How to reply to Nice

Texting is one of the most used modes of communication nowadays. Texting is fast. It reduces the timing that is required to call somebody. There can be delays because of connection issues. The network signals might be disrupted. Text messages, on the other hand, are spontaneous and can be sent or received in a while unless the network is severely damaged. Face-to-face chats are irreplaceable on the contrary. One can always reduce the chances of miscommunication in this mode compared to calls, messages and e-mails, and so on. In this article we shall see how to reply to nice.

how to reply to nice

The best way to reply to “nice” is to go with the flow of the conversation. Sometimes fish for the comments and feedback, or just nod and send an emoticon appropriate to the situation. If that is being a problem still, then ask for clarifications on the connotation of the word “nice”. 

Ways to reply when someone says “nice” 

Texting cannot replace the experience of a face-to-face conversation. Therefore the clarity of perceiving and understanding that face-to-face conversations can offer is often missing over text messages. One can read through the situation and the expression of the person next to them or opposite to them and form a proper reply nevertheless, except the exceptional situations.

There are several ways to reply to the word “nice”. Apart from going with the flow, asking for clarifications, positive replies, or sometimes sarcasm when there is a vibe that the other person might have been sarcastic as well, are some of the ways with which “nice” can be replied to. Here are some of the explanations on the ways to reply to “nice”. 

Isn’t It?

One can revert to the phrase “isn’t it?”. This will not only show the excitement on the behalf of the person replying but also will help to keep the conversation going beyond the word “nice”. Moreover, this phrase would also demand some sort of feedback or a comment or a remark so that it ensures the conversation going and more things to talk and text about.

It works both for texting and other modes of conversation. “Isn’t it?” also signifies that the conversation can continue on the same topic giving a chance to comment something more, and change their “nice” into something else. 


Though the word itself is a conversation ender, and it also gives off the vibes that one doesn’t wish to converse further for the moment or on that topic, yeah followed by another remark or a comment or a statement might help to reply to the word “nice”. Suppose, one has shown a photo of their dress to wear to the party and has gotten a reply “nice”.

They can reply by saying, “Yeah, I got it with a good discount on it.” or “Yeah, this dress looks so cute!”. Saying “yeah” followed by a statement entirely different from the original topic of conversation can turn the conversation into something else, either more engaging or something serious, or entirely off the topic of the conversation.

Replying “Yeah” followed by a comment that can invoke a chuckle might give rise to an insider joke. Again, this works in texting or a proper conversation. 

Just Nice?

This comment is slightly amusing because one can fish out various comments from the other person who sent “nice”. Apart from the comments, this can also lead to some friendly banters and comical reliefs that can keep the conversation going without making it seem awkward.

“Just nice?” can be followed by a casual comment along the lines of the comment that was expected. That can help continue the conversation as well.

Asking For clarifications

In a formal setting, one can ask for clarification directly. They can ask what are the requirements to make things better to which “nice” is replied. Showing the eagerness to learn, know, and understand is one of the best possible ways to approach it.

It might seem a bit irritating to the person who said “nice” but keep at it. It would surely yield some result eventually. Keep asking for clarifications through proper questions until it is clarified. It should always be kept in mind, that replying should be going with the flow since that is the best way to reply.


The word “nice” itself should connote something positive. Hence, the above solutions are all related to that. Sometimes, there can be various tonal differences in conversations and while texting. It can get difficult to understand the connotation.

“Nice” can have a sarcastic tone and a demeaning tone to the word. In those exceptional cases, one should be prepared with appropriate replies, as suitable as possible.

Conversation happens with a flow hence their responses too. Therefore, a response to “nice” can always be cheerful, non-awkward, positive, or even neutral. Replying to “nice” is not a difficult or stressful task.

A Nod Or An Emoticon

Well, last but not the least, end the conversation entirely there and start a new one if needed. Sometimes, some replies cannot be replied to. Replying “nice” is a natural conversation ender unless and until it is followed by something else.

Therefore, if not necessary, do not drag the conversation further and end it there with an emoticon or maybe nothing at all, until the further necessity to message or chat. There are several positive emoticons or anything that is needed to express.

If content, use an emoticon with positive expressions, otherwise, emoticons express discontent. A nod can be the equivalent of a face-to-face conversation. Add an appropriate expression along with it depending on the topic of conversation- a smile, a neutral expression, or displeasure. 


Often people do not find the correct way to reply to “nice”. The word is vague. It does not provide what one wants to convey, or whether they are saying it because they do not want to be the conversation ender. Replying with “nice” can be awkward. However, the reply techniques and phrases mentioned earlier in this article might help to overcome the issue. Just read through the situation and revert appropriately.