Best School Of Pharmacy In California

Pharmacy is one of the hallmarks of medicine. California has dedicated much effort to sustaining the healthcare of the state. The state has also invested in pharmacy. Hence, their best pharmacy schools. One needs a current pharmacy license to be able to practice. Yet, to become a licensed pharmacist, you need to be admitted into one of the accredited schools. However, California has one of the best pharmacy schools to offer the degree. Yet, as populous as California is, its pharmacy schools stand out. Let’s learn about ‘Best School Of Pharmacy In California’.

Best School Of Pharmacy In California

Best School Of Pharmacy In California

Pharmacists are needed in numbers just like nurses and doctors. California has quite requirements for pharmacists in the state. Due to this, Pharmacy schools in California are nothing short of excellent. The best Pharmacy schools in California are accredited by ACPE and are reputable. They stand out to offer bachelor’s, and master’s while most of them offer doctoral degrees as well. Graduates of these schools pass their two professional exams for licensure. Yet, these schools ensure good NAPLEX performance.

Are you keen on working as a pharmacist in California and would like to know about the best pharmacy school in the state? This article is for you.

Best School Of Pharmacy In California:

1. University Of The Pacific

The University of the Pacific offers a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Apart from classroom lectures, students at the University are taught through community outreach activities and clinical rotation. The requirements include a bachelor’s degree and passing the required courses. The University of Pacific School of Pharmacy dedicates a day once a week to students’ wellness.

Length of Program: Four years

Ranking Score: 92.29%

Degrees Awarded: Pharm.D./MBA


2. University of California

The University of California offers two-degree programs. They are Pharm.D/Ph.D. program and a B.S in Chemistry/Pharm.D. The college’s requirements are for a student to have been awarded a bachelor’s degree and completed the required courses. The prerequisite courses are economics, chemistry, biology, and geometry.

Length of Program: Four years

Ranking Score: 97.65%

Degrees Awarded: Pharm.D/Ph.D. program, B.S in chemistry/Pharm.D.

3. The University of Southern California

The University is known for its good record of excellence and outstanding pharmacists. Its location is in Los Angeles. The basic requirements are a bachelor’s degree and the school’s prerequisite courses. These prerequisite courses are physics, calculus, microbiology, and chemistry. Students of the University of Southern California receive their clinical training in the school and other hospitals within Southern California. These students go for community outreach.

Length of Program: Four years

Ranking Score: 95.25%

Degrees Awarded: PharmD/MBA, MS, PharmD and Ph.D. programs, Ph.D. in regulatory science.

4. University of California San Francisco 

The University of California, San Francisco ( UCSF) is a three-year pharmacy school. Due to its three years, International students pursue it more than others. The school offers two pharmacy degrees. The school requires a bachelor’s degree and good grades in the required courses. UCSF is known for its innovative research among other schools.

Length of Program: Three years

Ranking Score: 94.11%

Degrees Awarded: Pharm.D./MBA


5. Western University of Health Sciences 

The University exposes its students early to clinical rotation and community outreach. Out of the pharmacy schools, the university uses more than 350 sites for clinical rotation and community outreach. Students go for their clinical practice in private hospitals, pediatric hospitals, and general hospitals. Yet, students are exposed to training at drug stores and privately owned pharmacies. A bachelor’s degree with prerequisite courses is needed for admission.

Length of Program: Four years

Ranking Score: 94.16%

Degrees Awarded: Pharm.D./Ph.D.

6. California Northstate University 

California Northstate University is located in Sacramento, California. The University has three departments for trained pharmacists. They are Experiential Education, Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences, and Clinical & Administrative. Students are trained in the classroom for the first three years. During these years, classroom lectures and coursework are taught up to date. Students go for clinical rotations during their fourth year. This is when students are fully exposed to advanced pharmacy practices. Students go to community hospitals, general hospitals, and private hospitals for clinical practice. 

Length of Program: Four years

Ranking Score: 81.16%

Degrees Awarded: PharmD

7. Loma Linda University 

The University is a Christian University. It is part of the Seventh-day Adventist church. Even though the school is open to all students of various faiths. A bachelor’s degree with good grades in prerequisite courses is required at the University. The school runs only academic courses without clinical practice in their first year. Yet, students’ clinical rotation starts during their second year to their fourth and final year.

Length of Program: Four years

Ranking Score: 87.16%

Degrees Awarded: PharmD

Required Examinations For Pharmacy Licensure In California 

1. North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX)

Students who are enrolled in pharmacy schools in California are well exposed to a high level of pharmacy training. North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX) exam is an examination that gives one access to apply for licensure in the state. Once students meet up with the requirements, they enroll for this exam by NABP. Graduates who pass the NAPLEX exam are eligible to apply for licensure.

2. California Pharmacist Jurisprudence Exam (CPJE)

The CPJE exam is written in addition to NAPLEX. Once the applicants meet the requirements, they wait for 30 days for approval. Successful applicants can also register for a tutorial test with the board. However, this is optional for applicants.


Pharmacists are well-paid in California. However, California has one of the best pharmacy schools in the United States. These top pharmacy schools offer the best nursing practice to students. Graduates of pharmacy schools do well in the required exams for licensure. If you want to have the best pharmacy practice, why not apply to the best pharmacy schools in California?


  • Is NAPLEX The Only Exam Required For Licensure in California?

No. Graduates of Pharmacy are required to pass both NAPLEX and CPJE exams.

  • What Are the Basic Requirements For Admission into Pharmacy Schools in California?

A GPA of 3.0 and a Bachelor’s degree.