Sororities at Touro University California


Sororities are a significant part of college life, offering a unique experience of sisterhood, leadership, and personal growth. Touro University California is no exception, with several sororities on campus that offer various opportunities for women. In this blog post, we will explore the sororities at Touro University California, their values, recruitment process, benefits of joining, and much more.

Sororities at Touro University California

Values of Sororities at Touro University California:

Each sorority at Touro University California has its unique set of values and traditions that guide its members. These values often revolve around sisterhood, scholarship, service, leadership, and personal growth. For example, the sorority Sigma Lambda Gamma is committed to promoting cultural awareness and sisterhood, while Delta Phi Epsilon prioritizes philanthropy and community service. On the other hand, Alpha Phi focuses on leadership development and academic success.

One of the primary goals of sororities at Touro University California is to promote inclusivity and diversity. They welcome women of all backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs and encourage them to celebrate their individuality while fostering a sense of community and sisterhood.

Recruitment Process at Touro University California:

The recruitment process at Touro University California typically takes place at the beginning of the fall semester. Sororities host various events, including information sessions, mixers, and philanthropy events, to give potential new members (PNMs) a chance to get to know them better. These events are designed to showcase the sororities’ values, traditions, and overall vibe.

To participate in recruitment, PNMs must meet certain eligibility requirements, including a minimum GPA and completion of a certain number of college credits. The sororities at Touro University California prioritize inclusivity and diversity in their recruitment efforts, welcoming women of all backgrounds and cultures.

During recruitment, PNMs have the opportunity to meet members of each sorority and learn more about their values, traditions, and activities. Likewise, sororities get to know potential new members on a personal level, looking for women who align with their values and contribute positively to the sisterhood.

Benefits of Joining a Sorority:

Joining a sorority at Touro University California offers numerous benefits for its members. First and foremost, sororities provide a strong sense of sisterhood and community, offering lifelong friendships and connections. Sororities also provide opportunities for leadership development, philanthropy work, and personal growth.

In addition, joining a sorority can enhance academic success. Many sororities offer resources and support for their members to succeed academically, including study groups, tutoring, and scholarships. Sororities also offer opportunities to network with alumni and professionals in various industries, which can be beneficial for career advancement.

Sororities also encourage members to engage in community service and philanthropy work, giving back to the community and making a positive impact. This service provides a sense of purpose and fulfillment, contributing to personal growth and development.


In conclusion, sororities at Touro University California offer a unique and rewarding experience for its members. With a focus on sisterhood, scholarship, service, leadership, and personal growth, these organizations provide opportunities for personal and professional development, as well as a lifelong network of support and friendship. The recruitment process offers PNMs the chance to get to know each sorority’s values and traditions, while also showcasing their unique qualities. Joining a sorority can enhance academic success, promote community service, and provide opportunities for networking and career advancement.