Is Baylor an Ivy League School?

Is Baylor an Ivy League School?

In this article we will see is Baylor an Ivy League school or not When you enter high school, there is a unanimous understanding that everyone starts looking out for good colleges. From Harvard University to the University of Pennsylvania to John Hopkins University and Washington University- as a student, you analyze all your choices, and rightly so! Analyzing the universities forms a vital part because it is not simply one aspect of the universities that you should focus on. For instance, when you look at Cornell University, you must analyze its rankings in academics, sports, the campus area, the placements it offers, and many such aspects. Nevertheless, as a student in high school, it is no doubt that you must have heard a lot about the Ivy League. So now, without further ado, let us move ahead and address your point of concern!

Ivy League school: Does Baylor University Fall under This Category?

Before coming straight to know about Baylor University and whether it comes under the Ivy League school , it is imperative to know what Ivy League is. Ivy League is a title given to the 8 colleges: Brown University, Cornell University, the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Dartmouth College, and Columbia University. While initially these colleges or universities were recognized for their high rankings in athletics, now they form an exclusive group of colleges that excel in providing the best of education to the students! 

So now, after reading the above-mentioned names of the Ivy League colleges, it must be quite obvious that Baylor University is not a part of these. However, this doesn’t mean that Baylor University does not provide quality education or does not spring ahead in various other aspects. Although getting into an Ivy League college may seem like a big deal to most, this doesn’t mean that other colleges are not good.

Baylor University: Is It a Good College?

As mentioned before, it is vital to analyze colleges from various aspects and not just academics. Thus, before coming to any baseless conclusion, let us analyze certain aspects of Baylor University and find out whether it is a good university or not!

  1. The Seniority of the College: It is a well-known fact that Baylor University is often confused with the Ivy Leagues, and one of the reasons is the college’s seniority. The college has been in existence since colonial times, and it is surprising to know that Baylor University came into existence 20 years prior to Cornell University, one of the Ivies! Therefore, while most of the Ivies are quite old and have been in existence since colonial times, it is obvious that Baylor University might be confused with them.
  2. The Rankings: Baylor University’s rankings are not bad either. In the Best Buy colleges category, the college has been ranked in the top 47, and out of 2523 colleges, Baylor University stands at a good rank of 135! Moreover, in the category of Best Values in Private Colleges, Baylor secures a rank of 61!
  3. Acceptance Rate: Another aspect that points in Baylor University’s favor is that its acceptance rate is quite good; it stands at a solid 68%. While the acceptance rates of the Ivies are in a mere range between 5-6%, Baylor University here steals the show! A high acceptance rate does not mean that the quality of education is not good; education institutions need to be accessible to all.
  4. Diversity: Although the institution has been standing since colonial times, it is commendable that the college claims to have diversity. It is believed that students from around 85 countries take admission to the college! Thus, the Ivies stand at a loss when viewed from this aspect.

What to do to Take Admission to Baylor University?

Taking admission to Baylor University is not as hard as it may seem. If you are serious to get into the college, you must bear certain points in mind, such as the following:

  1. Although the college does not consider a minimum high school GPA, it is recommended to have a good GPA so that the chances of your admission are high.
  2. One thing that Baylor University considers is that you study subjects like Science, English, and Math for at least four years in high school. Moreover, if you have studied social sciences for three years and an additional language for two years, then you have a high chance of getting admission.
  3. While the college does not take into account the SAT and ACT scores, it is recommended to have them in the range of 1300 to 1400 and 30 to 32, respectively!
  4. There are three ways that you can apply to the college: through the common application, the college’s online application, or the online application available in different states.
  5. Once admitted, you are bound to find more than 300 clubs and organizations and more than 18 varsity sports teams!


By now, it must be clear to you that Baylor University does not come under the Ivy League school . The Ivy League has eight different colleges that excel not just in sports but also academics and other aspects. However, this does not mean that Baylor University cannot stand on the same pedestal! Baylor University, although not considered an Ivy League college, has been in existence since colonial times. And this is why it is often confused with the Ivies. Nevertheless, now you know all about Baylor University and the factors that make it a great university, such as its high acceptance rates, diversity, and the likes!

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Does Baylor University consider your SAT and ACT scores?

No, it does not.

  1. Is the University of Pennsylvania an Ivy League college?

Yes, it is.

  1. What is the acceptance rate of Baylor University?

68%, 12 times higher than the Ivies.