Should Medical Students Get An iPad?

In this era of technology, everyone wants to put their hands on new gadgets. Getting into a medical college is tough but surviving there is tougher, right? All you need is to work hard to get through those years while any distraction can cost you. There have pros and cons to iPad use by medical students. Let us know should a medical student get an iPad?

Should Medical Students Get An iPad?

Well for a medical student the iPad could be a great investment unless or until it’s overused hindering your studies. The pros and cons of iPad use in medical students are-

Pros of IPad use in medical student

The pros of iPad use in medical students outnumber. Being so handy, portable, and lightweight it can be brought to college or university. If you want to know how you can use it to the best, keep reading! 

1)All books compressed in one

You can download your textbooks on your iPad and read them whenever and wherever you want as it’s not feasible to bring those thick and huge books to the university. It’s all your preference if you can bear the screen for a long time.

 You can still use textbooks when at home as some students ( like me) love and understand well with that ‘pen and paper’ feel.

2) Money saver

If you’re comfortable reading digitally then there is no need to buy so many textbooks and can simply download them on your iPad. This will save money on textbooks and notes.

Another benefit is that you don’t need to stock and restock stationary. If you like to use highlighters and pens of multiple colors then the iPad has it for you. There are thousands of colors you can choose from with varying thicknesses of a pen. 

3) Notes taking

You should go for an iPad that supports the apple pen as it’s best for taking notes during lectures. It also gives that traditional pen and paper kind of feel. 

If your university has a learning management system where lectures are uploaded then you can download slides or notes beforehand. So during lectures, you can use your iPad for annotating notes.  

Research shows that if we write with our own hands then we are more likely to retain information in our long-term memory. 

Hand-written notes on paper can be a slow process consuming a huge chunk of paper. Reviewing those documents may seem a daunting task. On an iPad, you can make folders that save you from searching for a piece of information from a huge set of papers. 

4) Videography

Medical studies are visual. In anatomy, you have to remember the names of parts of different bones, muscles, arteries, veins, etc from the dummy. For that, what we used to do was during class we made videos and watched them before the exam. 

5) Annotate illustrations or diagrams

Some subjects like histology, pathology, and radiology are full of images. So, your iPad can give you profound benefits. 

  •  For pathology diagrams, you can take a picture or screenshot it for a closer look and annotate images for learning. You can easily erase if it goes wrong without worrying about crossing it if it happens in the book.
  • Radiology images are complicated. These can be understood better if you have the image open on the iPad and listen to what the Professor is explaining. 

6) Lecture recording 

 During the lecture, you can miss some points so you can record lectures and listen to them later( if it’s permitted) 

7) Save the paper

Printing lecture slides uses so much paper. If you look at this angle you can save a lot of papers and hence a lot of trees😄 As an iPad user studies lectures on his iPad, there is no need for printing notes which will save money too.

Cons of iPad use in medical student

The pros of iPad use in medical students outnumber the cons but certain cons should be considered. Let’s discuss them too :  

1)Terrible in multitasking

Medical students are used to multitasking. The Ipad is not very supportive when you have to do many tasks side by side.

2)Strain on eyes

When you spend hours and hours on your iPad for studies, it can effect your eyes. During exams when you have to study the whole day on an iPad, you can get exhausted and longer screen time puts pressure on your eyes hindering proper studies.


Ipad can be a huge distraction while studying. If you have other social media apps on your iPad then their notifications can divert you.  


Whether you want an iPad in your medical school depends on individual preference and affordability. If you have both then it’s the best investment you can ever make. From notetaking to solving questions to learning it’s a must-have and worth the investment. 


  1. Which iPad should I get for medical school?

It depends on what size, and storage you need. If I name one then 

iPhone pro 12.9″ – 2nd generation is the best.

  1. Is buying an iPad cost-effective for a medical student?

A brand new Ipad can cost you an arm and a leg but you can buy a second-hand too. Accessories required with it also cost you much. But we can say it’s cost-effective in the long run.

  1. Can I use a split-screen on an iPad? 

Yes, you can use a split-screen.