5 Places to Meet the Love of Your Life

Dating post-college can be tough to navigate because there are generally 2 types of people in this particular dating pool: those who are looking to settle down, and those who are looking to hook up. While the 5 night a week drinking schedule does take a certain amount of commitment and resilience, it can become slightly less impressive as you approach your 30s. If the bar scene is not for you, or leaves you wondering if there are any guys/girls looking for someone for more than one night, consider these options:

1. Utilize your best resource – your friends.

It’s like networking for a job, but in this case you are networking for a boy/girlfriend. Chances are, if your friends like a person you will too because you probably have some things in common. Also, why not date someone that your friends already approve of so you don’t have do that whole awkward thing where your friends and your “person” can’t stand each other.

2. At the dog park.

If you have a fur-child and they control your life even half as much as my dog controls mine, you need to find someone who loves that little furball as much as you do. Bonus, it is a public place so there is an added comfort level in striking up conversation.

macadam13 / Pixabay

3. Online.

It is 2015 and it is perfectly acceptable to join the online dating world. From personal experience I will have you know, there are so many creepers out there on the interwebs but there are also plenty of really great guys/girls just sick of the bar scene or who work a lot and don’t necessarily have time to go out. Most dating sites are full of people who really do want a relationship and not just a hook up but I think we all know there are certain sites, which shall remain nameless, full of people who most certainly do not want anything serious.

4. At a work event.

Notice I did not say “at work” – that is a bad idea, almost always. However, if your place of employment is having an event, or if you are attending a conference, you may just find someone (in your free time, of course) who you connect with – you know you have at least one thing in common.

5. Anywhere that you enjoy spending time.

If you meet someone at a place where you enjoy spending your free time, then they probably enjoy that place as well. If you like to spend Saturdays at the library, or on a hike, and run into someone who sparks your interest then maybe you can spend those Saturdays together in the future.

Dating post-college is not impossible or hopeless, I swear it can be done! But keep in mind, you generally find whatever it is you are looking for as soon as you stop looking.

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