What Percent Of Students Hate School Lunches?


Schools provide lunches to the students for making a good health. And to provide proper nutrition to the students. The school lunches do not include the food which is fast food like burgers, fries, and soft drinks. Many of the students don’t like to eat green leafy vegetables and other healthy food items. What percent of students hate school lunches? Let’s see

Schools provide regular meals including chapati and vegetables. The students do not get the choice to select meals of their own choice. In primary school and high school, they provide a meal to both sections. In colleges, this system is not being introduced. This system had been made for schools only. Some schools don’t include money for the meals, but some schools take money to provide meals. But, here the question is What is the percentage of students that hate school lunches?. And what are the reasons behind them?

 According to the data of 2013, on meal consumption in schools, 77% of students hate school lunches. This data is from public schools as well as private schools. The students also complain about not having enough time to complete the meal. Most of the schools increased the duration of the break, after receiving complaints from students. The data showed many students eat a meal only three days of the week from six days. Which is ultimately not good for the health of the students. In some schools, they make a timetable for the meals, which becomes easier for the management to handle things properly. Public and private schools both provide meals. 

After introducing this system some of the schools noticed, that meal is the thing that attracts the students fast. And this had improved the attendance of the students. A student cannot miss any meal of the day, since being a student the body easily gets tired and it needs proper food and water on time. If a student doesn’t eat enough it will affect their health and will result in academic performance. But what are the reasons behind hating school lunches?

What Percent Of Students Hate School Lunches?

What are the reasons behind hating school lunches?

  • Unhealthy: The food which school provides students found very unhealthy. Since they were not providing proper food with hygienic utensils. Clean utensils also play an equal role.
  • Bad Quality: The grains which they use, the students found the quality very poor. Which ultimately creates many digestive problems. More than quantity, quality matters.
  • Less variety: Every school used to provide only one meal at a time, with no variety they were given to eat. The students were not satisfied with the meals.
  • Cooking at an unhygienic place: Cleaned food is not only important but the place where it gets cooked is also important for health. The place of making food was unhygienic which was affecting the food by making the quality bad.
  • Too many health issues: Many students found health issues like regular stomach aches, Typhoid, and diarrhea that resulted in an increasing number of complaints from parents. 
  • Not enough cooked: Food should be cooked properly so that it should not create a problem for the body. But schools were giving food that was half raw and half uncooked.
  • Not proper cafeteria: Where we eat food, that place also matters. The cafeteria or the canteen area of the school should be clean and properly sanitized. That the students can eat peacefully. 
  • Not providing enough break time: The students were not getting enough time to finish their food. Eating food in hurry will create more problems for the body. Schools should provide enough break time for the students.

Can school teachers and other staff members also eat food that is provided by schools?

In many schools, it is seen that teachers can also eat the provided lunches. Other staff members like peons and watchmen can also eat. All the teachers, students, and staff members get the same food, no choice is provided to anyone. It is a beneficial thing for the whole school, but every school should take care of things that are harmful to students and teachers. It has also seen many schools waste food more than they eat, In some schools, this system was canceled, due to wastage of food. 

Teachers and other staff members don’t pay extra charges for the lunch. In the countries like Us, New York, Boston, London, and Italy this system is already introduced. And their cafeteria and the food quality is most loveable by the students. Even they provide healthy and nutritional food with variety in every meal. Very few students hate the food there. Due to providing unhealthy and poor quality food, many schools faced the problem of their name getting vanishing from the list of top schools.


The main reason behind not liking the food of schools, it is not properly cooked and students were getting many problems at a time. The food should be cooked properly with clean hands and in a clean area. This system launched in the schools after noticing, that many students were financially has low income and cannot bring food to school. Schools tried to provide meals, but it showed many students did not like it. This system is not being come in colleges since at that age every student is mature enough to earn little money for themselves through their skills. The percentage of students hating the food is increased from before. 

Frequently asked questions.

From where school gets the raw food material to provide meals for the students?

Every school separates money from the fees and other curricular activities and they buy in large quantities directly from the factories.

Is it mandatory for every student to regularly eat lunch from school?

No, it is not mandatory to eat every day from school. The students can bring some food from home also of their own choice.

Do schools get paid to provide meals for the students?

Some schools get funds to provide meals, but most of the schools do not get money. They do it on their own, with their own money.