50+ Good Night Messages for Her

Night Messages for Her


Every person, especially the girls, loves to have someone who cares for them and shows their love. Although love is not about words sometimes it’s good to put your love and good night wishes into a well-composed text message because when we care for someone, why not show our care for them. You can send them some beautiful good night messages to show your love and support for them. If you are looking for some of the best cute good night texts for the love of your life, you are on the right page. In this article, we will tell you some of the sweetest good night messages for her that you can send or say in text. 

Good Night Messages for Her

Collection of some of the best loving good night messages for your girlfriend or wife: 

  1. Your company is one of the best gifts of God. I think about your beauty and sweetness; my whole day passes. I wish you a very good night. 
  2. Sleep well, my dear, and have lovely dreams. 
  3. No matter whether the world is with you or not, you can always count on me. Never take any worries and have a peaceful night. Good night. 
  4. No matter how much dark the night is, but my love for you will never reduce its brightness. My love for you is beyond words. Love you and good night. 
  5. I look forward to the moment when you will be forever mine. This thought lives me with always, and I imagine you sleeping right with me. 
  6. With each passing night, I look forward to the day when you will be solely mine, and the distance between us fades completely. Good night baby girl. 
  7. My dreams have your presence and my days have your thoughts. You are there in every moment of my life. With lots of love, good night, beauty queen. 
  8. Every moment spent with you is memorable. I feel blessed to have your companionship. Thank you for being my girlfriend. Wishing you a lovely sleep and sweet dreams. Good night! 
  9. My sleep comes with the sole thought of having you in my dreams. I hope the next morning that comes brings you closer to me. Love you and good night, baby. 
  10. The stars and the moon remind me of you. I feel myself like these twinkling stars and you as the beauty of the moon. As the moon is crucial for the glow during night, so are you for the glow on my face. You can’t stop me from thinking about you; good night, GF. 
  11. The whole universe has helped me meet one of the purest hearts in the world. From flowers on the Earth to the twinkling stars high in the sky, remind me of you. Good night gorgeous! Have sweet dreams because my dreams are already booked by your memories. 
  12. The chukar desires for the moon, the peacock for the rain, but my heart desires solely for you. May our bond stays so strong always. Love you and good night, sweetheart. 
  13. Be it today or tomorrow, be it my home or any other place on earth, no single moment of my life passes without thinking about you. You are always with me, no matter how distant we are from each other. Good night, my lucky charm. 
  14. Life is fair where I have met so many people. But I swear no one can take your place in my life. You have become the sole purpose of me being born on this earth. Wishing a very sweet Good night to the girl with one of the most beautiful smiles in the world. 
  15. The days become wonderful with your companionship and the nights with your memories and dreams. You have become my addiction. I can’t think of my routine without thinking about you. Sleep well, dear, and have splendid dreams. 
  16. My day without you. I can’t think about that day. You have become that precious to me. Have a lovely sleep. 
  17. Staying away from you even for a moment is becoming difficult for me. I don’t want you to miss me and compromise with your beauty sleep. So good night, my love, have a sound sleep.
  18. The most beautiful things in life always surround you and never leave you alone. The beauty of your soul is one of those beautiful gifts bestowed upon me by God. Take care, and I’ll be there soon. Love you, and have a beautiful night.
  19. I can’t thank God enough for being so benign on me and bestowing me with one of the sweetest girls in the world whose heart is pure than a diamond—sending you lots of love. Good night, See you tomorrow, love. 
  20. If I had the Doraemon’s anywhere door, I would have come to your room straight. But this wait of the whole night to meet you has a pleasure of its own that can’t be put into words. I hope the night ends soon and I can meet you. Till then, have a beautiful sleep, charming girl. 
  21. The day might be at its ending point, but my love for you, your voice, your pure heart, and your companionship can never reach the end. As the sun shines each day, they become more rejuvenated. I am sending you sincere gratitude for being in my life—lots of love and good wishes. Good night, my girl. 
  22. I can’t thank you enough for making me the luckiest person in this world by giving the gift of your companionship to me. A mention of your name fills my face with blush, and your smile kills me: good night and sweet dreams to the girl who has become my life. 
  23. The fish without water and me (you can mention your name) without you are motionless. Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life. With that joy and smile, good night to God’s best gift in my life. 
  24. You won’t believe it, but your dreams make me smile even while sleeping. This much effect you have created on my life. I am filled with the sense of being yours only. I always love you. Sleep well and have lovely dreams. 
  25. Psychology says that the person whom you think about is thinking about you first. I am always thinking about you, and you are thinking about me, and the sequence always continues like this. My dreams are already sweet because you come in them. Have a nighty night and gorgeous dreams. 
  26. I might not be proud of many things in my life. But the one thing that I can always thank myself for and be proud of is choosing you as my life partner. Thank you for filling my life with so much love and joy. Sleep well. 
  27. Your eyes must be a net because my heart is completely entangled in them. I never wish to come out of my eyes. I live in your eyes, and you live in my eyes (my dreams). May this combination never break. Give your beautiful eyes some rest and have a sound sleep, my love. Good night, my barbie doll. 
  28. Mythology says that if you have done some good deeds in your past, you get a beautiful life partner. I feel I must have surely been into this because otherwise, it would have been next to impossible for me to become your partner. Good night my cutie. 
  29. My stress vanishes with your sight, and my pain disappears with your touch. The moments we spent together are some of the most beautiful moments of my life. I feel blessed to have you in my life. Bon Nuit, my charming girl. 
  30. I love you more than the depth of the ocean. I love you more than the distance of the farthest star from the earth and back. I pray to God that I never get separated from my love. Buenas Noches, my miss graceful. 
  31. It is said that whatever you wish from the stars becomes true. If it is so, I would wish to have you in my life as my better half in all the births that I take on this Earth. Since I have got this opportunity to be the love of my love, I would like to never lose this blessing of God. I will love you until my last breath. Bona nit, my love. 
  32. Good night to the loveliest girl in the world. I hope your day was as pretty as you are. Have a beautiful sleep and push all the worries away. 
  33. May God make beautiful and lovely all the dreams of that girl who provides meaning and beauty to my life. Whenever I close my eyes, I become double sure that I have made the best decision of my life by choosing you as my life partner. Boa Noite, my most understanding and lovely wife. 
  34. Your presence is like a rainbow in the sky which adds beauty and calmness to my whole life. I feel blessed to have you in my life. Never leave me alone. Buenas Noches and have a beautiful sleep. 
  35. If you ask about my dreams, I want to let you know that a beautiful fairy comes in my dreams, and after I wake up, that fairy makes my whole day lively and graceful. Do you know who that fairy is? None other than you. Thank you for coming to my dreams and making my sleep so delightful. Good night my prettiest fairy. 
  36. Just like the flowers add fragrance to nature and the stars add glow to the sky, you make my whole life pleasant, fragrant, and glowing. I can’t think of a single day without you—good night to the girl who has become my life. 
  37. May your pillow and bedsheet be as soft as your heart so that my love does not have to compromise on her beauty sleep. Love you and Good night. 
  38. I regularly prayed to God to make this dream come true, and now when it has finally come true, and you are with me, I can’t believe it’s happening. Maybe this is the power of love. I wish this power of love never leaves me, and you stay with me forever. Good night my charming wife. 
  39. The world might give me very disturbing and negative thoughts. But whenever I think of you, my night becomes peaceful, and all my worries vanish. The dreams of us staying together keeps on moving in my mind throughout the day and night. Just as this night is very beautiful and attractive for me, you too have a very nice night. 
  40. I think your eyes must be a deep ocean. I have fallen in them and don’t want to come out. Your beautiful eyes, your charming smile, your sweet voice, and you as a whole make my day complete and worth living. I wish your dreams and sleep are as beautiful for you as you are to me. 
  41. I feel you must be a roundabout because my heart and mind are moving round and round around you. Just as the wings help the bird is flying, your love and support help me grow and achieve my dreams. I hope all your dreams come true. Good night my support system. 
  42. You are the string of my guitar, the words of my poetry, and the sound of my words. Without your support and presence, my life would have been incomplete and meaningless. I can’t tell you what you mean to me. I wish you a very beautiful night and have a sweet sleep. 
  43. My love (or Name of your girlfriend or wife, for emphasis), if I had to name one of the best gifts of my life, the smile and support that you have given to me would be named. I wish you also have smiley dreams as you keep on adding smiles to my face constantly. Have a beautiful night. 
  44. My cutie, I hope you have an excellent night and fascinating dreams tonight. You wake up with a more relaxed and calm mind, and you get whatever you wish for in life. 
  45. My beautiful angel, I want to say to you a very good night and that I love you more than the water in the ocean, the heat in the sun, and the number of stars in the sky. I hope your night is very calming and peaceful, and you wake up more glowing and rejuvenated in the morning. 
  46. I sometimes feel that you don’t belong to this world because your beauty and smile remind me of the angels and the fairytales that we see in the movies. I hope you have a divine night ahead. 
  47. My morning starts with you, and my day ends with you. I feel like I have won the whole world because you are the whole world for me. I hope that you have a beautiful night ahead and calm sleep. 
  48. As the night falls, I become happy that I would be getting your dreams. No matter how far you are from me and which place you are now, one thing is for sure that you are residing in my heart always. I hope you have a warm sleep, baby. 
  49. I sometimes feel jealous of your pillow and your bedsheet because they are so close to you. I hope I can be with you soon. But no matter how much distance we have, my dreamland would be filled with your dreams. Have a beautiful sleep, my dream girl. 
  50. To the one who has become my heartbeat, the one who has booked a permanent place in my heart, I wish you a beautiful night and lovely dreams. 
  51. The day must have been exhausting, and you must have been tired. So take a wishful sleep and become tension-free because tension does not suit my girl. Wish you a very good night, my bae. 
  52. As the day is about to end, I want to take this moment to express my love for you before going to bed. I feel like one of the richest and luckiest people in the world because I have got a gem in my life. Your presence in my life is precious to me more than anything in the world. Thank you for being with me every time. With this, I wish you a very shiny night and have a lovely sleep. 
  53. I am taking this moment to wish a very sweet night to my love. To one of the most hard-working and diligent girls in the world, some rest is a must. So take your blanket and pillow and rush to your bed, and have a gorgeous sleep. 
  54. There might be only seven wonders for the world. But for me, you are the eighth wonder. The perfection in your way, the beauty in your style, and the sweetness in your face and smile are beyond this world. Have a smiley night, my smile. 
  55. Good night to my cutie pie, which adds sweetness to every moment of my life and with whom I wish to stay till the last moment of my life. 
  56. My love for you is beyond sky and land. I wish every moment that I can soon become your husband. I might not be a writer or a poet, but my love for you compels me to write such poetic lines. I hope you have melodious dreams and a very beautiful night. 

It’s difficult for me to go into my dreamland without saying good night to my dreamgirl. I am so taking this moment to wish a beautiful night to the love of my life. Love you.  

Good night messages for your soulmate if you had gone out or returned late: 

  1. I am so sorry for leaving you alone. I know you will always understand me and my love. Have a sound sleep and beautiful dreams. I’ll try to be at your place as soon as possible. 
  2. Your presence enlightens every moment. Had you been here, this conference or meeting would have become far more enjoyable and interesting. I wish I could come to meet you right at this moment. But we still have a long night distance. I hope I get free soon and be with you soon. Good night. 
  3. No matter how far we are, my love for you will always remain intact. I wish I could come to you instantly. I’ll try to come home ASAP. Good night wifey. 
  • If your partner has an important meeting, project or presentation, the next day, they might feel nervous and reluctant to sleep. In that case, you can say them good night by wishing all the best for the next day and calming them for the project. 


  1. I know presentations are a bit perplexing. As it is such an important day for you, it is okay to be nervous. But my superb wife, I know you will do wonders. All the Good luck will be with you tomorrow. Stay calm and have a healthy sleep. Good night.
  2. The day tomorrow might not be very relaxing, and you might feel the day is a bit tough, but I can assure you that I’ll always be standing beside you. Your strength motivates everyone, and you can do everything right. So sleep peacefully. Don’t worry and you will surely perform your best. Good night, the most hardworking and intelligent girl. 
  3. The name of your wife, just close your eyes for a while and feel the beauty of the night. Your might will soon be clear and calm, and you will start feeling the peace that this stary night has brought—all the best for tomorrow’s presentation. But till then, have a good sleep and get beautiful dreams. Good night, my love. 

Rounding up: 

Good night messages create a peaceful and loving environment for your partner. Although the words you choose to express your love and say them good night matter, the more important is of your feelings. The way you speak and the feelings you attach to these words give the real purpose to these good night messages. So send or speak these words from the depth of your heart in a lovely manner, and your feelings will surely reach your partner.