Best Medical Schools In the US

Education has been the most beneficial asset you invest in. In the old era, people were unaware of science, mathematics, English History, etc. Over time, as the competition among the students has increased, many new fields have been introduced. Formerly, people used to get diplomas or master’s degrees in science, mathematics, English, etc. Now the learning is not confined to these few fields. Among all the disciplines, the most renowned and traditional ones are engineering and medicine. Medicine is the profession that the majority of the youth want to get in. Let us know about Best Medical Schools In the US.

Best Medical Schools In US

Many medical universities in the US are ranked the best medical colleges or universities because of the quality of education and their faculty. Students dream of getting admission to those colleges. 

Best medical schools in the US

The top best medical colleges famous for primary care and Medical research are as under will go through them in sequence:

  1. Harvard Medical School
  2. NewYork University Grossman
  3. Baylor School of medicine
  4. Weil Cornell Medicine
  5. UCSF School of Medicine 
  6. UNC School of Medicine

Harvard Medical School

HMS is the oldest medical institute of Harvard University, located in the Longwood medical area of Boston. It offers degrees in physician, bachelor in surgery, Master of Medicine, and doctor of medicine. Dana_farber cancer institute, Cambridge Healthcare Alliance, Boston Children’s group, and many other research and teaching hospitals are cooperating with HMS.


Their vision is to create all the possible opportunities for the students to want to serve humanity and provide them a platform where they can learn more about diseases and their cures.


There are several public health innovations with which HMS faculty is affiliated:

  1. HMS was the first institute that used insulin for the treatment of diabetes.
  2.  The importance of vitamin B12 for the treatment of anemia was figured out by HMS.
  3. Successful in the formulation of artificial skin for Tburned skin.
  4. This was the first institute that discovered the cause of Preeclampsia.
  5. They introduced anesthesia as a pain controller during surgery.

Many other innovations are associated with HMS faculty. 


The HMS curriculum is a three-phase program with a classes-based pre-clerkship phase; Principal Clinical experience and post-Principal Clinical Experience. Students follow the old pathway by learning the courses practically, following up the clinic courses that include the Students of Harvard School of Dental Medicine. The clinical phase lasts during the pre-clerkship phase. 

HMS offers one MD program with two curriculum phases; Pathway curriculum and HST track.

After that, few students chose the HST program that aims at the fusion of biosciences, physical sciences, and engineering on patients’ health and disease treatment. HST program helps the engineers emphasize physiology and biological concepts through the courses that include Ph.D. students of MIT.


They have 165 total seats for all the income groups. For pathways, they have 135 seats while 30 slots for the HST track.

Acceptance percentage

The acceptance % rate is less than 2.2%. Students have to strive hard to bring themselves to this rate. It is difficult to get admission to HMS because of tough competition.

Graduation programs

They offer the following graduation programs:

  • Ph.D. Degree Programs
  • Master’s Degree Programs
  • Post-graduate Programs.

NewYork University Grossman School of Medicine

NYU is a medical school of New York University. It is a private research university in New York City. 

It ranks No.2 in the best school of medicines.


NYU believes in providing the best care to the patient and excels in science and technology.


NYU maintains a curriculum of active learning for 18 months and clinical learning for 1-2 years. Students give the USLME an examination for a license after the clerkship phase, whereas MD/Ph.D students give this exam before their Ph.D. work. 

The curriculum also includes the joint program with NYU3T and PLACE.

Graduation programs

NYU offers 5-year joint degree programs with an optional 4-year degree program. Following are the joint degrees:

  1. Md/MPH in Global Health
  2. Md/MS in biomedical informatics.
  3. MD/MBA in General Management
  4. MD/MS in Translation Research

For physician-scientists, they offer a Ph.D. program at NYU Langone Health. The students accepted into the 4-year stream can apply for the three programs with their residency match. After completing the clerkship training, their clinical rotations will begin six weeks earlier; hence they can spend the summer after the first year of summer fellowship in their specialized department.

Acceptance percentage rate

Their admission rate is 2.1%. NYC is one of the most competitive medical schools in the nation.


Admission to NYU is difficult because of limited seats and high competition. The students need to qualify for the MDCAT with a score of 520-522. The short-listed students for interviews and filter out the intelligent and talented students for NYU.

Baylor School of Medicine

it is a private health science center located in Houston, Texas, within the world’s largest medical center, Texas medical center. 

It offers four academic disciplines:

  1. The school of medicine
  2. The school of Biomedical sciences
  3. The school of health profession
  4. The national school of tropical medicine.


To promote health with science, technology, and revolution.

School of medicine

Among 51 schools in the US, Baylor college is the one that offers a Medical scientist training program. For this qualitative program, competent and proficient students are selected to combine study MD and Ph.D. in medical science for approximately 7-9 years. About 8-12 students get into this and receive stipends; with free tuition fees.


Their curriculum includes 1.5 years of preclinical foundational sciences, succeeding 2.5 years of clinical curriculum.

Acceptance percentage rate

Their acceptance rate is 5.3% compared to other competitive medical schools. 

Weil Cornell Medicine

Weil Cornell medicine is in New York, and it aims to provide;

Patient care

 Excellent patient care and treatment strategies with innovative and scientific research methods. Patient care is the top priority of WCM physicians and doctors. They try to support as much as they can and provide assistance to the patient with all ears on them.


They’re research scientists and physicians who work day and night to invent bench-to-bed care medicines and treatments.

Medical Education

Weil Cornell Medicine is a chain of its parent university Cornell University. Every year they allow the students worldwide to serve humanity. The environment, highly technological research laboratories, and well-trained staff help and support the students to become the best-trained physicians and scientists. 


WCM is ranked top among the best selective medical colleges in the nation. Around the globe, 106 applicants get selected to excel in this field. Besides, research courses they offer other disciplines as well.

The Weil Cornell Graduate School teaches the students how from biomedical science they can discover new medicines. They work under the supervision of the world’s renowned scientists. 

Their MD and Ph.D. programs are associated with three institutes namely; Weil Cornell Medical College, The Rockefeller University, and the Sloan Kettering Institute, to up-skill the students in the field of science and research technology.

Acceptance Percentage Rate

Admission to WCU is also tough, as their acceptance percentage rate is 5%.


 For that, one has to prepare for MCAT and qualify with a maximum score. The short-listed candidates are called for interviews if cleared, and the medicine journey with highly skilled and trained faculty will start.

UCSF School of medicine

UCSF is the school of medicine of the University of California, San Francisco, located in San Francisco, California.


Their motive is to give full attention to patients and discovers new medicine for the environmental changes disease.


Their curriculum is slightly different from the other schools f medicine. Their curriculum is known as the Bridge curriculum. They do not follow the traditional curriculum format like two years of clinical study and two years of basic science. 

During the four years of MD, the basic science concepts and clinical knowledge hold up to one another. This way the students in the initial stage get connected to the science and innovation and time0to-time learn and excel in this field. Hence results in graduating experienced and well-trained physicians and scientists.

Acceptance percentage rate

Their acceptance percentage is 3.9%. Being No.3 among best medical schools (Research) and No.2 for best medical care (primary care). Ranking in such high positions makes the UCSF, one of the competitive medical universities.

UNC School of Medicine

The University of North Carolina is a professional institute of medicine situated in North Carolina on Chapel Hill.


Their vision is to introduce the world to talented and highly skilled scientists and physicians. They aim to deal effectively with patient care and efficiently utilize technological innovations to produce effective medicines.

Programs they offer

They offer the following programs:

  1. Medical Doctor
  2. Medical Science Degree (Ph.D., MS)
  3. Allied health sciences
  4. M.D/Ph.D., M.D/MPH
  5. Special Programs


Their curriculum is changed from the other medical schools. They also do not follow the old traditional pathways course curriculum. Their curriculum comprises three phases:

First Year

The first comprises the four blocks of the basic medical sciences namely;

  1. first, the Principle of Medicine
  2. second, immunology
  3. third hematology
  4. final, cardiology


The second year is an organ system block. This year the students get exposure to Diagnostic terms and tools like MRI, CT scanners, etc. Like the first year is divided into four blocks, the second year also comprises four blocks; physiology, pathology, diagnosis, and treatment of that organ.

At the end of the semester, students apply for the clinical courses to experiment and implement all the concepts and get themselves skilled and trained.

Clinical year

In the third and fourth years, the students are taken to hospitals and other health organizations. In the third year, they learn about the specialty of medicine, and in the fourth year, they gain experience in how to treat the patient. At the end, of the fourth year, many students get internships and work as internees in the hospitals.

Acceptance percentage rate

The UNC acceptance percentage rate is 3.9%. Their interview rate is 49%. MCAT score required is 512. This makes the admission a little tough and more competitive. 

UNC ranks No.25 in research care and No.5 in primary care best medical schools.


All of the above-mentioned universities and schools of medicine are top-ranked. Their admission percentage rate varies. These are the dream institutes of passionate students. Students put all their efforts to get in. Harvard Medical School is No.1 because of many innovations and inventions. The best thing about these universities is that they do offer financial aid to students belonging to the low-income group. Some of them are private whereas UNC is a public institute. 

It does not matter whether you are a part of a public or private institute. A good learning environment, command of all the medical tools and equipment, and better handling of patients. 

All of the above-mentioned universities and schools of medicine are top-ranked. Their admission percentage rate varies. These are the dream institutes of passionate students. Students put all their efforts to get in. Harvard Medical School is No.1 because of many innovations and inventions. The best thing about these universities is that they do offer financial aid to students belonging to the low-income group. Some of them are private whereas UNC is a public institute.

It does not matter whether you are a part of a public or private institute all you need is to have a good faculty. Becoming a Doctor is not a piece of cake; one has to go through lots of phases, courses, experiments, surgeries, etc. All these universities offer internships to their well-qualified students. Learn from these programs, and explore and research as much as you can. You chose this profession to serve humanity. Research innovates something more effective for the patient’s health.

Over time, disease and virus become very strong and life-threatening. Orthodox treatments are no more effective. Research and innovate something new with the fusion of engineering, biosciences, and medical sciences.