Is Notre Dame a Good School?

When it comes to acquiring qualitative education, no parent, guardian or Student would want to settle for less. Let us know ‘Is Notre Dame a Good School?’.

Looking for a good school that offers great and quality education is a top priority for every potential student and parent.

The University of Notre Dame is one school in which a large number of people have an interest. However, some people are skeptical about the quality of education provided by the institution and this has led to people asking if the institution is good or not.

If you’re one of such people on the quest to unravel whether or not Notre Dame is a good school, then you’re on the right page. 

This article will answer every underlying question about Notre Dame that’ll help you make an informed decision

The University of Notre Dame is a privately owned Co-educational research institution that was established in the year 1842 and is an affiliate of the Roman Catholic Church and the Congregation of the Holy Cross, located in Indiana, United States of America.

The University of Notre Dame is undoubtedly a good school that every potential student should consider attending.

The shreds of evidence that back up the quality of education provided by Notre Dame are glaring for every eye to see 

Since its establishment years ago, the institution has grown to rank among the top major Schools in the country, beating several other institutions to clinch that position.

Academic Programs Offered

Notre Dame has a great lineup of Academic programs offered by students. 

The academic programs offered by Notre Dame include Baccalaureate, Master, and Doctoral degrees.

The undergraduate degree program of the institution has over 70 majors that students can select from. 

These majors are divided into Colleges of Engineering, Arts and Letters, Architecture, Business, and Sciences and are administered through the five major divisions of the school which include Humanities, Science, Engineering, Law, and Social Sciences.

Study Abroad Package

Aside from the interesting programs offered by Notre Dame and the great educational resources provided to students on campus, the School also allows over fifty percent of students to spread their intellectual tentacles outside the shores of the country.

Notre Dame provides a study abroad package in global locations like China, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, Russia, Senegal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Germany, and Greece.

Campus Life

Over 12,000 students are enrolled at Notre Dame. 8000 out of that total figure are undergraduates and about 1200 are International students.

The institution provides accommodations to almost 80% of students on Campus while the other 20% are Higher level students running their Master’s and Doctoral degrees respectively.

These students undergo rigorous academic and intellectual activities that refine their minds and make them excel beyond the institution.

Notre Dame has a history of graduating students who are useful and employable in the Labour Market.

One of the characteristics that distinguish Notre Dame students from other institutions is the sound education they receive from expert lecturers.

Aside from Academic work, Students from this institution are very active in extracurricular activities and clubs.

Notre Dame houses over 200 clubs that meet the diverse needs of every student.

These clubs help students to interact with each other on a social level, away from academics. They share ideas, opinions, interests, dreams, and goals among themselves which is also a part of education itself.

Another area of Excellence that Notre Dame has achieved great results for herself, and her student is the Sporting field.

The institution has different sporting activities open for students’ participation.

The Fighting Irish, which is the main team of the School, is a part of the NCAA Division 1.

The team has made special appearances in so many Inter School competitions, both at the local and National levels and they have successfully clinched a great number of wins, awards, and accolades for the institution.

Since its inception, the Fighting Irish have won over 17 national championships, 11 Consensus National Championships, 7 Heisman Trophies, 13 Pro Football Hall of Fame, and several others.

Sporting activities are known to be a unifying factor among entities, it increased the bond between the public and the school. 

The successes recorded by the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame further brought the University into Limelight and gave her an edge ahead of her contemporaries.

Hostel and Lodgings

The University of Notre Dame has a great housing plan for students and prospective students that makes learning easy and comfortable.

Since the school is owned by the Roman Catholic, the hostel and every other architecture are named after Biblical events, names, characters, locations, and stories.

The hostel buildings are well structured to meet the needs of every student.

The Famous building in the School is called Notre Dame’s Golden Dome, and at the cliff of the building is the figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is a key figure in the Catholic Church.

Moving around the school one will surely see something that points to the ideology on which it was established.

Asides from the structures, the aesthetics that surround the buildings are quite appealing and enhance the beauty of the school.

The architectural structures are designed and painted to depict different biblical characters, Heroes, events, and happenings.

Tuition Fees

With the high quality of education provided by Notre Dame, one would think students are charged a fortune for tuition. However, the reverse is the case. 

Students of Notre Dame pay an estimated amount of $80000 as tuition fees.

This amount covers their accommodation, tuition fee itself, and every other supplementary payment that needs to be done.

Another interesting thing about Notre Dame’s tuition fee is that about 40% of the students are given $45,000 as financial aid by the institution, which covers half of the tuition.

This simply means that almost half of the undergraduates and students only have to pay half of their tuition and balance up subsequently.

This financial aid provided to students by the school helps cushion the effect of the tuition even though it’s not as high as the quality of education received.

This simply goes further to prove that the school has the interest of students at heart.

In some instances, the financial aid is waived by the institution.

This initiative replaces the traditional loan scheme provided by other institutions because it is fairer and doesn’t pressure students to pay immediately.

Why is Notre Dame a Good School?

Aside from the Academic programs, study abroad package, hostel and lodging, tuition, and financial aid provided by Notre Dame, there are several other reasons which validate how good Notre Dame as an institution is.

They include the following.

●    Highly Experienced Academic Staff

Notre Dame employs the services of highly experienced and seasoned Academic staff for every program and major offered in the institution.

This is evident in the quality of graduates produced by the institution every year.

●    High Ranking

Notre Dame is ranked No.19 on the list of best schools in the country. This is a result of the quality education given to students and the exploits of the school and students in diverse inter School quizzes and competitions at the National level.

●    Security

Over the years, there has never been a panic alert in the school as a result of insecurity within and around the campus community.

The institution is relatively peaceful and one has no cause to fear about their safety or the safety of their wards.

●    Student Welfare Scheme

The institution has a functional student welfare scheme that caters to students’ needs. They provide onboarding materials to every student upon registration. This material serves as a guide to students.

The financial aid program by the institution is another student welfare package.

●    Functional Libraries and Laboratories 

Notre Dame has a good number of functional libraries that provide students with the latest resources that facilitate learning.

Laboratories in the school are also well-equipped to meet the needs of every student.

●    Aesthetics and infrastructure 

The school has a beautiful layout that is appealing to the eye and enhances the beauty of the school.

Infrastructures are also abundant and functional in the school.

One wouldn’t have to worry about insufficient Accommodations and classrooms.

●    Research Opportunities 

Students of Notre Dame are exposed to numerous research opportunities. Aside from the theoretical aspect of learning, they carry out research and are given close supervision by staff.


Since its inception in 1842, Notre Dame has proven to be a great institution that accommodates everyone irrespective of race, color, and religion.

Carefully looking at the features of Notre Dame and the seamless academic achievements of the school, there’s no iota of doubt that it is a good school worth attending.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I Declare my Major as a Student at Notre Dame?

Notre Dame students usually declare their majors at the end of their sophomore year.

Is it compulsory that I attend Catholic Mass As a student of Notre Dame?

Although the school has a good number of chapels that regularly hold mass, no student is mandated to attend any mass against their wish.