Best Nursing Schools In Georgia

Nursing is a profession that belongs to the healthcare sector and is quite a growing field. The tasks included in nursing are assisting doctors, helping patients inward, and taking care of medication and the schedule of patients. As for Georgia, there are around 20 nursing schools located in different communities. The degrees granted are usually at the associate level. Let us know about Best Nursing Schools In Georgia.

Best Nursing Schools In Georgia

What are some best nursing schools in Georgia?

In Georgia, several schools provide quality education in the major of nursing. The nursing degree is referred to as an associate’s degree in Nursing. Certain requirements need to be fulfilled for this field of medicine. According to the statistics for 2022, the top 5 schools are Georgia Southwestern State University, Emory University, Georgia State University, Mercer University, and Augusta University. Apart from these, several other institutes excel in providing nursing courses.

Advantages of ADN Program:

  • This program is usually available to all the students in Georgia i.e. urban and rural areas.
  • The ADN program is based on quick learning which is followed by getting a job really quickly.

ADN requirements in Georgia:

To get enrolled in Nursing school at Georgia, one has to complete the following requirements:

  • Students have to provide their overall academic record including all the transcripts from high school.
  • Students must have a C grade or better in high-school exams. This may vary according to the numbers scored by students in that particular year.
  • Apart from academic requirements, all the students have to fill out an online application.
  • Personal statement to be submitted while applying.
  • Proof of vaccination is necessary.

Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN):

After the completing ADN program, which is of two years, it is followed by BSN which is considered an undergraduate program. It is a four-year program. There are several institutes in Georgia offering this degree. It is assumed that those who opt for ADN and then BSN have higher chances of getting selected for leadership roles.

 Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN):

This graduate degree is designed for high-profile nurses. There are very few candidates who get selected to be enrolled in this program. The study includes pediatric nursing, anesthesiology, and further specialization.

Georgia Nursing License:

After the nurses have graduated from any of the nursing programs under the banner of the Georgia board of nursing, they need to go through the below-mentioned procedure to get a Georgia Nursing License.

  • They need to complete the online application process and have to pay an amount of $40 as an application fee.
  • Register fingerprints followed by a criminal check-up.
  • Register for NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination).
  • Clear the exam of NCLEX-RN.

Candidates who do not belong to Georgia and applying for a license must submit a hand-written application.

Top Nursing Schools in Georgia offering BSN/MSN:

  1. Georgia Southwestern State University:

The university offers a two-year BSN program. The passing rate is around 90%. Other nursing degree options can be taken into consideration. The university offers in-person as well as online class facilities.

  1. Emory University:

The annual tuition cost at this university is quite high but the quality of education is also very satisfying. The university states that around 88% of graduates were able to be selected for respectable positions within three months of their graduation. The pass rate is approximately 96%. The university has online and in-person education along with accelerated programs.

  1. Georgia State University:

This institute has a pass ratio of 85%. The degrees offered are MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing), and DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice). The university is specifically for those who want to restart their studies. The university does not have accelerated programs.

  1. Mercer University:

Mercer University is one of the popular schools in Georgia. It is the choice of many nursing students because of a limited number of students which gives more direct attention to studies. The tuition cost of this institute is considered high compared to a few schools but they also have a policy of providing financial assistance to students. The pass rate is 91%.

  1. Augusta University:

Augusta University is a research institution but they offer all the programs in the nursing field starting from BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing), MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing), and DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice). The pass rate is 86%. The university offers a quality education at affordable costs.

  1. University of West Georgia: 

The University of West Georgia is considered one of the top universities. It is considered that this school offers all the possible requirements for a nursing major are available here. The pass rate is 91%.

  1. Columbus State University:

This institute offers a traditional degree or BSN with a pass rate of 89%. The highlight of this institution is an online BSN program in nursing. And all the students graduating from this online program have a high employment rate in this sector. The university offers online and in-person programs.

  1. Kennesaw State University:

This institute is included in the top 50 schools in the country. The most important is their BSN program. The pass rate is 95%. The university offers education at quite reasonable costs. The university does offer online and in-person programs.

  1. Georgia College & State University:

This school offers a degree in liberal arts along with a nursing program. The university began as a learning center for women. The university offers online as well as in-person programs. This university is supposed to have a pass rate of 95.56%.

  1. Georgia Southern University:

Many nurses who want to continue their education can opt for this institute. The university offers a BSN program at quite reasonable rates. Although the pass rate is not very high the services offered are quite satisfactory.

Top Nursing Schools in Georgia offering ADN:

  1. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College:

This university offers a two-year program and it is considered one of the best platforms to receive this degree in Georgia. To be enrolled in this program one needs to have a certification as a nurse technician. They also offer clinical visits for better understanding.

  1. Chattahoochee Technical College:

This college offers two types of degrees. The first one is for those who have some working experience as a nurse while the second is for those who haven’t yet practiced the profession. The courses required in these degrees are general education courses. Along with the studies, they are also offered industrial visits.

  1. College of Coastal Georgia:

This college offers both two-year and four degrees in the nursing domain. The students opting for the two-year degree are required to attend general and biology classes. This institute also offers clinical visits.

  1. Gwinnett Technical College: 

This college facilitates three types of students usually. Firstly, those who have experience in the field of nursing through any means. Secondly, those wishing to change their departments, and lastly those who have no related experience. The first two groups need to complete six semesters while those with no experience have seven semesters.

  1. Gordon State College:

This university offers a three-year degree. The program is facilitated by laboratory classes and theory classes.

  1. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College: 

This university has a one-year degree that is designed for those having experience in the field. The associate degree offered is based on six semesters.

  1. Middle Georgia State University:

This university has different campuses and the associate degree offered is available on all the campuses. The nurses opting for this degree have a great opportunity to learn from professional health experts during their visits.

  1. South Georgia State College: 

The associate degree offered at this college is considered one of the best in Georgia. They have two categories one is based on 72 semester hours while the other is based on 67 semester hours. Another interesting fact about this college is that they also offer a specific class related to women’s health.

Best Online Nursing Schools in Georgia:
  1. Albany State University:

Many nurses are practicing their professions and want to further continue with their studies. Albany State University offers the opportunity to such students to pursue their BSN degrees.

  1. Columbus State University:

The university offers an opportunity for working nurses to practice their education. They are offered proper instructions and guides which enables them to efficiently manage their work and studies.

  1. Georgia Southwestern State University:

The programs offered at this university are community health, Human pathophysiology, and a few other related nursing programs. The university offers a full-time online learning forum for students. The institution is quite affordable and makes use of no-cost books.

  1. Gordon State College:

The motive of this college is also to support working nurses with their studies. In this regard, they also offer nursing research and practice.

  1. Clayton State University:

This university along with providing an online forum for quality education to students offers part-time jobs as well. They also train the nurses in leadership qualities.

Benefits of opting for nursing in Georgia:

Usually, full-time registered nurses enjoy various benefits while working in this profession. Some of them are listed below.

  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement savings
  • Employee discounts
  • Child care assistance
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • Paid sick leaves

Annual Salary:

According to statistics issued by, the average annual salary of nurses ranges from $49,000 to $95,000. There are different levels in the nursing profession. The highest-paid nursing profession is Nurse Anesthetists who make more than $174,000 annually. It is then followed by Nurse Practitioners who earn around $105,000. At number three we have Nurse-Midwives and their annual income is estimated at around $98,000.

Scholarships offered by top nursing schools in Georgia:

  • WiseGeek Nursing no-essay Scholarship: This scholarship is offered to students who plan to pursue their careers in the healthcare sector.
  • Noah Jon Markstrom Foundation Scholarship: This scholarship is designed for those who want to opt for pediatric nursing.
  • Dashanna K. McNeil Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is also designed for students studying nursing.

Future of Nursing in Georgia:

Nursing is one of the most demanded professions in Georgia. In the coming years, the requirement for nurses will drastically increase. And the matter of concern is there is a very less number of students graduating as nurses. Manu nurses practicing nursing right now will be soon retiring. And the limited number of nurses can become a serious problem in handling a large number of patients. The government of Georgia is working together with other forums to bring out scholarship opportunities for students to attract students.


Nursing is one of the emerging roles in this world, especially after a global pandemic. In this case, more students are encouraged to apply for this role. The state of Georgia has some of the best colleges which offer several types of degrees in the nursing major. These institutes have specific requirements and procedures. These institutes are making efforts to provide quality education within different communities in Georgia. The state offers schools that also give educational assistance to those students who want to attain their master’s degree while working. The schools in Georgia are mostly affordable enough for students which makes them further enhance their worth. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Why Georgia is considered suitable enough for studying nursing?

Georgia ranks at number 18 in providing quality nursing education in the US. Another reason why several people opt to study nursing in Georgia is that the state has some amazing colleges that offer quality education at quite reasonable costs.

  1. What makes one a strong candidate for a scholarship?

To get selected for a scholarship, it is suggested to submit your application as soon as possible because several scholarships are based on a first come first serve basis. Secondly one should maintain a presentable profile with academic records and achievements.

  1. Which are the top nursing schools in Georgia with high tuition costs?

According to statistics for 2022, there are two colleges where the nursing major is quite expensive. These two schools are Emory University and Mercer University.

  1. Which nursing school in Georgia has the highest acceptance rate?

Georgia Gwinnett College is the nursing school in Georgia that has the highest acceptance ratio which is 100%. Hence admission at this college seems quite easy.