10 Career Lessons to Learn by 30

Fox Business has just published an excellent article on what to take away from 10 career lessons. Career mistakes will happen, especially when you are first starting out. But they don’t need to be the end of the world and there are ways of handling them

Review the list of career mistakes below and review the Fox article if you need more information on how to avoid these situations in the future.

  1. Your dream job is a dud.
  2. You didn’t adequately prep for an interview.
  3. You were too eager to say yes.
  4. You got passed over for a promotion—or laid off.
  5. You have a nightmare boss.
  6. You scored a high paying job—and hate it.
  7. You covered up a mistake when you should have come clean.
  8. You blew a big presentation.
  9. You’re friends (or enemies!) with the wrong co-workers.
  10. You disagreed with your boss—in the open.
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Read the full article at Fox Business


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