Easiest PA Schools To Get Into

PA is the short form for Physician Assistant or Physician Associate. They are doctors’ support, enabling them to perform their duties fluidly and efficiently. The Physician Assistant works closely with a Physician administering care and other patient support. They are often referred to as primary caregivers to patients placed under a Physician. Let us read till the end to find out “Easiest PA Schools To Get Into”

The duties of a Physician’s assistant or associate involve a range of duties, such as; taking and recording tests, performing a physical examination on patients, prescribing medications, routine check-up procedures, and also hospital rounds. They are also very much needed in the surgery room, for enabling Physicians with whatever help they might need. Therefore, as a major requirement, the Physician’s Associate must receive an excellent education in their intended practice. But getting into a good PA school can be a little daunting. Hence, we look at some of the easiest PA schools to get into in this article.

What Are Some of The Easiest PA Schools to get in?

These schools, although highly ranked and accredited, makes it easy for intending PA students to get admission into their program. The schools on this list make entry easier by reducing the required GPA and taking off the stringent requirements synonymous with entry into this role.

Some of the easiest PA schools to get into include;

  1. Midwestern University Physician Assistant School  
  2. Thomas Jefferson University Physician Assistant Program 
  3. Missouri State University Physician Assistant School 
  4. South University Physician Assistant School 
  5. The University of Utah 
  6. The George Washington University Physician Assistant school 
  7. Barry University Physician Assistant 

Let’s take a deeper look into most of these schools and what it takes to get into them.

1. Midwestern University Physician Assistant School:

Midwestern University PA school requires applicants to have at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0-grade scale together with multiple courses within the medical field. Some other requirements for the program include a high GRE score, and clearly stated evidence of meaningful work within the healthcare space demonstrating passion and zest.

Despite all these requirements, the program remains one of the few programs with easy entry and access to students. Although score sheets and GPA and GRE are listed as requirements, emphasis can be more placed on the work experience garnered within the healthcare space, therefore giving students with low scores a shot at being selected for the PA programs.

At Midwestern University, the collaboration between students and faculty cannot be overstated, as both works hand-in-hand throughout the education of the program. This collaboration between faculty and students equips students with the prerequisite knowledge and expertise needed in the field of work.

2. Thomas Jefferson University Physician Assistant Program:

The Thomas Jefferson University Physician Assistant Program has a stronger emphasis on service than it does on grade points and test scores. The same emphasis is placed on the learning curriculum with students graduating into excellent work conditions and the zest to be better practitioners willing to make societal change instead of just individuals with strong grade points.

The requirements for getting into the PA program at the Thomas Jefferson University Physician Assistant program include; transcripts showing records of school studies and work, and a personal statement with a strong emphasis on the student’s motivation. A GPA within the 3.3 mark and good recommendations.

The university ensures that students complete their studies with in-depth knowledge and practical capacities to function in the world of work.

3. Missouri State University Physician Assistant School:

A major thing that makes studying at Missouri State University Physician Assistant School unique is the fact that all classes are taught by practising professionals within the healthcare field. Students get to work in real-time under licenced healthcare personnel. Options such as; interning at medical facilities, working with the local healthcare centres or being paired with specific practitioners are available to the different PA students in this school. 

The requirements for entering the Missouri State University Physician Assistant School are quite easy to access. The GPA required is within the 3.0 mark and a good GRE score. However, recommendation letters from about 3 people are needed before admission is granted.

The program here lasts for a total of 24 months. And each stage of students’ advancement they are coached to obtain real-life experiences useful in the healthcare industry.

4. South University Physician Assistant School:

For the students applying to the South University Physician Assistant School, one thing to keep in mind is the required C-level score in foundational courses such as; Physics, Biology and Chemistry. And like prior stated institutions, emphasis is placed on the experience and work history of intending students, and this is displayed in their request for a reference from a licenced practitioner that the student has worked with in the past.

South University Physician Assistant School remains on the list of easiest PA schools to get into because they reduce the barrier of heavy requirements. The institution ensures that students have the much-needed training in areas of specialization. Specializations such as; therapeutics, diagnostics, and other practical aspects of the PA course are taught in this institution.

5. The University of Utah:

The University of Utah has an acceptance rate of 2.3% making it tight to get into, however, they have a generous and easy application process and requirements. A minimum GPA score of 2.7 puts them on the list of easy PA schools to get into based on requirements. Students with lower grade points still have a good shot of gaining admission into this institution.

Other requirements for admission into the University of Utah include three recommendation letters and at least 1500 hours showing work experience in the healthcare sector.

Ranked among the top 10 PA schools in the United States, the school boasts incredible learning experiences and a rich curriculum for their students. For several decades the institution has maintained its standards of excellence and continues to churn out students that are properly equipped with relevant skills for the healthcare industry.

6. The George Washington University Physician Assistant school:

According to the United States News and World Report, the George Washington University Physician Assistant school is one of the best PA schools in the US. The institution has been in operation for over five decades, making it one of the oldest on the list. However, despite its age, it maintains a high level of excellence.

It is also one of the easy PA schools that students with low GPAs can apply to and gain admission. Requirements, necessary for admittance are the 1000hour of direct patient care. Meaning that before a student can be admitted into the George Washington University Physician Assistant school, he or she must have practised extensively in the healthcare field. Another requirement is a good score in basic courses such as; Psychology, Biology, Chemistry and Statistics.  

Two recommendation letters from practising licenced professionals are also required before students can be considered for admission into the school. These requirements ensure that the school narrows the number of applicants, but makes it easier for those meeting the criteria to gain easy access to the institution. The George Washington University Physician Assistant school enables students to gain very rich learning experiences. Students graduate from this institution with the capacity to function excellently in the role of a Physician Associate.

7. Barry University Physician Assistant School:

Barry University is a catholic owned school that combines the catholic doctrine with its learning curriculum to provide students with the needed knowledge to be excellent PAs. The university highlights its mission as one that encourages lifelong learning, combining technology with clinical experience to ensure that students here are well-grounded in their knowledge.  

Among all the schools listed here, Barry University places less emphasis on prior healthcare experience before awarding admission. The management believes that with its integration of technology into its learning curriculum, students can pick up on any experience required for functioning as Physician Associates.

Other requirements are; official transcripts showing grades in required courses such as Biology, Chemistry or biochemistry. They also mandate applicants to have completed courses in areas like; Psychology, Anatomy and other general medical subjects. Barry University also requires a minimum of a 3.0 GPA for admission into its programs.  

In addition to regular medical knowledge, the school imbibes students with the discipline of effective communication, collaboration and ethical practices essential for standing out in their profession. Barry University Physician Assistant is one of the easiest PA schools to get into and it is also one of the best in terms of the quality of education provided.

Improving Your Chances of Getting Into a PA School

Getting into a PA school is difficult. Even the schools that are relatively easy to get into still have a competitive entry number of students to deal with. Therefore knowing how difficult it is to get into a PA school, it is important for students to know the right things needed to gain advantage into these schools.

One of the best things to keep in mind while starting an application is to begin very early. Ensure that you have a good headshot in terms of time advantage. Meeting requirements for most PA schools is a very time-consuming task that requires hours of preparation.

Another thing to improve your chances of getting accepted is to make sure you have strong recommendations. Most times, the quality of the people recommending you go a long way to build credibility on your application, making schools look at you favourably.

Also, ensure that your statements are properly written. In addition to personal essays, resumes and portfolios showing robust work and volunteer practise within the healthcare industry is a plus. Students with profiles showing extracurricular activities that are engaging and in line with the PA profession enable students to stand out from other applicants.

Finally, make sure you prepare adequately for the interview. This is usually one of the final steps to getting into a PA school and nailing it should be the top priority for any applicant. Get familiar with interview-style questions and ensure to practice properly before the date of your interview.

What are some of the hardest PA schools to get into?

Just like in this article, we have also compiled and listed some of the hardest PA schools to get into based on different requirements. They include;

Albany Health University. This school has an acceptance rate of just 1.26%  

Advent Health University. This university offers just 30 spots per season 

Arcadia University Physician Assistant Program, has an acceptance rate of 3.1%

Bethel University has just 30 spots per season 

California Baptist University, with an acceptance rate of 4.6%

Charles R. Drew University has an acceptance rate of 0.7%

Emory University has an acceptance rate of 2.6%

Harding University has an acceptance rate of 3%

Mayo clinic school of health has an acceptance rate of 3.5%

Stanford Physician program has an acceptance rate of less than 3%

Yale University Physician Associate program, has an acceptance rate of less than 4%

Rocky Mountain University of Health Professionals

The Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine. This university has an acceptance rate of less than 2.4%.

How long does it take to earn a PA degree?

The requirements and duration usually differ between institutions and organizations offering the program. However, the average length for getting certified falls between 20 months and 28months. Most programs take at least 2 years to complete.


Despite their stated ease of entry, PA remains a highly intentional career field and as such, the requirement is a lot more than the average course or profession. Intending Physician Assistants must do thorough research on the intended school, noting down their requirements and the dates for application. It is also advised to begin applications very early to increase your shot of getting admitted.

The PA career remains highly valuable and continues to grow in demand, therefore it is an excellent industry to build a career. However, the competition in the entry can deter so many intending students. Also, as a common rule of thumb, ensure to have some experience with the healthcare industry.