Are there Ivy league schools in Europe?


Ivy league is an American athletic conference of multiple universities in the United States.  Ivy league is usually associated with basketball sport and is used for the sport individually. Ivy league as a term started to bring in a team of sports excellent sports with academics as majors in universities.  The Ivy league became famous after the NCAA division 1 conference was held in the year 1954. Here we will see about Are there Ivy league schools in Europe?

After the conference, the intake and admission letters for admission under the sport basketball increased seemingly over the years. All the colleges associated with the Ivy league are known to be the most prestigious school and are all in the ranking of top 20 Universities to date. The Ivy league is usually associated with the primary 8 colleges or universities which together started the Ivy League.

Are there Ivy league schools in Europe?

Are there Ivy league schools in Europe?

As the Ivy League college is situated in the states of the United States, the question of Ivy league schools being outside the country is commonly asked. 

However, there are as mentioned only 8 universities that as Ivy League universities. There are no Ivy League schools in Europe

The Ivy League universities or schools are said to be prestigious and known for their education standard.

Though Europe doesn’t have any Ivy league schools or universities many such universities are equivalent in terms of prestige and standard to that of Ivy League colleges in the United States present in Europe. 

These schools or universities in Europe are known worldwide and the students who are alumni of these universities are recognized and accepted for their education and talent.

Schools in Europe 

There are more than 20 universities or colleges in Europe that are compared to Ivy league standards without being a part of Ivy League colleges.

But some out on the list are said to be Ivy league equivalent colleges.

If Europe was to come forward and present an association such as the Ivy league these 3 colleges would be a part of the association.

University of Cambridge 

One of the universities compared to be an equivalent of Ivy League colleges is the University of Cambridge. The University is situated in the United Kingdom. The college was founded in the year 1209 and is one of the oldest colleges in Europe.

The university specializes in the field of research at the international education level. The college has about 30 buildings on the campus and is a self-governing University. The university is dedicated to providing at most education and supports all those with creative ideas and excellent minds to come forward and present their ideas and knowledge to the world.

The university supports and presents forward literature and theatre bringing out many novels and poems written in the olden days.

University of Oxford 

The university is situated in Oxford, England. Hence, getting the name university of Oxford.

It was founded in 1096, the oldest University in Europe.

The university is a collegiate research university known for its prestige and utmost outstanding alumni that have been part of the university.

The university has 28 alumni who have all been prime ministers of the United Kingdom in their lifetime.

The university is known for its excellence in all specialty fields from mathematics to literature to athletics. 

From the university famous scientists, actors, mathematics, politicians, Olympic medal holders athletics, and many sports players have passed out with an outstanding degrees to hold.

The alumni itself makes the university one of the best universities in the world and the most prestigious university to look out for.

Freie Universität

The free university of Berlin is a public research university in Germany. The university was founded in 1948.

The university is one of eleven elite research universities in Germany. The university is a public university.

The university has a special interest in political science and humanity.

The university has high applicants number yearly for their school and undergraduate programs as well.

To get into the college due to high applicant and competition one has to have an outstanding score throughout high school with involvement in many extra curricula.

The university has alumni who are famous for their research, scientists, Nobel prize winners, and politicians.

The university is one to be known for its prestige and is compared to the standard of an Ivy League college.


Ivy league colleges are associated with the sport basketball and all the universities in part of the Ivy League are known to be prestigious.

But outside the United States, many universities and colleges are compared to the prestigious and excellent curriculum and staff as that of the Ivy league excluding a specific sport.

All the colleges and universities in Europe are all excelling in multiple specializations with sports and athletics as well. 

The colleges mentioned above are ranked in one of the top 10 universities in Europe and have been in the ranks for more than a decade. 

These colleges from Europe prove a point that any university or college can be prestigious by having a dedicated staff and a structured curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Are there any Ivy league colleges in Europe?

No, there aren’t any Ivy league colleges in Europe.

  1. Is there an association such as the Ivy league in Europe?