How to Respond to WYO?

The abbreviation ‘WYO’ means ‘What You On’ although the meaning differs in context, it is used in place of ‘what are you up to’ ‘what’s up’ and ‘what drugs are you on’. Yes, like I said, context matters. In this article we shall see How to Respond to WYO?

The response to ‘WYO’ is to clearly state what you are up to, either by saying ‘I’m preparing to have a hot bath’ or ‘I’m at the movies with a friend’, state what you are doing at that moment you are asked. 

   ‘WYO’ has existed as an online lingo for quite a while, especially on social media apps like Twitter, Fac ebook, Instagram and Snapchat. It has existed as part of the online language community. In order to fully enjoy social media, you need to have a fair understanding of social media acronyms. 

How to Respond to WYO?

Can ‘WYO’ be used on all Social Media Apps?

 WYO can be used on all social media apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

 Other social media acronyms include;

  1. IDK – I Don’t Know 
  2. WYA – Where You At? 
  3. RT – Retweet
  4. KMT – Kiss My Teeth 
  5. IG – Instagram
  6. LI – LinkedIn
  7. YOLO – You Only Live Once
  8. TBT – Throwback Thursday
  9. IDC – I Don’t Care
  10. IMO – In My Opinion
  11. LMK – Let Me Know
  12. SMH – Shaking My Head
  13. IRL – In Real Life
  14. FYI – For Your Information
  15. B2B – Business To Business
  16. SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  17. OBV- Obviously
  18. HMU – Hit Me Up
  19. TY – Thank You
  20. WDYM – What Do you mean
  21. GOAT- Greatest Of All Time
  22. YT – YouTube
  23. NVM – Never mind
  24. OMG – Oh My God
  25. ILY – I Love You
  26. FR – For Real
  27. LOL – Laugh Out loud
  28. BTW – By The Way
  29. OTW – On The Way
  30. JK – Just Kidding
  31. CYDM – Check Your direct Message
  32. SM – Social Media

Some acronyms do not need responses, only questions need to be responded to, acronyms such as ‘WYO’ ‘WYA’ need answers.  

What are The Motives for Abbreviations such as WYO?

  • To make online communication faster and easier: There are varieties of things to do online daily, chatting, reading social media feeds, working on online projects and so on. Using online abbreviations helps you to be faster with chatting and to manage time.
  • Understanding online abbreviations is also very useful for social media influencers: If you work as a social media influencer or a content producer, having a full understanding of social media abbreviations will help you understand and relate with your audience a great deal.
  • Online acronyms such as DM (Direct Message), PM (Private Message), LI (LinkedIn), happened to have found their way into marketing which is a very essential part of business, so having a grasp of other social media acronyms will help you in improving your marketing strategies.

Social media has widely affected all areas of our lives so it is necessary to take social media trends seriously in order to drive up engagements on your social media pages. You need to pay careful attention to the types of acronyms used in the field that matters to you. 

Acronyms like SEO, B2B, are known to be part of e-commerce and online trading while BNB, BTC are widely accepted acronyms used by cryptocurrency traders. (BNB stands for Binance Coin while BTC stands for Bitcoin)

Is It Wrong if I Don’t Use Social Media Acronyms?

It is not considered wrong if you are actively online but you do not use social media acronyms, it is only advisable to use social media acronyms in order to drive up engagement and also save time. 

Can Social Media Acronyms be used Officially?

 Social media acronyms are widely known but they cannot be used in an official setting, when applying for a job online, you are advised to spell out all words correctly instead of using social media acronyms. 

 There are widely acceptable acronyms that can be used and are accepted officially. Acronyms such as:

  1. A.M – Ante Meridiem
  2. P.M – Post Meridiem
  3. C.E.O – Chief Executive Officer
  4. G.M.T – Greenwich Mean Time 
  5. MR- Mister
  6. MS – Miss
  7. MSC – Master of Science
  8. B.A – Bachelor of Arts
  9. B.SC – Bachelor of Science

President Franklin Roosevelt created ‘alphabet agencies’ that are also allowed in official emails or reports, these include:

  • SSA – The Social Security Administration
  • CWA – The Civil Works Administration
  • FHA – The Federal Housing Administration 

What is the Future of Online Lingos in the Social media Community?

Social media will continue to exist so also all that relates to it, the only reason an acronym or lingo can go extinct is if that acronym is generally considered offensive. The social media community is a large one.

Can I use WYO and other Social Media Acronyms while speaking In Real Life?

Using social media acronyms while communicating in real life can be considered absurd, it is advisable to rather use complete words rather than acronyms, some people may not be very familiar with online acronyms.


Conclusively, responding to ‘WYO’ is quite easy as it is only a question asking about what you are up to, all you need to do is to state what you are actually doing.

Social media acronyms contribute to the fun of social media as you are introduced to new acronyms every day.

Some acronyms are used for asking questions while others are statements that do not necessarily need to be responded to, you need to understand the differences between all social media acronyms and also know when to use them and when not to.

Social media acronyms, in general, were invented to make chatting easier and to also save time, social media acronyms can not be used in official letters, e-mails and official settings. It is not also advisable to use social media acronyms while communicating in real life.

In order to get familiar with more acronyms, you need to be more active on Twitter because acronyms are used on Twitter more than any other social media application.