5 Businesses You Can Start Tomorrow

The entrepreneurial spirit has no age limit. Right out of college, a smart, young person can start a business with very little capital. Businesses with a low barrier to entry simply need a good brand presence and the will to become successful through hard work and smart marketing.

Fitness Instructor

For good or bad, your youth and single-digit body fat percentage are great qualification for this profession. Add to it a certification and this is a low-barrier-to-entry business. You do not need a certification for this job but if you wanted to get one, you can do it in less than 10 weeks.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary is around $32,000 annually for someone with a high school diploma. A website and brochures are necessary to establish a brand identity with some ethos. Since physical fitness is aesthetic for many, you will need high-resolution images on your promotional vehicle. If you’d rather not be the subject of all your pictures, use Shutterstock photos for your site.

App Developer

If you can program in Java, PHP or HTML then you may have a built-in business in app and web development. This is one of the fastest growing industries with a median salary around $45 per hour. Ironically, this business does not need a website though some web presence is recommended.

Instead, a good portfolio of examples of your work and a Handy account will be enough to start your business. Handy, Freelander, and Outsource are all databases that match programmers to potential assignments. All you need to do is bid. If you get the job and do it well, make sure to get a review which will assure you get more work.


Mary Kay, Scentsy, Pampered Chef and Thirty-One are just a few examples of independent sales jobs that can be started quickly. Most self-employment sales only require you to sign up with the company and they will give you a webpage on the main website and a portion of every sale. The rest is up to you.


If you are in school or just graduated, education is in your blood. As a tutor, you have the ability to either work as an independent contractor for a tutoring service provider like WyzAnt or you can be your own brand. Advertising is usually flyer-based with a simple website to support your marketing. This site only needs your qualifications, contact information and prices. The more subjects you can tutor, the larger your marketing demographics. If you are in a small, rural community, try to get permission with the school district to advertise through the PTA.

Personal trainer

Professional Freelancer

This catchall category was born out of the fact that the newest working generation has more than one talent to offer. Sites like Guru and Freelancer let you bid for assignments that span from graphic artist to writer to business consultant. As a professional freelancer, personal brand is everything.

A website, social media accounts and a good LinkedIn page are mandatory. Often the hardest part of freelancing is networking so schedule a lot of time to press palms and submit proposals before you receive your first paycheck.

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