Traits Your Future Employer is Looking For

So it’s time for you to enter the workforce – Yes, that is typically what happens once you graduate. I know, it’s a bit overwhelming. The process of actually finding a job can be stressful, a bit daunting, and definitely intimidating. It can be helpful to know ahead of time what to focus on in your resume, cover letter, and in your interview. What are these qualities?

1. Confidence

Notice I did not say “cocky know-it-all” because that is definitely not a charming quality. However, you want to project confidence in your abilities, your knowledge, and yourself as an employee. An employer wants to know that they are hiring someone who can handle whatever is thrown their way.

2. Organization

This is incredibly important for life in general, but especially in your career. Keep a calendar of important dates/meetings/events, write yourself notes – do whatever it takes to keep your brain organized and on track. Of course, punctuality is a large part of this as well.

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3. The Ability to Work Independently

Be a self-starter! Know what you are doing and if you are not sure, ask, and then get to work. Be able to stick to a schedule and deadlines, and then put your nose to the grindstone. You want to be a good listener, implement with confidence and efficiency, and not rely on your coworkers to help you work things out. However…

4. Be Able to Work with a Team

While it is important to be able to work independently, you want to show yourself as a team player as well. Sometimes it is important to bounce ideas off coworkers and come up with creative solutions.

5. Initiative

You must be able to think on your feet and get things moving, even when it seems like everyone else is standing still. Contribute ideas and solutions; even if you don’t think they are the best, they will at least set the groundwork for discussion. Your employer wants to know that you are an asset to the company and are willing to put yourself out there and be judged for the greater good.

Overall, your employer is going to look for exactly what you would look for in an employee. Do you want someone who spends all of their time surfing the internet, posting memes on Facebook, and texting? Or someone who shows up late to meetings and contributes absolutely nothing to the discussion? No, of course you don’t. Be conscientious of the image you are putting out there because first impressions are everything.

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