Why Are Healthy Foods So Expensive?

The health value is more than the price of the food here in the United States, the most expensive country in the world. This is due to the fact that healthy food is much costlier in this country than it is usually found elsewhere in other countries. According to a survey, healthy foods are priced at least double that of their unhealthy counterparts. Let us know Why Are Healthy Foods So Expensive?

Why Are Healthy Foods So Expensive?

Why is healthy food so expensive? It is a question we hear all the time. 

The price of healthy food such as vegetables, fruits, and dry fruits is too high. In some places, the prices of such foods are not affordable for the ordinary man. I will explain some phenomena that lead to healthy food is more expensive than junk food. 

There are many reasons why healthy food is so expensive:

Climate issues:

The climate around the world is different. Some crops grow in certain climates so they can not be available everywhere, so making them available everywhere increases the cost of food.  The harvest of certain crops might be affected by the weather or pests. These factors increase the costs that are connected to maintaining a healthy food supply.


Certain foods are only available at specific times of the year. The produce in season is the cheapest, which means prices go up when it’s not. 

Cost of fertilizers:

Crops need fertilizers to grow healthily. Food grown with fertilizers and pesticides costs more money than food that is grown without fertilizers. 

When you trace the supply chain back to where these fruits and vegetables are produced, you will often find that the food is being produced on huge commercial farms. These large-scale farms tend to use a lot of chemicals, pesticides, and artificial fertilizers in their producers to produce as much food as possible. This means that the cost of production for these farmers is low because they can just keep pumping out as much food as possible for a low cost.

Supply and demand:

I think this is one of the most important points. When supply is low and demand is high and supply goes down, prices go up too. In the case of fruits and vegetables, supply is less, which leads to higher prices.

 More expensive to grow:

The cost of growing crops is high because farmers have to take a myriad of factors into consideration. The price of compost, fertilizer, and water all play important roles in the cost of growing crops. Vegetables, fruits, and nuts are delicate and have a short shelf life. Because of global trade regulations, the only way to keep foods fresh. 


Food that is grown thousands of miles away must then be shipped back to its destination. Food has to be shipped in and out of the grocery store because it spoils quickly. Most people are landlocked, so fresh produce is not accessible. Even if you do have access to a farm, it would have ridiculously long supply line expenses due to transportation costs.

Geographical area:

There are different-different types of fruits that grow in different areas, so it is not easy to get all types of food everywhere.

For example, bananas transported from Colombia are more expensive for America, and transport is very expensive for countries that are further away from the destination country.


Most fresh food will only stay fresh for a few days or weeks. This is because the longer the food sits, the more its nutritional value is degraded and the more likely it is to become a health hazard. It is important to keep your groceries in your apartment as close to room temperature as possible as well as in a fairly dry place, however.


While it is true that the government does provide some subsidies for fruits and vegetables, this only goes so far.

Many people think of carrot and broccoli as the best way to get healthy produce for a low price, but the reality is that commercial farms receive huge subsidies from the government to grow these crops and sell them at a below-cost price. This means that although the price of these crops has gone up, the farmers can still sell them at a lower price than what they bought them for.

The above reasons are the reasons why healthy food is so expensive. It takes more time to harvest and transport healthy food, and process, and transport products, and costs a lot to maintain other suppliers.

Food prices affect consumers in a number of ways.

  • Labor and machinery.
  • Processing and costs.
  • Demand for organic products.
  • The long supply chain from farms to grocery stores increased competition from imported foods and from mass production of factory farms which led to lower costs for food.

Why is healthy food essential for the body? 

Healthy food is crucial to full and happy living. This ought to be a given, but we often forget that it takes more than just filling our stomachs with vegetables, fruits, grains, and lean meats. We can also incorporate healthy recipes into our diets by using these nutritious foods in innovative ways.

The healthiest foods are ones with lots of fiber and low-fat content in order to prevent heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or constipation. These will also have a low glycemic index, which means that foods of this kind will release sugar slowly into the body – thus preventing sugar spikes and sugar crashes that can lead to mood swings and fatigue.

Conversely, unhealthy food often contains high amounts of fat, which turns into bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. This can cause heart disease and other chronic diseases.


The main reason that healthy food is so expensive is that we have messed up the prices through subsidies and taxation.

If we compare healthy food or unhealthy food, then healthy food is not more expensive than unhealthy food at first  Glance. It would be more expensive in the future if we allow our fields to become overgrown with weeds.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is healthy food more expensive than unhealthy?

Yes, healthy food is more expensive than unhealthy foods,but not all healthy foods are more expensive than unhealthy foods.

  1. Why is healthy food so expensive?

Healthy food is so expensive because it costs to grow it healthily and its shelf life is short , so  there is a chance of spoiling it. To avoid spoilage of healthy food, it needs to be shipped quickly and it costs more to ship it.

  1. Why is unhealthy food cheaper?

Unhealthy food is cheaper than healthy food because of its supply and demand, and sugar and some of the cheapest chemicals are used in these foods.

  1. Is it possible to eat healthily?

Though healthy foods are expensive, it is possible to eat healthily.

Stop buying food from the grocery store, buy it from the local market and you can grow your own food in your backyard.