How to reply to XD?

Over the years, emojis have taken the place of emoticons. XD, however, has survived this advancement. First of all, XD is not an acronym. It is an emoticon, though a bit old-fashioned. It is still in use despite its archaic nature. XD is a great way to express oneself on the internet without having to use emojis. XD means “Dying of laughter” and is used to show extreme amusement. In this article we shall learn How to reply to XD?

People often get confused when sent an XD emoticon. It happens to almost everyone, and most people just ignore it. You can actually choose to reply to an XD text and you can choose to ignore, and it doesn’t mean you are rude. Replying to an XD the message depends on your relationship with the sender and also what the conversation is all about. 

Here are some popular and recommended ways to reply to an XD text:

  • Yeah…, so… ( continue with the conversation that brought about the laughter from your partner if you’re not done with it or give more details to get more responses from the person you’re chatting with.) This is most likely to be a conversation with a close friend or family member.
  • :)… You may also choose to reply with another emoticon such as :),^_^, to mention but a few, before bringing the conversation to an end politely. ( This is for people you’re not very close to.)
  • You can also start your reply by saying… “So , how is your day going?” if you already said that before the emoticon was sent and you still want to keep the conversation going, you can continue by saying one of these: “ Anyways… or By the way…”.
What exactly is XD?

What exactly is XD?

XD is an emoticon. This means it is a symbol of expression used in showing emotions, particularly amusement during or in the process of a conversation.

The letters don’t represent anything. However, XD is always written in capital letters. Writing XD in small letters rids it of its peculiar meaning, and by so doing, the message loses its meaning. When sending an XD the message, ensure to always capitalize to avoid every form of confusion or misinterpretation.

When you turn an XD message to the left, you will figure out the hidden expression or meaning it carries. It gives you the shape of a smiling face with an X for eyes. It is mostly interpreted as laughing with squinted eyes. XD is also seen as a visual metaphor for “ Dying of laughter.”

Why is XD still used even with the existence of emojis and GIFS?

People often ask this question due to the very fact that XD is an emoticon, and unlike other emoticons, it is still popular and widely used. The answer is really very simple. XD has a broad scope and is very easy to use. This is one of the first reasons why it has lasted and survived advancement and emoji invasion. Not only is it easy to understand and type, but it is also the most used emoticon around. XD is still very prominent and popular mostly because it doesn’t have an emoji equivalent, and it has a reputation as a massive internet meme. Though there is an emoji called “ Grinning squinting face,” which depicts someone laughing with two eyes tightly held together, it still doesn’t match the XD emoticon well. Unfortunately, the Unicode Consortium has not been able to invent or produce equivalent emoji yet.

Is it rude for me to ignore an XD message?

Not at all! Most people in a survey taken on Reddit and Quora think that the best answer for an XD text is to ignore it. This is correct, but however, one can also choose to reply to an XD message. It is important to classify conversations and relationships when using emoticons.

Finally XD is a very versatile emoticon and, as has been previously mentioned, is very easy to use and understand. When you are extremely amused at a person’s comment, post, or message, XD is the best emoticon to express your feeling. It does not hold back in its expression.

Here are some tips to help you when replying to the XD emoticon.

If “XD” comes from a friend, family member, or romantic partner, you can choose to ignore or reply however you want!… With very close friends, consider your relationship and how you feel about them. Then, send a reply with their feelings in mind. With a crush, it is not wise to ignore; this is because you definitely want to keep talking, so bring up something else and keep the conversation going. You can also use it as a way out of a pretty boring conversation!

Frequently asked questions;

Question 1:What is the actual meaning of XD? 

XD is an emoticon that metaphorically represents “ Dying of laughter.”

Question 2:Is XD an acronym?

Not at all! Don’t be deceived. It is not even a short form. The letters do not represent anything. Let’s try this little exercise. Write down XD, then look at it turned to the left. You would notice a face with X for the squinted eyes and D for a wide laughing mouth.

Question 3: What is LMAO XD?

It is the de facto internet phrase used to react to something funny on social media platforms, especially on YouTube comments or on a message board.

Question 4: What is XOXO, and how to react to it?

XOXO simply means hugs and kisses. It is, however, not an acronym. It is a term used for showing love or good friendship at the end of a written letter, SMS, email, or text. There are so many ways to use and reply to an XOXO text. If it comes from a close friend, family member, crush, lover, or just friend, the list goes on and on, and then the reply should be different for everyone. It is very important to take to heart the type or topic of conversation and the relationship one has with the other party.