Are Ivy league School Elitist?

Are Ivy league School Elitist?

  In this article we will see are Ivy league School Elitist or not. The Ivy league schools are the mutual association between Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Princeton, Brown, Penn, Dartmouth, and Columbia University as they have negotiated the powerful eastern football league apart from that these eight schools are known for their remarkable achievements in the academics. 

 If you are studying in one of these eight schools, one can habitually consider you belong to the elite class of the society. The eight schools and the name that they have coined together, Ivy league, have brought forth a sense of societal prestige. There are myths always surrounding these institutes as they have well-known academic achievements to their names as well as the world’s richest families, and famous names as their alumni. 

 Let us dig into more details of why these schools are known to be elitist and are there any truth behind these myths below. 

Some of the facts about Ivy league schools 

  • The Ivy Leagues Schools are collectively called the Ancient Eight. It’s because they are the oldest learning institutes in America, some of them dating back to the colonist times. One such example is Harvard which is not only the oldest in the Ivy League but also the nationwide oldest university. 
  • Benjamin Franklin, the founding father of the United States of America is also the founder of the University of Pennsylvania. 
  • As mentioned above that these schools have the most famous names as their alumni many of them the America Nation Chiefs are Ivy League graduates making the university’s status a presidential one. 
  • The Ivy League school do not make it to the highest-ranked school every year, also the Ivy League are known to give generous amounts of financial aid to the students. 

What makes the Ivy league School Elitist 

 The thing that makes Ivy League school elitist is their method to attract, smart-minded, career-oriented, and hard-working students from around the world. Secondly, if you are a graduate of one of their institutes then you won’t have a hard time getting yourself a high maintenance job. The school has alumni making their mark in the field of art, medicine, engineering, and law. 

 But the thing that makes them more elitist is the tuition fees of these institutes, they are considered one of the most expensive colleges in the US. Fees range from 55,000 USD to 60,000 USD. This is the thing that makes these colleges elitist, as the person belonging to old money will be able to afford the tuition rather than someone who is not born with a silver spoon. 

 However, the schools are also very much known to give financial aid and scholarships to their students but on merit.  

What are the admission criteria of these colleges? 

  •  Admission to Ivy League Schools is highly competitive, the standards are pretty much higher than those of public sector universities, and the overall acceptance rate this year is 7.3%. 
  • One should keep in mind to check the admission criteria carefully, as well as test scores (SAT, GRE, GPA), extracurricular activities, and academic achievements. 

Debunking the Myths about Ivy League Schools 

 The myths are the biggest reason why some people considered Ivy League School to be elitist. 

  •  The myth that the ivy league schools are one of the best schools universally is baseless, this myth is only based on the lie someone has fabricated based on looking at the ranking of these institutes. 
  • Another myth is that these schools are that if you have athletic talents then your test score doesn’t matter, weel that is not the case. 
  • They said that if you are an ivy league school graduate, then you will be able to get into any career without prior experience your degree is enough. Hate to break it to the people but this is also the myth, your skills matter a lot. 


  To conclude that is ivy league school elitist, one can say they are if they looked at all the expenses, they have ranging from tuition fees and other charges. And if you have money to afford these colleges then you should not wait for a second and applied for admission as mentioned above that the competition is pretty high. 

 If you have no money then you should apply for the financial aid, as these schools are also known for their generosity to the students who are not able to afford the tuition fee. 

 Lastly, it’s okay, if you are not part of the ivy league, there are plenty of other colleges which sometimes rank higher than those of the ivy league and have good academic solutions for the students.  

 Frequently Asked Question 

  • 1. What Ivy League school has the simple admission criteria? 

 Cornell University among the Ivy League has the highest acceptance rate, as well as the easiest admission criteria. 

  • 2. What is the difficult Ivy League school to get into?  

 The most difficult Ivy league school to get yourself admitted to is Columbia University.