Things You Should Not Talk About During Sorority Rush

The impression you make during the sorority rush is what will determine if you will become a member of a sorority or not. And everyone knows one of the biggest ways to make an impression is by what you say or perhaps, what you do not say. If you are rushing, then there are certain things that you should avoid saying during the rush. Let’s learn about ‘What Are The Things You Should Not Talk About During Sorority Rush’.

Things You Should Not Talk About During Sorority Rush

Things You Should Not Talk About During Sorority Rush

As a potential new member (PNM), you should not talk about certain things like alcohol, drugs, how much money you (your parents) have, and so many other things. Your chances of getting into the sorority can be significantly affected if you speak about these things during the rush. And in less serious cases where you get accepted into the sorority, you will feel embarrassed when you eventually learn that you should not have spoken about the things you spoke about during your rush. 

8 Topics You Should Avoid as a Potential New Member During Sorority Rush 

1. Alcohol 

Greek Life is all about fun and having a home away from home. And when you think about having fun in college, you most likely will think about alcohol and getting drunk often too. It is normal to feel excited about all the fun ahead of you if you become a sorority sister. However, you should try to conceal this excitement and not speak about alcohol during the sorority rush as a PNM. Speaking about alcohol during the rush is an absolute no. 

The reason why you should avoid talking about alcohol during the sorority rush is quite simple. In most colleges, alcohol isn’t allowed during Rush Week. And no alcohol includes not drinking alcohol and also not talking about it. So, if you start talking about alcohol during rush, the person you are speaking to may have a bad impression of you, they may think that you do not have control and as such, you may put the chapter at risk. This can in turn affect your chances of getting into the sorority. 

So, do not talk about how much you like to get drunk, how often you do, your alcohol tolerance level, how you can’t wait to drink at frats and sorority parties, drinking games, or any conversation that involves alcohol. 

2. Drugs 

Drugs are also a no-no topic during sorority rush. And this should not come as a surprise. Talking about drugs will make the sisters notice you, but not for good. They may start to feel like you are on to them even though your intentions are innocent. Secondly, you may give off the impression that you are simply trying to join the sorority so you can have an unlimited supply of drugs and alcohol. 

3. Parties 

As a sorority sister, you will experience the best of college and you will leave college with sisters that will likely stick with you throughout your life. You will have a lot of fun and bond over a lot of things, especially parties. But you do not want to talk about parties during your rush. 

The reasons you do not want to talk about parties during the sorority rush are similar to the reasons why you shouldn’t talk about drugs and alcohol. When you spend your time talking about parties during rush, the sisters may get the wrong impression of you. They may think you will cause trouble for the chapter if you become a member because you do not seem to have your priorities in order.  

There are lots of other fun events sororities host and organize; you can talk about these other events instead of parties. Your future sisters will eagerly welcome discussions about their upcoming PR or philanthropy event, and it can be a great way to talk about what you can bring to the table to make these events better. 

4. How Much Money You Have? 

The last thing you want to do when rushing is talk about how rich you (or your parents) are. Your potential sisters want to know you, they want to know the real you to see if you would be a great addition to the sorority chapter. And when you keep talking about how rich you are, you prevent this from happening. You may come off braggy and a genuine sorority would most likely not appreciate that kind of vibe. 

Sororities are all about sisterhood. It’s about having a home while in college and having people you can always bank on. So, no one in a genuine sorority will care about how rich or influential you are. If you are being asked about your wealth status during sorority rush by sisters, then you should be careful of such a sorority. They may be all about the money and that kind of sisterhood is not what you want for yourself. 

While you shouldn’t brag about your wealth, you can still talk about other sorority money matters. You will need to pay certain dues and extra payments as a sorority sister. So, you could try to learn more about these monetary commitments during the rush by asking questions about them. 

5. Frat Boys

PNMs of sororities are not meant to talk to fraternity boys during rush week. In extension, you should not also talk about frat boys with your potential sisters. There will still be plenty of time for you to mingle with and even develop relationships with frat boys, but your rush week is not the time for that. 

While frat guys are not to be mentioned, you can still talk about other guys in your life. If you are in a relationship, you are allowed to talk about your boyfriend. You can also talk about your brother, dad, or any other man in your life. 

However, you should not spend all your time talking about other people. You are the focus of the rush. The sorority sisters want to learn more about you. So, rather than talking about others non-stop, talk more about yourself and all the things that will make you a great addition to the chapter. 

6. Politics and Religion 

Everyone has their sets of beliefs and what they are into. Most of the time, people get excited to share their opinions with others in a bid to make those people see things the way they do. But politics and religion are sensitive topics that you should not bring up during your rush. It is very easy to get carried away when talking about politics and religion. And you could offend someone in the heat of your argument. So, it is best to avoid bringing up these topics. 

However, if you would like to know more about the chapter’s religious activities, say, for instance, if they have a bible study group, then you can go ahead and ask about this. Just make sure you do not keep dwelling on the topic once you have gotten your answer.

7. Other Sororities

The last thing you want to do when talking to a member of one sorority is mentioning another sorority. This can greatly affect your chances of getting another invitation. You may have friends in another chapter or you could be a legacy of another, but you do not want to mention these things during the sorority rush. 

8. Sex 

One topic that can make a conversation get very awkward during rush is sex. Talking about sex with people you only just met will make them feel quite uncomfortable, so there is no reason to bring it up. Sure, you would one day bond with your sisters up to the point where you most likely will feel comfortable talking to them about everything but not when you are just a PNM hoping to get into the chapter. 


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Things You Should Not Talk About During Sorority Rush’, Becoming a part of Greek life in college is great and so much fun. But that may not happen if you talk about certain things during the sorority rush. As a PNM, you should avoid talking about drugs, alcohol, parties, frat boys, other sororities, and sex during the rush. Instead of talking about these things, talk about yourself. However, be careful of how you talk about yourself; do not brag about yourself. Talk about yourself in a way that will let the sisters get to know you better and see how you will be a great addition to the chapter. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • 1. What are the 3 B’s of Sorority Recruitment? 

The 3 B’s of sorority recruitment are Boys, booze, and bucks. During rush, you should avoid speaking about these Bs. Do not talk about boys (especially frat boys), alcohol, or how rich your parents are. Talking about these things can make the chapter get the wrong impression of you and can increase the chances of you getting rejected by the chapter. 

  • 2. How Do You Stand Out in Rush?

One of the best ways to stand out from the other PNM in rush is to be yourself. Be honest and open with those around you. The chapter is not trying to see the perfect version of you, so there is no need to play the role. Just be you and hopefully, you will be liked and accepted for that.