Best Schools Of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a type of treatment that is aimed at reducing the pain from an injury that prevents one from carrying out normal activities. Physical therapy is needed in situations i.e., preventing disability, while in need of controlling the bladder, rehab while recovering from a stroke or an accident, while in need of managing illnesses such as diabetes or arthritis, gaining balance, etc. These treatments are carried out by a therapist with a professional license, they are physiotherapist. In most cases, a physical therapist does not work alone but with other doctors to improve treatments, their work is to assist.  A doctor may refer the patient to a specific physiotherapist. Let us see some best schools of physical therapy.

Best Schools Of Physical Therapy

Best schools of physical therapy

A physical therapy profession is offered in medical schools. A lot of degree programs are provided in these schools including; entry-level doctors, DPT programs, and Hybrid doctors of physical therapy etc. The best schools offering physical therapy programs in the USA include; The University of Southern California, The University of Pittsburgh, The University of Washington in St. Lovis, the University of Delaware, and the University of Lowa are among the best five that offer quality professions in physical therapy.

This article is going to discuss the types of physical therapy degrees, the best schools of physical therapy, and the types of physical therapy specialties. 

Types of Physical Therapy Degrees

Physical therapy programs are offered in many fields to cater to the needs of different learners as follows;

1. A doctor of physical therapy at entry level

This is the first level in all therapy programs. The degree program is for those who already have a bachelor’s degree. The program takes 3 years.

2. A 3-in-one DPT program

 This program takes a maximum of 6 years. It is a full package and a better program for those who have already decided to be a physical therapist from the word go.

3. Transition DPT programs

Transition DPT programs necessary for those who have completed their courses and still want a post-program may be to be competent in the area of study.

4. Hybrid DPT program

These programs equip learners with some of their studies online  and come back to school for clinical work and other experiences. Favorable for those in areas where attending traditional education is a challenge. 

5. Physical Therapist Assistant

The main focus is on the skills attained by a therapist in a previous course to bridge to a DPT and other conditions before applying.

The best schools of physical therapy

Many schools are offering DPT programs and some of the best five found in the U.S include;

1. The University of Southern California (USC)

The programs offered at this university are 115 units in six semesters and two courses during the summer month. The program takes a total of 3 years of experience in the specified filed and on completion, a degree is awarded. To be awarded this degree a GPA of 2.75 in every course taken is essential and meeting all the qualifications in that field.

2. The University of Pittsburgh

The full-time program offered here leads to the attainment of a DPT degree. The course takes a maximum of 3 years which is equivalent to 6 semesters. To be awarded a degree there is a 1-year internship.

3. Washington University in St. Lovis

A full-time program is offered with a maximum period of 3 years. They specialize in neuromuscular, orthopedic conditions, and movement impairment.

4. University of Delaware 

 The university is located in a suitable environment and equipped with teachers who are experts in the field of therapy producing the best DPTs in the U.S 

5. The University of Lowa

The Department of Therapies produces learners in all levels; degree, they as well offer Master, and Ph.D. The program takes a maximum of 21/2 years which is equivalent to 35 weeks of full-time experience. After completion, the students undertake state examination which provides one with a professional license.

Types of physical therapy specialties

1. Pediatrics

The therapists in this field deal with children from the age of zero to the teenage level. The main problems dealt with by pediatrics include developmental delays where the children fail to develop in a normal way, cerebral palsy, cases of brain injuries, scoliosis and cystic fibrosis. Pediatrics are  found in areas where children are i.e., schools, or hired as patients’ assistants to assist the children in homes. 

2. Sports

They focus with patients with athletic injuries. They aim to restore muscle strength, and improve agility and speed, they quicken the healing process. Patients in this field suffer from injuries ie. joint dislocations, and sometimes shoulder injuries, others suffer ALC tears, etc.  The type of therapist done is mostly manual therapy, application of heat or cold, etc. 

3. Women’s health

Such therapists major with women at different stages and problems i.e., pelvic pain, and others in need of pre and postnatal care. The aim is to ensure a healthy lifestyle for women of all ages.

4. Geriatrics

Therapists in this field work with the elderly to help them in their pains that come with diseases of old age i.e, arthritis which is accompanied by soreness causing a lot of discomfort. Electrotherapy is the common treatment employed by geriatrics.

5. Clinical electrophysiology

Treatment provided to patients by these therapists includes electrotherapy. Electrodes are used to detect the health of the nerves and muscles of patients.

6. Cardiovascular and Pulmonary

Cardiac rehabilitation is promoted by this type of therapist either by exercise or maybe classes of stress management to ensure proper functionality of the heart.  Patients with pulmonary conditions are  taken care of. 

7. Neurology

They specialize in spinal systems and nervous problems. Patients may suffer from spinal injuries or nerve malfunctioning where the therapists are required to improve the function of these systems. They may work in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. 

8. Orthopedics 

Therapists in this field deal with bone problems, muscles, patients with joint problems, and those with muscle and tendon conditions. They may  deal with patients suffering from arthritis and broken bones. Methods of treatment include exercise, application of cold and hot application, electrical muscle stimulation is done, etc. 

9. Oncology 

The field of treatment is cancer, with either the inpatients or the outpatients. Patients suffering from cancer may have difficulty in walking, and bones may lose their density thus these patients need a therapist to help them improve their muscle strength and improve aerobic capacity by use of  electrical stimulation, massage etc.. 


Physical therapy is a very broad career with high demands for professionals. The field keeps growing each day and therefore the need for more professionals. It is a career that is worth risking and jobs are all over the world.