Should I Look For A Job Or Start My Own Business?

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Graduation opens up a world of possibilities and the world seem to be at your disposal to monetize from. But whether to look for a job or start one’s own business is not an easy decision to make. You will come across opinions that will paint a bright picture and show you the best of both worlds.

On the other hand, you will find people who will show you a more pessimistic side of getting a job or starting a business. While a lot depends on you, there are pros and cons you can weigh for each option to determine which the best way to go for you is. Let’s take a quick look at each option…

Pros of Getting a Job

When you decide to work for someone, you have job security and a fixed income that you know you will receive every month. You don’t have to scavenge for customers and clients and wait for months to start making money because your employers take care of that. Sticking to a job also increases your experience and in time you can land a better paid position.

Cons of Getting a Job

Jobs can become boring and monotonous when you have to do the same work over and over again. Apart from that, you depend on your employer for a salary and if you ever fall short of the company’s expectations, you face the risk of getting fired. Worst of all, you can almost never test your abilities to maximize your potential at a job where you are limited to a few tasks.

Pros of Starting a Business

Starting own business means you are the boss and you get to direct your business in whatever way you want to. You don’t receive any salary. Instead, you get to keep the profits, which tend to be high if the business is successful. Although you have to work more hours than you would at a job, the satisfaction of being the boss and controlling your income will give you the ultimate satisfaction.

As such, the earning potential can be unlimited when you have your own business, depending on how hard you work and how well you use your expertise.

Cons of Starting a Business

Starting a business might require a lot of capital at first, and even then, the owner cannot be certain of earning early on. When you are the owner of a business, you spend multiple hours at end and even have to give up leisure time to make sure everything goes smooth in the business front.

You will have to deal with a lot of uncertainties and there will be times you will feel like quitting.

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