Is Wake Forest A Good School?

Wake Forest School is one of the best private universities in the nation. It is ranked #5 in  Ranking in 2022. It is based in North Carolina and was established in 1834. Wake Forest University is known for its up-to-date technology resources. Wake Forest has always stood out in liberal arts. Let us know the Reason ‘Is Wake Forest A Good School?’.

Is Wake Forest A Good School?

However, over the years, the school created the School of Law, School of Business and Accountancy, School of Management, and more. Students admitted at Wake Forest enjoy the benefits of merit-based scholarships. This is awarded to students in their first year.

Is Wake Forest A Good School?

Wake Forest School has dedicated efforts to academic excellence. Graduates from the school have 95% of secured employment and 94.5% enrollment in graduate school. Wake Forest School is accredited, earning it more reputation. The school is devoted to educating the whole person. Hence, Wake Forest School has an all-inclusive degree. Some are the School of Medicine, School of Divinity, School of Professional Studies e.t.c. Students can choose from various courses and enjoy the benefits of studying in a school based on its legacy of quality and experience.

Do you ever wonder if Wake Forest is a good school? This write-up reveals information about Wake Forest School and more.

What Makes Wake Forest School Stand out?

1. Wake Forest School has a top-tier business school. The business school is devoted to developing great and passionate business leaders. Their Business School and Accounting programs have been known for academic excellence and integrity. Graduates from these programs are exceptionally good. 

2. Wake Forest has many major programs to choose from. This has allowed students to enroll in any of their programs. Wake Forest doesn’t just have these programs, but competent tutors. The school is regarded as a strong academic school. However, their bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs are nothing short of excellence.

3. According to reports, students of Wake Forest School are noted as reputable students. Because of diversity in the school, students enjoy other careers. These careers are philanthropy, sports, and more. At Wake Forest School, students are well-exposed and mentored. Students get to venture into other activities apart from their registered programs.

4. Wake Forest School has enrolled almost 9,000 students. The school is small in size. Even though the school is small in size, it has fostered a sense of friendship among students. Each year, the school has various events and activities organized. The size of the school has helped students to be more familiar with other students. Hence this has helped students’ leadership and campus life. This has made the school a well-fitted college.

5. Wake Forest has a mock class for its students. Mock classes help to prepare the students for exams and practicals. Every student wants tutorials after their lectures. They want to learn more. The mock class at Wake Forest School is organized by a professor. However, students are split into groups after their information session. In this mock class, students get to learn more about the course basics and the professors’ expertise.

6. Wake Forest School is easy to navigate. The size and location of the school make it easy to move around. Every structure is well-built and unique. It wouldn’t take a student less than twenty minutes to walk around the school. The faculties are close to each other. With the size, it fosters good student and lecturer relationships. At least, students want that. The runabouts on campus are attractive and outstanding. However, the school is one of the best small schools. Yet the school is not far from the town making commuting easier for students off-campus.

7. Wake Forest School has one of the best hostels. The hostels are built close to the classrooms. Wake Forest hostels are designed beautifully. With the rooms well designed, students find the hostels hospitable. This makes it easier to get to the class. Students like the fact that they can wake up late and still be in class early. Wake Forest School also allows students to take a survey about who to pick as roommates. 

8. Wake Forest School has various events on campus. Students do not only attend lectures. There is a particular one that trends most out of events. It is called Wake and Shake. It is a music and dance that occurs in April. Wake and Shake is one of the philanthropy programs the school offers. It is a dance marathon that takes 12 hours. During these dance activities, students dance for 12 hours and raise money. Over $35,000 is being raised yearly for cancer research and support. There is another one called Hit The Bricks. This event is also used to raise cancer awareness.

9. Wake Forest School allows the students to experience different traditions. One of the traditions is the Reynolda Film Festival. Students and those who love cinemas come for this. Students in the Faculty of Arts find this impressive and educational. Some students even get to meet mentors in the field. They get to attend film screenings, screenplays, and workshops. Popular artists and celebrities do attend and this leaves a good impression on the school. This also attracts other students from various colleges.

10. Wake Forest School operates under Tier 1 and Tier 4. This is cognizant during the admission process. It is noted that those categorized as Tier 1 are those that have exceptional skills or talent. Students categorized as Tier 4 are the experts. That means students are encouraged to learn one or more skills.

11. Wake Forest School provides merit-based scholarships to its students. They are expensive. The University is involved in the welfare of the students. Students enrolled at the school do not only enjoy student loans but scholarships  Students who are in their first year enjoy this benefit. However, most students would have enjoyed these benefits right from their first year.

What Does Wake Forest Look For In Your Application?

The Wake Forest application process is not a complicated one. Yet, the school requires one to have good academic credentials. Wake Forest accepts only 29% of students who applied for admission. One just needs to meet their requirements. Apart from having good high school scores, below are the college admission requirements.

  • SAT score. Wake Forest requires SAT score to increase a student’s chance to gain admission. Yet, one can choose to submit either the SAT or the ACT score. The average SAT score for Wake Forest is 1395 on a 1600-point scale. The college is considered competitive due to this.
  • ACT score. Having a good ACT score gives a student a better chance of admission. It is either you send an ACT or SAT score. Wake Forest’s ACT score ranges from 29 to 33. A student with less than 29 scores loses the chance of getting into the school.
  • Wake Forest GPA. Due to the good academic standards of Wake Forest, students are required to have a good GPA. Wake Forest requires a GPA of 3.9. This gives the student a better chance of acceptance into college.
  • Good Essays. Essay writing is part of the Wake Forest admission process. A student must be able to write a good essay about themselves and their dream program. The essay should be detailed enough and well-composed.
  • Interview. Students are expected to go for a virtual interview. Even though it is optional at Wake Forest. The virtual interview enables a student to showcase herself well. The students’ personalities are known during the interview. This also fosters relationships between the students and the interviewer. The students get to know more about the school.


There are various schools but Wake Forest school stands out. The admission requirements seem daunting because it is a competitive school. Yet, those with basic requirements stand a chance of being admitted. However, despite the size of the school, Wake Forest is known for good academic excellence, humanity, and philanthropy. Why not apply to this great school? Graduates of Wake Forest School not only become academically sound but also have good potential and stand out.

  • What Is Wake Forest’s Acceptance Rate?

Wake Forest’s acceptance rate can be calculated as 29 out of 100 applied students. This is because the school is competitive. Hence, the school accepts 29% of the students.

  • Are Classes In Wake Forest Difficult? 

Due to the degree of academic standard of Wake Forest, their classes might be difficult. The school has lecturers and professors who are committed to helping students succeed. Wake Forest also has a good student-lecturer relationship.

  • Is Wake Forest School Worth It?

Yes. Wake Forest is noted for good academic excellence. Even though Wake Forest is expensive, students can apply for merit-based scholarships. Graduate students of Wake Forest come out exceptionally well. 

  • Does Wake Forest School Require Standardized Test Scores? 

No. It is not a requirement. Even though a student might submit it, it is not a criterion. One can submit either ACT or SAT. Other requirements to be met are the recommended GPA, high school grades, and ACT scores.