5 Tips to Survive the World after College

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Yes, life can get tough after college especially if you did not land the dream job you had your eyes set on for the last few years. You may feel like you are pushed to the edge and everything looks grey, but hey, it’s not as bad as it seems. Here are five practical tips that will help you survive the world after college and get on your feet in no time:

1. Do Not Buy an Expensive Car

We all like to show the world we have a brand new sports car, because well, it impresses your family and friends as well. However, it may not be the most practical thing to do, since you may already be knee-deep in student loans, and buying a new car will only increase the load. It may seem attractive, but if you want to survive the world after college with your head held high, stay away from dreaming of driving an Audi you can easily buy thanks to your credit card.

2. Save More, Spend Less

Sure, you hear and read this advice everywhere you turn your head, but no one can deny it is the most practical tip to survive the world. Unless you have been offered a contract that pays you a million dollars, you will need to save every penny and make them all count.

Splashing your cash on an $800 smartphone will make your friends jealous, but if it drowns you in more credit, you need to rethink your spending patterns.

3. Steer Away From a Fancy Apartment

Graduation means finding your own place to live and finally fulfilling the dream of living in a luxury apartment with your friends and partying every day, but what about the other necessities?

You could have to pay more than half your income towards renting a fancy apartment, but a better option would be to get a simple house with your friends and divide the rent expense. You can then put away a larger portion of your salary towards savings.

4. Don’t Stop Educating Yourself

No, we are not suggesting you go back to your college. All we mean is you should not put a stop to your learning phase and keep developing new skills and expertise. The skills and expertise you hone over the years will help you go further in life than the major you did in college.

5. Find a Job You Love

If you work at your dream job, you will find it easier to get through life and work. Many people take time to adjust to their new jobs and work environment and if they are not happy with the work, life may seem much harder than it is. Find a job you love, and life after college will seem far simpler and better.

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