Is St. Francis College Expensive?


St. Francis College is a private, co-educational, non-profit college in Brooklyn Heights in New York.  Is St. Francis college Expensive?

The yearly undergraduate tuition and fee for St Francis are $26,790. After aid, the average cost is about $18,000. 

Is St. Francis College Expensive?

About St. Francis College

Founded in 1859, by the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn, St Francis was the first private school in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn. What began as an all-boys school has now evolved into a liberal arts college. It is predominantly an undergraduate institution but it also offers graduate programs in subjects like accounting, project management, psychology and creative writing. Set in an urban environment, St. Francis is considered to be a commuter college. The college strives to offer several opportunities for students to be a part of intellectual, cultural and professional learning programs to become valuable assets to the community. Is St. Francis College expensive? To find out the answer look at the following points.

Academics at St. Francis

 St. Francis College offers Associates degrees, bachelor’s degrees and Masters degrees. There are 19 academic departments, which, in total, offer 72 majors and minors across various disciplines. The Accounting and Business law department was the first one to offer a master’s program. Other departments with a considerable number of students include- 

  • Biology
  • Criminal justice 
  • Sociology and social studies
  • Economics
  • History and political science
  • Fine arts
  • International cultural studies etc. 

5 graduate programs are offered at St Francis- a five year combined bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology and accounting, a two-year master’s program in accounting, a master’s program in psychology, a master’s program in management and a two and a half year residency in creative writing. 


Located at 180 Remsen street in Brooklyn Heights, Sr. Francis occupies half the city block with 5 buildings that are interconnected. These are the Administration building, the Generoso Pope Athletic Complex, the Science and Technology Building, the Frank and Mary Macchiarola Academic Center and the Student Services building. St. Francis offers both dormitories and off-campus housing for its students. Set in an urban environment, St Francis is considered to be a commuter college. It lies close to Manhattan. The St. Francis College Fitness Center is open to all St. Francis College students. It is located underneath The Pope. The campus is set to move to a new campus building in heart of Downtown Brooklyn in 2022. 

Student life at St. Francis

St. Francis is a student-oriented institution. The students, their education and their growth are the priority at St. Francis. The students have the opportunity to be a part of many clubs and organizations. Some of these are-

  • Active minds
  • College choir
  • Asian cultural club
  • Cinemates of SFC
  • Eastern European club
  • Dance team
  • Economics society etc.

Along with these clubs, there are also fraternities and sororities for students like Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, Alpha Phi Delta fraternity, Zeta Gamma Delta sorority, Kappa Theta Nu sorority etc. 

Being located in Brooklyn, New York has its perks for the students at St. Francis. 

Athletics at St. Francis

St. Francis is a major competitor in NCAA’s Northeast Conference. Their mascot is the terrier. The students are a part of 21 Division 1 teams. St. Francis has both male and female soccer teams, indoor and outdoor track teams, golf teams, tennis teams, men and women basketball teams, water polo teams etc. 

Diversity and inclusion at St. Francis

SFC is continuously working to increase access and equity for the historically underserved students, staff and faculty to improve the campus climate and to infuse inclusive initiatives into the curriculum. Unlearning biases and ending daily expressions of discrimination are important values exercised at St. Francis. The diversity at St. Francis is an area of pride for all terriers. SFC welcomes international students from more than 80 countries. 


For admission to a bachelor’s degree as a freshman the academic entry requirements include- 

  • Applicants seeking to be admitted to an Associate or bachelor’s degree must present a high school diploma and an official transcript from an approved secondary school. 
  • Applicants without a high school diploma must present a recognized High School Diploma transcript of their New York State (or other) General Education test scores and a copy of their certificate. 
  • Students with a GPA of 71 or above are fully admitted to the institution (except nursing program)

Applications are easily accessible online on the official web page of St. Francis. 

Notable alumni

The Alumni Association was founded in 1887. Since then, all college graduates of St. Francis College become a member upon graduation. Some of the better known alumni from the college include Thomas J. Pickard who was the director of FBI, Richard Sherier who was the director of the New York City Emergency Management Office during the September 2011 attacks. He coordinated the rescue and recovery efforts at ground zero. Pete Davidson, a well-known stand up comic and a member of Saturday Night Live, is a St. Francis alumni.


Is St. Francis College expensive? St. Francis is a historically renowned institution focused on not only the education of its students but their growth and personality development as valuable adults of the future society. 

Frequently asked questions about St. Francis-

Who is eligible for applying for financial aid?

All applicants- freshmen, transfer and graduate- except international students, are eligible for financial aid. Even the students who think they won’t qualify for aid must apply. As there are so many options, one of them may come through. 

What are the scholarships offered at St. Francis?

St. Francis offers-

  • Merit-based scholarships
  • Faith-based scholarships
  • Need-based scholarships 
  • Larkin Luminary scholarship
  • Phi Theta Kappa scholarship etc. 

Where does St. Francis college rank?

St. Francis is ranked Number 15 in Regional colleges (north), Number 11 in best colleges for Veterans, and Number 12 in best value schools. It is ranked Number 575 in Nursing and Number 4 among top performers in Social Mobility. 

What is the acceptance and graduation rate at St. Francis?

The acceptance rate at St. Francis is 84.5 per cent. The average 6 year graduation rate is around 53 per cent.