Ellen tells Tulane, “Be true to yourself”

With equal parts humor and wisdom, Ellen DeGeneres of daytime TV’s talk show of the same name, tells the class of 2009 at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana to “Have integrity” and “Be true to yourself.”

After poking fun at herself and telling her own story of success and failure, she reminds the graduating class that their definition of success is bound to change over time, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. “I barely knew who I was when I was your age,” she quips. “I was still sleeping with men.”

I like Ellen’s attitude. She knows how to connect as well as practice what she preaches. You can’t tell others to be honest and real, if you’re not yourself. And Ellen’s commencement speech (or “common cement” as she calls it!) is as real as it gets.

Her advice is simple, but true: you will always find satisfaction in life if you follow your heart and be the real you.

That’s something I’m always reiterating on College Aftermath: there is no problem too big and no challenge you can’t face if you’re honest with yourself and work hard.

Kudos to Ellen for giving Tulane’s “Katrina Class” some memorable words of wisdom… as well as some ridiculous dance moves! (You have to watch the whole video to see her bust a move through the crowd!)

Article by Raeanne Wright.

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