Best Foreign Languages to Learn

Language is the most important thing to communicating with different people in the world. Though English is the Universal language used worldwide, still many people don’t know how to speak English, and here comes the necessity of learning other foreign languages. Learning a foreign language for any reason gives you many benefits. Let us see some of the best Foreign languages to learn in this article.

Best Foreign Languages to Learn

Many ardent language learners have enjoyed the process of learning a new language because its advantages are enormous. Choosing the correct language to learn might be difficult, but it will improve your ability to communicate with people when traveling and increase your prospects to work and study abroad. 

Best Foreign Languages to Learn

If you are fond of traveling or going to study in a foreign country, you should know the importance of the language of that country. Every country has its native language that its people speak. Even if it is English, the accent of different countries is different. According to the importance of countries in the world, their languages are important. Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, German, and French languages are considered the best foreign languages to learn in 2022. Furthermore, if you are going to a country other than these, you can focus on learning its native language also. 

If you are looking for a list of the best foreign languages you can learn in 2022, you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to provide you with the benefits of learning foreign languages and the list of top foreign languages to learn. So keep on reading. 

Top Picks for the Best Foreign Languages

Depending upon the importance and benefits of learning foreign languages, we enlisted here some top picks of the best foreign languages of 2022 for you. Have a look at our list. 


Given that 1.2 billion people speak Chinese in some capacity, it seems very logical to put it on this list. It is a very frequently spoken language worldwide. Even though there are many different dialects of Chinese, they still share a common writing system, thus if you master one dialect, it will still enable you to communicate with people speaking other dialects through written language. 

The most popular choice for people wishing to learn Chinese is Mandarin, a dialect of the Chinese language that is also the official state language of China. But learning and understanding Mandarin Chinese are somehow difficult for foreigners. This difficulty makes it important for selecting a good curriculum with enough practice time.

You will have the following advantages if you learn Mandarin Chinese. 

  • By studying Mandarin, you may communicate with millions of individuals globally, especially those who work in China’s enormous and expanding economy. 
  • A fundamental command of Mandarin opens up a world of professional and travel prospects. 
  • Learning its thousands of distinctive characters can be difficult, but it will engage the mind. 
  • If you learn Chinese, it is worthwhile because of the emerging use of it in the corporate world.
  • You can understand it if it’s written anywhere like products made in China, books, movies, etc. 

As China is on its way to becoming a superpower, it will be very beneficial for you to learn Chinese and make use of it for your wealthier future. 


Spanish is another important language to learn as a foreign language. It has been receiving recognition for some time, and in 2022, nothing will change. It would likely become more well-liked over time. For English speakers, it is also regarded as the simplest option for learning a foreign language.

More than 20 nations have made it one of their official languages. With more than 600 million speakers, the language will soon be spoken by everyone. So by learning Spanish, you can have a wide range of spectrum to improve your future with it. 

  • As an official language of many countries, it opens doors for you to connect with Spain and Latin America like Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, etc, and even the U.S as it is spoken by a huge amount of people in these countries. 
  • This language gives a special benefit to English speakers because it seems very easy to learn and use. 
  • If you learn Spanish, you can make a bright career in the countries in which it is ranked as an official language. 


Arabic is the fifth most widely used language on earth, and mastering it could open up a lot of chances as it is considered the best language to learn. Its popularity and importance go parallel with the Spanish language as it is spoken in more than 20 countries and by more than 300 million people. 

Arabic is an old language that has always been widely spoken, but in 2022 it will overtake all other languages as an important language to study because of its rising popularity for many reasons. The main reason is that it has a significant rank in the United States and over 20 countries use this language as a native language. 

It’s a beautiful language but English speakers consider it very difficult to learn. It is because the countries in which Arabic is spoken have different accents and patterns. For example, people speaking Arabic in Algeria cannot understand the Arabic of the people of Lebanon. So English speakers found it very hard to learn. There are huge benefits that you can have after learning Arabic. 

  • As it is a language of the Middle East and Africa which have a very well growing economy so it gives you the benefit of more opportunities in different countries. 
  • It expands your knowledge and gives you a professional approach economically. 
  • It gives you a huge scope in government affairs of different countries and provides you with great communication skills. 
  • Learning this language expands the boundaries of your expertise and opportunities. 

Though Arabic is difficult to learn, once you learn it, you can have enormous advantages. 


German is an important language for international trade and diplomacy because Germany has the biggest economy in Europe. In terms of technology, Germany is one of the most developed nations in the world. It also has a large number of institutions and allied professions that are well-developed. Furthermore, Germany provides the best free, top-notch education for international students, allowing them to work abroad. So learning German seems very beneficial for students as well as employees who want to work in Germany. 

Even English speakers should learn German because Germans are known for their fluency in the language. German is spoken by 95 million people in the country, but 210 million people worldwide. So in Europe, it seems very important to learn this language. 

If you aim to go to Germany or any country in which German is common, you should first learn the German language. It will give you more scope and opportunities to work or study better in a broader spectrum. 


French is considered the second most broadly uttered language in Europe. And behind its current rank, its history plays a great role. The continent of Africa, which is expanding and abundant in natural resources, is also a part of the French-speaking globe. French is the dominant language in three of the top five African economies with the fastest growth rates. French serves as a vital language in places where English is not widely spoken, such as Algeria, Morocco, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

As it is the main language of France, it gives you a huge scope in the tourism industry also. In France and Africa, it is also the dominant language of approximately 29 different countries on multiple continents. So it will give you a wide range to choose the country in which you want to go for your work or study if you know French. 

Other Foreign Languages 

You can choose any language for learning according to your interest or need, but some other languages that have worldwide importance are as follows 

  • Korean 
  • Japanese 
  • Russian 
  • Italian 
  • Turkish 
  • Portuguese 
  • Hindi
  • Urdu

Advantages of Learning a Foreign Language 

Learning a foreign language is a great advantage in a globalized society where movement is made easier. In addition to being helpful when traveling, it is also a big plus for education generally and for making an international career. At any age, learning a second language helps you develop a variety of mental skills also. 

  • First and foremost, it helps in boosting your brain power. When you start learning a new language, your brain starts working more and faster to absorb new designs and patterns of the language. Hence it boosts your brain power and develops your skills personally and professionally. 
  • When you learn new foreign languages, you enhance your networking skills. You can more easily make a network with the speakers of that language and expand your network in multiple ways. 
  • Learning a foreign language gives you better opportunities for jobs and business in making your international career. You can work better and can have a broad perspective to work and get a better career in the future. 
  • If you learn a 2nd or 3rd language, it will improve your communication skills. It not only gives people access to new opportunities, but it also broadens their perspectives and equips them to handle obstacles posed by language barriers.
  • When you know about speaking a foreign language, it gives you cultural awareness. And hence you have more knowledge about different nations and their cultures.
  • According to psychological research, individuals who think in a different language tend to make more sane decisions. In this way, you will have better decision-making abilities.
  • Last but not least, by learning many foreign languages, you will become a global citizen which will give you the above-mentioned benefits and many more. 

If you don’t have any main reason to learn foreign languages, you can do it because of its advantages. You can also learn a new language as a hobby or to use your time beneficially. 


If you are confused about choosing a language to learn as a hobby in your spare time, you are at the right place. It is because we have covered the top 5 languages here for you. We provided all the information about their importance in the world and the benefits you can have after learning any language as your second language. So read our article to the end to make a better decision. 


Which foreign language is easy to learn? 

It is the Spanish language. It is very easy to learn as it is easy to understand its grammar. Also, you can learn it in a few days. 

Which language is the hardest to learn? 

Mandarin Chinese is the hardest language to learn. It gives a tough time to people who try to learn this language.