Iona College is an exclusive and private institution positioned in New Rochelle, which is approximately around 20 miles from Manhattan in New York. This is an integrated and composite liberal art educational institution that was established in 1940 by the Congregation of Christian Brothers religious community. Let us know IS IONA COLLEGE A SMALL SCHOOL?


Iona College is considered a small foundation with the accession of almost 2610 freshmen or undergraduate apprentices. Its acquiescence rate is about to 86% and offers various courses like majors in endow, merchandising, and correspondence. Former students of the college tend to be efficacious and have a starting earning of about $45,300. Now we have to know whether IONA college is a small school or not.


  • The story behind the accomplishment in college is gradual and languid. This institution was almost shut down owing to the absence of demand for places. This happened right after its establishment during the Second World War.
  • The college almost only had three participants or members who belonged to the first-class acquiring bachelor’s degrees in the year 1944.
  • This rate of graduation started to increase, and in 1950 almost 300 students graduated from this institution. An increase in the rate of graduation ultimately led to an increase in the rate of enrolment of students in the institution.
  • At present, this institution is home to around 4000 students studying various courses provided by the institution. These courses include around 45 majors, around 35 minors, and about 30 graduate courses or programs.
  • This institution includes several schools and departments. There are three substantial scholastic schools- the Rockland Graduate Centre, the School of Arts and Science, and the Hagan School of Business.
  • These major academic schools are further divided into various small-scale schools and precincts.
  • As stated earlier, Iona College provides several diverse courses, most of which are for a duration of four years, but there are dual degree courses as well, whose span is around five years.


  • Iona College campus is spread over an area which is about 45 acres, and this campus has several buildings, including academic accommodation recourse, for instance, Conese and South Hall, Eastchester Apartments, Rice Hall, Loftus Hall, East Hall, etc.
  • Further, these accommodation recourses are divided into entourages and dorms for the usefulness of the students.


  • Iona College includes various fraternities and has more than 80 clubs and societies on campus.
  • College also has a sports team which is known as the Iona Gaels.
  • Its sports team, “the Iona Gaels,” are an adherent of the Metro.

Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC).

  • They also emulate in 21 NCAA Division l programs.


  • The affirmations and avowals to the college are selective and have an acquiescence rate of about 86%.
  • Maximum students admitted to the college have an enthralled SAT score which is intermediate between 1000 and 1190, or an ACT score of 21 and 27.

There are many students having scores above and below these ranges and are admitted to college.


Institutions are arrayed according to their performance athwart a set of extensively acknowledged pointers of eminence.

Iona College is placed in-

  • #55 in Regional Universities North
  • #74 in Best Value Schools
  • #20 in Most Innovative Schools


  • Iona college is exceedingly commissioned and offers various undergraduate courses in the humanistic discipline, physical sciences,

Commercial management as well as various Masters and certificate programs.

  • Iona is a culturally diverse society of novices and scholars committed to intellectual superiority, ethics, and philosophy of integrity, serenity, and observance.
  • Also ranked as the “Best Business School for 2021” by the Princeton Review.


  1. Is it allowed to request a roommate or a kind of accommodation by freshmen?

The college provides many opportunities to explore and meet new people and does not intolerant of various factors like race, nationality, gender, etc. Having submitted the Residence Hall Agreement, first-year students are allowed access to the Roommate Search tool. This tool is required to request one roommate for the forthcoming academic session.

2. When is the information about accommodation positions or placements to be received?

Accommodation positions are shared by The Office Residential Life.

3. How to request a housing assignment change?

Until the first week of the fall and spring semesters, the accommodation change request is not entertained but is allowed after that specified span of time. Queries related to the request for accommodation changes must be reached to the concerned Resident Assistant or specified Residence Hall Director.

4.  Are students required to stay meteoric for the predilection?

All the newcomers are required to spend the gloom on campus at a specified time period. Many social and evening activities are organized for the students to have fun and become more familiar with the crowd of the college. It is done to introduce newcomers to the resources on campus. It gives the students a better understanding of the campus and fraternity.


Hence, Iona could be considered a small school that offers students various opportunities to explore and learn about new and important things which are needed to evolve. Iona has extensive experience in metamorphic power of instruction, Christianity, and rite. So we got the answer to whether IONA college is small school or not.