Colleges That Accept Low GPAs In New Jersey

Students always try to get a high GPA in their studies so that they can go to the best universities for higher studies. Best universities in the United States have high acceptance rates means high GPA ranges. Unfortunately, many of the students get average GPAs in their studies and are unable to pursue their desired careers. Let us know ‘Colleges That Accept Low GPAs In New Jersey’.

Colleges That Accept Low GPAs In New Jersey

Colleges That Accept Low GPAs In New Jersey

If you got an average GPA in your studies and want to study further, you must be looking for some colleges that can accept your low GPAs in New Jersey. And if you are interested in going to such a college in New Jersey, you are at the right place. 

Some of the colleges that accept low GPAs in New Jersey are Broomfield College, Felician University, Berkeley College, Kean University, and College of Saint Elizabeth. These are the 5 universities in New Jersey that are popular and their degrees are counted well in your practical life. There are also many other universities in New Jersey that allow low-GPA students to get admitted to them. It is somehow relaxing for those students that are average and don’t get a high GPA like the other brilliant students.

Best 5 Low GPA Colleges in New Jersey 

New Jersey has lots of colleges for every type of student. The best colleges in New Jersey are Princeton University, Rutgers University, Stevens Institute of Technology, and The College of New Jersey. But these colleges have high acceptance rates and hence students with high GPAs can get admission there. 

If you don’t have a high GPA and want to study in New Jersey. A list of the 5 best colleges that will accept your low GPA. 

Bloomfield College

Bloomfield college is at the top of our list because it is one of the best schools in New Jersey that gives chances to students that have low GPAs. It brings hope to students with low GPAs. You should only have a minimum 2.69 GPA to get admitted to this college. This is an average amount of GPA and any average student can manage to attain it. 

This college offers you many majors and minors like accounting, education, psychology, sociology, fine arts, and many more. You can pick any of your interested majors to continue your studies here according to your GPA. 

As it is a well-renowned college, though it offers a low GPA it has some other requirements to fulfill by you like the ACT or SAT scores and TOEFL scores which are for international scholars. They need two letters of recommendation, official high school scores, and GMAT official scores for accounting marks. 

Felician University

Another famous University of New Jersey present in Lodi is Felician University. The GPA requirement for this university is 3.1. This is an average GPA a B_average student can get. So gaining a 3.1 GPA is not much difficult if you are an average student. 

Furthermore, if you want to study at this university you also have to take a few A’s to get admission to it. The expenses are not so high but the acceptance rate of this university is high. University also offers financial aid to the students so they can make it into this University. 

University offers many majors like accounting, biochemistry, anthropology, bioinformatics, and approximately 60 other subjects. You can select a major to study according to your choice and interest. To get admission to this university, you have to complete some other requirements like a copy of your high school diploma or your GED, a cover letter, and a filled application.

Berkeley College

Berkeley college located in the woodland park of New Jersey is another college for lower GPA students. It just requires a 2.86 GPA to enroll yourself in this college. But a fact is that it is a small college with fewer options of majors and just 2,625 of the student population. Also, it doesn’t provide any on-campus housing to its students. 

The popular majors this college offers to its students are business, mostly taken by students, health, visual arts, homeland security, firefighters, law enforcement, etc. Also, its tuition fee is affordable and not too high but you have to bear your living expenses if you want to study here. 

Kean University

Located in Union, it is also a popular university in New Jersey. Kean University, one of New Jersey’s largest colleges and universities, provides top-notch instruction at a manageable price. It will accept you as a B-grade average student with a GPA of about 3.2.

Your prospects of being accepted into this institution with a GPA as low as 3.0 are very great, however, you must have an ACT score of 19 or an SAT base score of 920 to be properly confirmed. If you don’t score these marks on the ACT and SAT, you will face difficulties in getting admission there. 

You must also have to fill out your application form properly, pay the relevant application costs, and submit the necessary paperwork before you can move forward in this college for your studies. 

College of Saint Elizabeth

Last but not the least, the College of Saint Elizabeth located in Morristown, New Jersey accepts students with low GPAs. The GPA it demands from the students is just 2.91 which is a low average student GPA. But like Berkeley college, it is also a small college with just a population of 1,272 students. Though it offers on-campus housing to its students. 

As it is a small college, it has a low tuition fee and expenses. Approximately 75.4% of the applications are accepted and competition is low here. It offers some famous majors like health, education, business, general studies, psychology, etc. So you can study there at an affordable price even if you have a low GPA of 2.9 only. 

Other low GPA Universities 

If you don’t want to go to any of the above universities, you can look for some other ones also. If you have more GPA and wanted to study better in New Jersey, you can consider the following universities also. 

  • Caldwell University with a GPA of 3.18
  • Centenary University with an estimated GPA of about 3.23.
  • Saint Peter’s University with a GPA of 3.26
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University with a GPA of 3.33
  • Rider University with a GPA of 3.36

Average students can easily get this GPA. So if you have a GPA in this range you can go to any of these universities for your further studies. 


New Jersey is a state in the United States in which urban areas are more reasonably priced than in some of its bordering states. Studying here can be fun for you but what if you have a low GPA? You just have to read our article if you are finding a college that can accept you with your low GPA. We have provided you with the best colleges list to remove your worries. Also by reading this article, you will have more information and can select your college wisely. 


What is the minimum GPA you should have to go to college? 

The lowest GPA a college can accept is 2.0. If you have a GPA less than that you cannot go to college because college will not accept you in any case. 

What is the average GPA students get? 

An average GPA is 3.0. Students that get a GPA of 3.0 are considered average students.