Is There A Limit To The Number Of Students In Google Classroom?

In this decade, especially after the pandemic, online education has seen growth like never before. It has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Platforms, like Google classroom, are like guardian angels during these times. Where, in offline settings, it becomes difficult for an educator to teach more than 40 to 50 students, the chances for such a problem are less in online mode. Let us know Is There A Limit To The Number Of Students In Google Classroom?

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Students In Google Classroom?

The answer to the question asked above is – Yes, there is a limit to the number of students in Google classroom. That is 250 members  ( teachers and students ) from a personal account and one thousand ( teachers and students )  from a Google workspace or school account. 

What are the different types of Google classroom accounts?

There are various types of classroom user accounts depending on the setting you need. These are – 

  •  School Account
  • Google Workspace Account
  • Personal Google Account 

School Account – 

This is a type of account one gets from an accredited School. 

Google Workspace Account –

These accounts are used by large organizations. Children of age 13 and under should use this account.

Personal Google Account – 

This is an account that you create with a personal Gmail address. But this account comes with more limitations than the others.

What are the limits for different types of Google classroom accounts?

  •  For Personal Google Classroom Account –

A maximum of 250 members, that includes teachers as well as the students, can be added into a classroom from a personal account.

  • For Google Workspace or School Account – 

A total of thousand class members, teachers plus students, can be added with these accounts.

What are the other limitations of a personal Google classroom account?

There is a limit of 20 teachers per class. You can only join a maximum of 100 classes and in that, 30 classes per day with this account. A teacher can send only 100 invitations per day. You can only create 30 classes per day with a personal Google classroom account.

What are the advantages of a Google workspace or school account?

Even though there is a limit of 20 teachers per class with these accounts too, you can join up to 1,000 classes. There are no limits on the number of classes that can be created and you can send up to 500 class member invitations per day, per teacher.


The limit depends upon the type of Google classroom account that you use and the type of account depends upon your educational needs. A personal account comes with much more limitations than a Google workspace or school account. You can create or get an account accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions –

  1.  Which type of account is better – personal or Google workspace / Google account?

Answer – That depends upon the usage you have for these.  If it is for your own personal use or if you have a small private organization then a personal Google classroom account might work for you but if you are a part of an accredited organization of a large scale kind then a Google workspace or school account is the best for you.

  1. Is Google Workspace Account free?

Answer – Google workspace for educational fundamentals is free for qualified education institutions  Google workspace basic is free for nonprofits.  Google workspace basic is now also free for personal Google accounts, with this you will get access to Google apps ( Google slide, docs and sheets) plus 15 GB of storage space. 

 Google workspace for education standard, education Plus, teaching, and learning upgrade are paid options.

  1. What are the features that make Google classroom easy as well as best to use?

Answer – Google classroom is available on the web as well as on a mobile app. The best part about Google classroom is that you can use it with many other Google tools such as Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Docs.

  1.  What can students do with Google classroom accounts?

Answer – Students can track their class work and can submit their assignments. They can also check their grades and can give feedback too.  They can share resources and can interact with each other and the teachers via the class stream or by email.

  1.  What are the best features in Google classroom?

Answer – You can create and manage classes, assignments, and grades online. Other materials can be added through Google Drive. You can give and receive feedback. Parents and guardians can sign up for email summaries of the student’s work too. 

  1.  What are other alternatives for Google classroom?

Answer – These are some other options you can use, and are used, instead of Google classroom. Those are – Edmodo, TalentLMS, Moodle, Zoom, Virtually,  Schoology, etc.