What Elon Musk did in college?

Elon Musk who is a role model for millions and billions of youngsters leads the table of the most successful persons in the world. He ranks 1st in the list of richest persons in the world with a net worth of $249 Billion. He is an entrepreneur, an investor and a business magnate. He is such a successful person just because of his hard work and dedication in his crucial and initial years of studies. Here we will see about What Elon Musk did in college?

Elon Musk was a very studious and hard-working person from the very beginning, he attended certain good college like:

  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Stanford University
  • Queen’s University
  • University of Pretoria

He gained certain degrees from these colleges and he believed in knowledge and power. He worked on himself acquiring knowledge every time and leading every possible field.

What Elon Musk did in college?

Elon Musk in University of Pretoria

When Elon Musk was 17, he attended the University of Pretoria. Here, he acquired education for a very brief period. He acquired basic knowledge while waiting for his passport to move to Canada. He attended the University for a very short duration which was just 5 months. He performed incredibly well while studying at the University of Pretoria. He studied computer science here and made himself a learned computer programmer. At 17 years of age, Elon Musk was nearly a very flawless computer programmer. He performed well in the computer aptitude test which is conducted by the University of Pretoria often.

While being in the University of Pretoria, Elon Musk performed exceptionally and scored an A+ score in operating and programming both. This shows his keen interest in computer science from the very beginning. He is today the best coder. He is a self-taught programmer. He learned BASIC programming language while at the University of Pretoria. It was here only where his interests were visible to him. He worked hard later to make his dreams come true. He grabbed all the basic knowledge that was required for him to keep moving. He understood the value and need of whatever he was learning in his initial years of education.

Elon Musk in Queen’s University

Elon Musk took admitted to Queen’s University in 1990 for getting further education. He was in Kingston at that time. After completing his studies for a brief period at the University of Pretoria, Elon Musk attended Queen’s University. He got transferred from the University of Pretoria to Queen’s University after he got his visa for Canada. He spent the next two years of his age studying at Queen’s University. He studied Bachelor in Physics and Economics. It was a school of business which helped him develop the knowledge required for his present business.

The knowledge he got while studying here was a continuance of the education he was getting while studying at the University of Pretoria. He studied here with the same dedication and passion with which he studied at the University of Pretoria. The new subjects which he studied at Queen’s University were science and economics. These subjects gave him a wider perspective on his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. He got scholarships based on his performance while at Queen’s University. He used this scholarship for his further education at the University of Pennsylvania after studying for 2 years at Queen’s University. The education Elon Musk got here helped him grow as an entrepreneur. 

Elon Musk in University of Pennsylvania

Elon Musk after studying for two years at Queen’s University attended the University of Pennsylvania. He studied further and enhanced his skills in the field of Physics and business. The education he got while studying at the University of Pennsylvania made him innovate more creative ideas. By the time he was studying science here, he started working on multiple projects. He laid down a blue chart of what he intends to do in future in his mind. He made up his mind for whatever was his dream. His main focus was on becoming an entrepreneur. He had multiple tests while he was here and he scored very well making everyone proud of him. He was one of the favourite students of the professors of the university.

Studying in Pennsylvania gave him a good knowledge of business tactics which helped him a lot as an entrepreneur. He got an undergraduate economics degree from the University of Pennsylvania. By the time he left the University of Pennsylvania, he was a graduate in courses like Bachelor of Science in Physics and Bachelor of Arts in Economics. There were many other important ideas which Elon Musk grabbed while studying at the University of Pennsylvania apart from his Bachelor’s degrees.

Elon Musk at Stanford University

In 1995, he was in California and he applied to Stanford University. He opted program which was very important for his dreams. It was a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in materials science. He was 24 by then. He studied Physics here. However, he dropped out of here with a vision of supporting the internet to be very important. He started working on his dreams soon after getting out of this college after two days of enrolment. He used all the knowledge that he acquired while he was studying in different universities and colleges. He slowly found every knowledge very practical and started developing his dream innovations. He worked hard as an entrepreneur. People appreciate his vision which made him so successful today. However, Elon Musk says that, had he been studying at Stanford for a longer time, he would have acquired more knowledge.


 Elon Musk acquired good knowledge in all the educational institutes he enrolled in. He used every opportunity very diligently. His education in each of the above-mentioned universities gave him a wider perspective on the ideas he had in his mind to achieve his dreams. He is the wealthiest person in the world today and he finds his education very supportive food whatever he is today. He thinks that knowledge is the most powerful weapon and is essential to make someone a better person. An ignorant one is weak. A person with knowledge is the most powerful person.

Frequently asked questions

  • Did Elon Musk leave Stanford?

He left Stanford just after two days of enrolment.

  • What course did he study at the University of Pennsylvania?

He studied Physics and Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

  • At what age did he enter Stanford University?

He was 24 when he entered Stanford University.