Physical Therapy Schools with Low GPA

Starting a career as a physical therapist or physiotherapist is something a student tries to do if he can’t become a doctor. Though becoming a physical therapist is not so easy. It also takes a lot of effort and ability to become a physical therapist.  Here we will see about Physical Therapy Schools with Low GPA

Physical Therapy Schools with Low GPA

But what if you don’t have a high GPA to pursue a degree in physical therapy? You just have an average GPA and now you are looking for some colleges that can accept you for physical therapy with your low GPA. Many colleges and universities can accept you with your low GPA and you can do physical therapy. 

Some of the physical therapy schools that will accept you with your low GPA are the University of Delaware, the University of Iowa, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Washington, and Baylor university. You can consider these universities for your physical therapy degree even if you don’t have a high GPA. These will accept you with your low GPA and you can make your career as a physical therapist after studying at these well-known universities. Though these colleges offer low GPAs, it may become difficult in many other aspects for you to get into these. 

Best Physical Therapy Schools with Low GPA 

The field of physical therapy is very appealing. People can considerably improve their health and recover from injuries with your assistance. From a financial and professional satisfaction standpoint, becoming a physical therapist is tremendously rewarding. 

But to become a physical therapist, you first need to go to a school to study it. And to study it you have to choose the best physical therapy school for yourself. Let’s start our list of the best schools without delay. 

University of Delaware 

The University of Delaware is one of the best universities that accept low GPA students for physical therapy studies. It gives many opportunities and research chances to its students. The fact is that it provides the top-ranked DPT programs in the US while maintaining acceptable criteria. It provides the optimum balance of post-graduation job prospects and prerequisites.

The acceptance rate for the physical therapy degree this university offers is just 71.36%. So it seems easy for students if they have an average GPA of at least 3.0. But this is not enough. The University of Delaware demands you to fulfill some requirements like 

  • 3 recommendation letters of which 2 should be from a licensed physical therapist. 
  • 7 required courses must be finished with a grade of C or higher. These courses are mentioned on the website of the university. 
  • Complete the GRE te and PTCAS applications.
  • Proof of spending at least 25 hours at the time of applying. 

So these are some of the conditions you have to fulfill if you have a low GPA and want to study at this university. 

University of Iowa 

This university comes in the list of universities that are easy to get into if you have a low GPA for physical therapy. The university gives you an acceptance rate of 82.5% and a high ratio of students get admission to this university. You can get there with a 3.0 GPA which is a B average student’s GPA. A benefit is that you don’t need any letters of recommendation for admission in it. 

The learning environment at this university is good with many experts and mentors giving advice and tips to students. But to get into this university you have to fulfill the other criteria which are 

  • You should at least have 50 hours of observation time. 
  • You have to pass 8 necessary courses including biological sciences, mathematics, and statistics. 
  • GRE and PTCAS are needed. 

University of Pittsburgh

This university is considered one of the best universities for physical therapy studies. The GPA required for this university is just 3.0. The acceptance rate of this university is 69% while its graduation rate is 82%. 

The institution is a world authority on rehabilitation and disabilities education, research, and volunteer work. One of the top universities for physical therapy in the globe is the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS). And it is great for you that you can get there with just a 3.0 GPA. 

Not only DPT but also this university offers many other Ph.D. programs from which students can get benefits. As a benefit also, it doesn’t bind you with a minimum limit of observation hours. The other requirements of recommendation letters and tests are the same as previous universities. 

University of Washington

The University of Washington could be another good option for DPT students. The University of Washington Division of Physical Therapy’s objective is to advance education, clinical practice, research, leadership, and information transfer within the field of physical therapy and to the general public. But they count their real strength as their students and give them many benefits to ease their studies. 

The requirements to get admission to the physical therapy department of the University of Washington are not different from other universities. With an average GPA of 3.0, you can take admitted to it by completing all their conditions and requirements. 

Like you have to submit 3 recommendation letters but the university simplifies it as they don’t limit you to getting letters from physical therapists or professors. But letters are suggested by a physical therapist to have a good impression. 50 hours of observation, PTCAS application, and some essential courses are also required to apply. 

Baylor university

This university is also on our list because it gives you admission in physical therapy on just a 3.2 GPA while having a 98% of graduation rate. Not only this but also, this university has an acceptance rate of just 30%.

After completing the program, students get a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Baylor University. Additionally, program participants need not be in the military to apply. So its program is somehow different from other universities. 

The conditions Baylor university has been 

  • At least 100 hours of observation work proof with a licensed physical therapist 
  • 2 references using the PTCAS process. 
  • Passed the GRE test. 
  • Completion of all prerequisite courses. 

So you just have to complete these requirements and it is easy as they demand just two references which are easy to get. 

Other Physical Therapy Schools 

If you can’t make it to the above schools due to some reasons, you can still have some more options. You can try applying to the following universities also. 

  • Creighton University
  • MGH Institute of Health
  • Emory University
  • University of Miami
  • Duke University

Even the schools with the lowest prerequisites demand a lot of work to get admitted, thus getting into PT schools is by no means simple. You can make it simple with your efforts and hard work in your studies and it will only happen when you go to a good school to study it. Here we have provided you with the best 5 schools so that you can choose one of them for your studies as a physical therapist. 


Can you apply for physical therapy if your GPA is 2.5?

Yes, you can apply for DPT in those colleges that accept a 2.5 GPA but their degree value is low. 

What is the acceptance rate of Duke University for physical therapy studies? 

The acceptance rate of Duke University for physical therapy studies is just 10%.