. You need to optimize the space of your backpack as you are going to spend a few hours in college. Let’s learn about ‘School Supplies For College’.

School Supplies For College

School Supplies For College

It is a fact that college students mostly spend their money on textbooks and notebooks but there are also other necessary items that you need to have as a college student before you hit the classroom. The basic school supplies that you need for college are folders, paper clips, binder clips, USB drives, laptops, desk calendars, highlighters, calculators, correction pens, pencil cases, desk organizers, etc. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail these supplies for college.

List of school supplies for college


There are a lot of students who tend to note down things on their computers or laptops but it is much better to have handwritten notes than take digital ones. Even science has proved that it is better to take notes by hand as it is very important for memorization and getting a deeper insight into the topic. You will create a notebook per class or create multi-subject notebooks combined into one.


In college, you might require three-ringed binders to keep the notes and assignments. Generally, binders come pre-punched but if the one you are planning to buy does not have holes then you need to Porsche a three-hole punch separately.

Pens and Pencils

You can pens for jotting down notes in the classroom and pencils are also equally important for calculation pieces of stuff. Most students prefer pens to pencils but it is a matter of personal choice. In case you opt to use a pencil instead of a pen then you need to bring along a sharpener and extra lead refills.


Usually, teachers prohibit students in high schools from writing in textbooks but college life is quite different. You can highlight important topics, phrases, formulas, lines, and even paragraphs to keep track of important things. For this, you will require a highlighter. Highlighters come in multiple colors – yellow, green, lime, blue, red, etc. You can pick either one or more depending on your purpose.


In college, you will need to parapet a lot of projects and assignments and to keep the papers together you will need a lot of paperclips. Paper clips come in very handy to keep your papers organized manner.

Correction Pens (Whiteout)

As a student, you are likely to make a lot of mistakes and even typos when creating assignments or projects and this is when a correction pen can come in very handy. Corrections pens are available in the market both in a tape form and liquid form and you can choose any one of them based on your preference. You can even pick a multi-pack so that you can keep one with you on your desk, carry some in your pencil pouch and keep the rest of them in your dorm room.


You will need a calculator as an important school supply for college even if you don’t plan to pursue a major that requires you to choose math and science subjects. You still will have at least one math or science class in your general course of study. It also is equally important what calculator you need to have with you. You might need to get a graphing calculator in case of advanced math and science courses while there are times when a scientific calculator might do the job pretty well. You will also need to verify with your department regarding the regulations for using the calculator. Before you hit the store make sure that you discuss with your math or science professors the models of the calculators that you can use. Moreover, always keep a basic calculator with you as it might come in super handy, and decide properly; ly what kind of calculator is suitable for you before rushing to the store to get one.

Planner / Agenda

College life is busier than high-school life. You will get tons of assignments and projects and you will be confused about how to finish and submit them on time. So as soon your professor gives you an assignment, note down the due date in your planner and get started with it. This will help you to keep track of your assignments and projects in a single place and you will find it easy to submit them on time and will never miss a deadline.

Pencil Case

Pencils are useful college supplies but the problem with them is that they can be easily misplaced. The best way to organize your pencil sis is using a pencil case. You don’t have to search for your pencils in your bag when you need them and this can also save you time.

Note Cards

Note cards are essential school supplies for college and are perfect for memorizing facts, important dates, and events and improving vocabulary. In case you have multiple note cards they can be difficult to manage. Punching a hole through the cards and using a clip ring can help you organize them properly.

A wireless mouse

If you use a laptop to study then you might need to use the trackpad a lot and it is inconvenient to use it for certain tasks. So you will need a wireless mouse which will help you to perform your tasks faster.

Desk chair cushion

You might need a desk chair cushion for your dorm because most of the chairs provided in a dorm are not so comfortable to sit on. In case you need to spend a lot of time studying at your desk then a soft chair cushion is a must-have college supply for you.


Since everything in the 21st century has turned out to be digital, most teachers in colleges will give you printed materials in the form of assignments, projects, and even notes. They will want you to submit your feedback in printed form. Hence, to organize all these things properly and systematically you will need folders where you can keep the loose-leaf materials properly without losing them. You can also stay focused on your studies this way.


Books can be carried to class but this is not a very convenient thing to do. In case of a rainy day, you are likely to ruin your notebooks as well your textbooks. Hence you need a backpack to carry your books and other materials that you need in college. Most students choose a standard backpack while many students prefer a messenger bag. Make sure you purchase a bag from a reputed brand and it should last throughout your college career. You need to ensure the backpack has sufficient space with multiple sections to fit your college supplies and also should not hurt your shoulders and your back.


Computers have become a must-have supply for college nowadays. If your college wants you to have a computer of your own then you need to consider certain factors before you invest your money into one. For example cost, configuration, portability, etc. It is recommended that you hit the computer lab of your college first and try to see what kind of computer your college is using and what is the configuration there. This way you can get an idea of buying one. But you can invest in other supplies as well, like a printer, webcam, etc depending on the requirements of the college. A printer can be an important supply for college because you have to submit multiple assignments and the cost of printing in the marketplace is quite high. If you live on the college campus then you might need a wireless adapter or an ethernet card to connect your pc to the internet. Finally, make sure that you have all the cords and cables in your bag before you head towards your college.

USB Flash-Drive

If your teachers give you assignments where you need to present a ppt in class then you must have a flash drive ready with you. A flash drive can also come in handy if you want to transfer notes or other files from one computer to another or share notes with your friends. 


In college, you require more than just a laptop and a backpack. Though they are important things that you need the most in college besides this, there are other supplies too that will be beneficial for you in the rest of the semester. If you get ready with all the important college supplies then you don’t need to panic before your midterms or final exams. Also, try to find out from our college syllabus what supplies you need for college that are specific to your course.