What Jobs Will Help Pay For College?

Working during college is a great way of covering your expenses. It also helps you avoid taking student loans. If you have worked somewhere else you can develop some job-ready skills and get secured jobs after college. If you can identify what jobs are best for you to pay for your college, this can help you narrow the process of job search. So, being a college student it is very important to maintain a healthy work-life balance. This will ensure more time for your academic, professional as well as professional commitments. There are different types of jobs that can help you save money for your college and help you maintain such balance. In this article, we are going to tell about 10 different jobs which can help you pay for your college. Let’s see what jobs will help pay for college?

What jobs will help pay for college?

Gas station attendant

National average salary: Your role in this job is to operate cash registers and manage pump services. You also need to provide service to customers in case they need any help. This is an entry-level position and the qualification required for this job is a high school diploma. The average salary is $11.46 per hour.

Foodservice worker

National average salary: You will need to cook food and offer better customer service as food service workers. In this role, you need to be engaged in food preparation, handle the cash register, and ensure the dining areas are clean. If you know how to cook then this job can be a good option for you. The average salary is $11.78 per hour.

Bank teller

As a bank teller, you need to communicate directly with customers and help them with different types of money transactions. You need to manage customers, withdraw and deposit money and apply for different bank products. Apart from this, you are also required to identify frauds and counterfeit money. If you have an undergraduate diploma and have some cash handling experience, then you can apply for this job. The average salary for this job is $14.01 per hour.

Flight attendant

National average salary: $29,220 per year

The job of a flight attendant is to take care of the passengers by providing care and services to them on airplanes. Your major role is to inform people about various types of safety practices and also ensure that everyone inside the airplane is safe and feeling relaxed. You will get free healthcare and paid leaves in this job. The average salary for this role is $29,220 per year

Delivery person

National average salary: As a delivery person you are required to deliver items to customers either by car or on a motorbike. There are a variety of items to be delivered including groceries, restaurant meals, and alcohol among other goods. The best thing about this job is that you can work inflexible working hours. The company whom you will be working for will provide you with the fuel for your bike or car. You can earn $16.25 per hour if you work as a delivery person.


National average salary: The main duty of a babysitter is to take care of an infant or small children especially when their parents are not at home. You are assigned several duties like preparing meals, helping kids complete their homework, and even playing with them to keep them busy and prevent them from missing their parents. You will get this kind of job usually on weekends or overnights. Your academic pressure will be less during this time. You have the advantage of completing your college assignments while still looking after the children. The average pay for this job is $16.70 per hour.


As a tutor, you are required to develop lesson plans to teach students in a variety of subjects. Your role is to help students improve their study habits and get engaged in school assignments. You can work in tutoring centers, schools, or even as a freelance tutor. You have the flexibility of working at night and also during weekends when students are not home. So, this job is very much ideal for college students who attend their classes during the day. Tutors are paid hourly depending on their qualifications as well as experience. The average pay of a tutor is $21.75 per hour

Freelance Jobs

If you are a creative student, you can use this talent to earn money and boost your resume. You can work with websites like Fiverr and Upwork to showcase your skills and find the desired freelancing work. There are a lot of works you can do like proofreading and editing, designing book covers, logo designing, creating video greetings or intros, article writing, designing flyers and leaflets, and many more. As a student, you can use web design and social media skills to create a website for a small-scale business like managing the online brand and marketing of a local store.

YouTube and other social media platforms

You can earn hundreds and thousands of dollars per month by creating content for platforms like Youtube and Tiktok. You can build a strong personal brand and you can earn money from the ads that run on your videos and pages. This is highly flexible work and full of fun and entertainment besides being a source of good income.


At some point of time in your life, you will realize that it is high time to become independent. The pocket money given to you by your parents for your expenses might not be enough to survive college life. At the same time, you want to enjoy every moment of your college life to its fullest. Unfortunately, you cannot enjoy yourself with an empty pocket. You have so many things to do and will realize that your pocket money is not able to cover the expenses. There are parties, food, and several new experiences that you wish you could spend on. So, it is always better to search for a part-time job so that you get some extra income besides getting opportunities to upgrade your skills. This will not only add more certificates to your resume but also will make you feel proud of yourself when you will see that you no longer depend upon your parents to meet your expenses and other money-related contingencies.