Email Template To Ask Someone To Be On Your Thesis Committee

Email Template To Ask Someone To Be On Your Thesis Committee

You will certainly believe that you must start on the right path to begin any relationship of any kind. Regardless of the relationship type, either casual friendship or professional relationship, all must start with a good impression that will last long. Writing a thesis document at any stage of your education can be very challenging, tasking, and draining if suitable measures are not implemented. Now that you have decided to get started with your thesis, you need collaborative efforts from others to help you achieve your academic thesis goals. Here is the Email Template To Ask Someone To Be On Your Thesis Committee.

Having found the right person to be the chairperson of your thesis committee, it is high time you be on the lookout for the committee members. In this piece, you would understand how you can easily find thesis committee members, sample email for the committee members’ request, how you can evaluate people willing to join your committees and the best way to ask them to join. 

Finding and choosing committee members for your thesis

Talk to your committee chairman.

Talking to your committee chairman is a good step in the right direction, and informing the person, you are on the lookout for other committee members. Firstly this action would help you have a second opinion about the characteristics of people you should add to your committee. Besides, as for the individual input, with these requests, the committee chairman will know that you are ready to get started with your thesis and that you trust their wealth of knowledge which prop you to also for help.   You can also be specific by asking them about individuals they do not want to work with on the team. 

Talk to other students.

IndeedIndeed, you will have networks of friends you might want to talk to about setting up a thesis committee. Ask for their opinion on who should make your committee list and who should not, and it is better to have this conversation through private discussion and not through. This will enable your friend to recommend trustworthy people and are ready to work on any thesis. 

Carry out your research

Of course, you do not just want anybody on your committee, as the success of your thesis is significant to you. Once you have a list of potential people to work with and onboard as your committee members, it is time to do some basic research about those people. You shouldn’t depend on the information you have gathered from either your thesis committee chairperson or friends and other students. Find out what the people on the list are about and do extensive research on them. Ensure you lay your hands on each person’s CV and see what research they have done in the past. With this information, you will get the appropriate information that will help you picture the most promising thesis committee members. You can have a table to categorize individuals into groups like; what they published in the past? In their research and publications, what methodology do they adopt? Besides, you might find people who have the same interest as you through your research, which would be a great point to connect with them. 

Interviewing potential members that will join your thesis committee 

Firstly you must understand that onboarding the right person to join your team can easily make your task easier to achieve. Meanwhile, if you have the wrong person on the thesis committee, you are bound to have issues in achieving your thesis goal in time. With this in mind, you must quiz every potential member appropriately to avoid itching when ready to get the work done. Generally, the best approach to make the interview a successful one is effectively gauging their research ability. Understanding how they approach research and publication can give you an insight into how resourceful that individual will be to your group. You can prepare some sets of questions you would need to ask them, which can be as listed below:

  • How do you view research work? Is it in pieces or finished chapters?
  • What is your preferred communication method? For example, do you prefer it to go through the chairman in charge of the committee, or do you choose direct communication?
  • When it comes to reviews, how long does it take you to get them done?
  • Are there members of the faculty you find so enjoyable to work with, and are there the ones you would avoid working?
  •  When you see a successful student that succeeds, which attributes makes them successful in your own opinion
  • Based on the information about my topic, do you have any pre-proposed idea of what it is all?
  • What are the questions you would like to ask about the project topic?

Most often, students do forget that they can interview people that will be on their thesis committee. Meanwhile, I’ll impress the faculty as it shows your willingness to work with professionals and experts to ensure your task delivers without any challenges. It is undoubtedly familiar with this, and most people might have also interviewed you interview before at some point.  You must understand that to have excellent dealing and a serious-minded thesis committee successfully; you must be ready to scout for the best minds committed to the task. 

Thesis committee members request email samples.

Once you have decided on who you will be inviting and who you will not, the next step is to reach out to the individual and ask them about their interest in joining you on the thesis committee. Here are some sample categories of how you can easily reach out to the candidates you have segmented out. 

When you ask a senior student on your thesis committee, the following email sample would be best for such communication. It is because senior students are perfect individuals to help you through the writing process, and you can consult with students with whom you have previous relationships.

Sample Email 

Dear (Student’s Name)

I am (Put your name here) from the faculty of (faculty name) at the university/college of (here your university or college name goes in). Presently I am working on a thesis titled (thesis titled goes in here),  and I will love your input. 

Your outstanding track record and how you have always shown keen interest in helping other students got my attention. I am humbly requesting that you be a member of my thesis committee on the above-said title. I am pretty confident that you will be able to contribute your wealth of knowledge and enrich the content of my thesis. 

More so, your experience and exceptional skills in researching and publication will be very instrumental to the success of my thesis, which schedules for presentation on (put the date of defense and venue). 

Please find the attached copy of my thesis proposal for your reference; I will be grateful to hear from you soon. 

Thank you for your time and consideration

Yours sincerely,

(your name goes here)

Sample 2

Hello (student name)

I am currently carrying out research on (name the title of your thesis research), and my presentation expects to be on ( put date here) at ( put the defense location). I believe that your contribution to my current research topic will be a valuable asset to my thesis and also helping with refining the idea. I understand that you recently graduated from your Ph.D. program in (mention the person’s Ph.D. title) successfully, and I am confident I would benefit immensely from your knowledge. 

Having gone through your profile, I realized you would be an asset to my success, through your contribution will certainly help me. Therefore I humbly request that you be a member of my thesis committee for the above name project topic, which we will meet at ( the location name goes here) on (the date also goes here. 

I am sure that your presence at the thesis presentation would be valued, and your constructive criticism would help my work become well polished and up to the required standard. 

Attached below is a copy of my thesis for your review; your assistance would be highly appreciated.


(your name goes here )

How you can ask professors to be one of your thesis committee members.

Having a professor in your committee would be an invaluable experience for you and your team, especially if they are more inclined to your thesis title as their field of study. The following sections show examples of how you can email a professor to be on your thesis team. 

Sample 3

Dear Professor (The professor name)

I am (your name), and I am in my final year of the ( your course goes here) at the university/college of (Your university name or college goes here). After discussing with my advisor(put your advisor name here) regarding my thesis committee members, he recommended that I request your presence in my thesis committee. So with this, I humbly ask you to be on my thesis committee as it will be an honor to have you, sir. 

My advisor and I have gone through several research articles you have written and published on the internet. With the research methodology used in your papers, I can say that your insight in the (field of name the area and where their expertise corresponds to your thesis) would be a great asset to my thesis project and presentation. 

My thesis defense schedules to come upon (put the date of the presentation), and the venue is (have the location venue added also).

The title of my thesis revolves around (mention the central theme of the idea), and I have referred to several papers (list some of the documents you referred to). Meanwhile, I have attached my CV and some other supporting documents for your reference. 

I will be happy if my humble request grant. Again, thank you for your time and consideration; I will be expecting your feedback in the meantime. 

Yours Sincerely

(you can put your name here)

Sample 4

Dear Dr (Here goes the name of the professor)

Good day, Sir/Ma; I am (here is your name goes in). I am a graduate student of (here your faculty name goes in). I am humbly inviting you to serve as one of my thesis committee members.

I have had the opportunity to be under your tutelage at a conference in (name the forum area), and you are among the elite college professors I will be honored to have on my thesis committee. 

Your exceptional contribution to (highlight the professor’s expertise) and make a good recommendation on it, and thus your presence would be valuable to my thesis project. 

In addition, my thesis title is (name your thesis title), and it centers more on (highlight the objectives and the direction of your study). Your experience and perspective about this (state the subject matter) will undoubtedly benefit my project and research. My thesis scheduled to present on the (the date goes here)

Below is a copy of my thesis and my CV for your review. I will highly appreciate your consideration of this humble request. 

I look forward to hearing from you regarding my request soonest. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Yours sincerely

(here you put your name)

The two samples should be able to help convince any professor to join your thesis committee. 

How you can ask someone to be part of your thesis committee when asking a professional in your field of study

Professionals in any field who have expertise will be a great asset to your thesis committee because they have field experience and understand what the industry is all about. They will also have diverse experience on what you should look out for and structure your thesis. The following sample email will guide you on how you can ask professionals in your field to join your thesis committee. 

Sample 5

Dear Mr/Mrs (Put the name of the person)

I am humbly using this opportunity to request you to be a member of my thesis committee. 

Thanks for your continuous effort and research to bring out the core aspect of this field and even go beyond the surface of this practice. Your expertise in (name the field and the expertise of the professional) has caught my attention, and it would be of great value to have if you could spare some time out of your busy schedule to contribute to my thesis. 

The thesis title I am working on is (name your thesis title), and it centers on (give a brief explanation of the core concept of your thesis and its objectives). The date for my thesis defense is set for last week in November, and I hope you will spare this time to be available for this reason. 

In this email, I have attached the final copy of my thesis for your review. It is essential that you go through the documents why it is taking time to consider my humble request to join my thesis committee. I Will highly appreciate your presence on my committee, and I will be looking forward to your response. 

Thank you for your time and consideration; I would keep an eye on your response soonest.

Yours Sincerely

(your name goes here)

Dear Sir/Ma

My name is ( your name goes here) in the final year of my graduate studies at ( name your institution here) at the (input your faculty here). My thesis research is on (name your research topic) and the Department of (call your Department). 

My research focuses on (state the objective of the study), which is the field that you have dominated and constantly represent over time through your professional experience and research results.  

I am confident that your enthusiasm about the (state of your research field) could help broaden my horizon and research work. I have had the opportunity to review some of your publications, and I found them very interesting and exceptional. 

With this, I humbly request that you be a member of my thesis committee to offer your insight on this project and add some more value to my work. 

The thesis defense has a schedule for (date of the reason) at the (state the security location). I will appreciate it if my humble request grant and you are present at the defense. With this email are the attached copy of my final thesis proposal and my CV for your review. 

I am looking forward to your favorable response. Many thanks for considering my request. 

Yours sincerely 

(your name goes here)


The above template should guide how you can request the presence of anyone on your thesis committee. You must send out this email in time to have responses from people who would be available for your thesis defense, whether it’s a professor, a professional, forum area. Your student, you can easily find the best template that will suit your request. These templates would also give you some other ideas on approaching people to be on your thesis committee.