How Can I Improve My LSAT Score In a Week?

How Can I Improve My LSAT Score In a Week?

Attempting to gain admission into a university to study law can be frustrating. Sometimes one tends to try everything that comes to mind. From staying up late at night reading books to practicing LSAT past questions every day improve your score, there is this wave of frustration that knocks candidates off the top of their confidence when they finally see their scores. Drenched in dissatisfaction and exasperation, unsuccessful applicants hang their heads in shame and ponder their options for improve their LSAT scores.

To improve one’s LSAT score, one must employ the PEBSET rules. PEBSET rules or principles will nurture the belief that hard work pays off. A belief that instills discipline and fosters a winning mindset. Planning is the first PEBSET rule to follow.

Read on to know what all PEBSET principles are and how adhering to them will increase one’s chance of getting admission to study law at a university!

How to improve LSAT score

LSAT (Law school admission Test) is a standardized test for candidates aspiring to be future attorneys. These tests set by college boards aim to test students’ ability to know if they have the mettle to go through with the rigorous curriculum of law study in various universities.  

Some students often fall through the edge and are beat down in humiliation and dismay when they finally see the result of their hard work. Sleepless nights, constant headaches, and discomfort, still, their efforts seem helplessly drenched away by the score they see. 

Some universities also have some standard scores that might discourage candidates, although most candidates are adamant. They engage in various studying techniques and habits. 

Thinking of various strategies to adopt, the candidate still feels a bit unedged as the thought of failure oscillates before the eyes like a hypnotizing pocket watch.

However, if candidates understand the metrics for succeeding in the career path of law, then they would know that failure is not an option. But to embrace the inevitable LSAT road of success, one must adhere to the principles that define such a road of success.

Pebset Rule (Principles to improve Lsat score)

There are basic principles candidates must adopt if they are to see a rise in their LSAT scores. They are:

  • Planning
  • Engaging in conversations (with bright students already enrolled in law school)
  • Believe in one’s ability to achieve success
  • Study past questions diligently
  • Engaged in mental stability
  • Try again  

Planning to improve LSAT score

Planning is the key to success on any road ventured on. It help’s one to know a lot about what is to come and get ready when facing the inconspicuous future. Planning one’s time gives people that sense of comfortability.

When preparing for an LSAT, a candidate must always be time conscious to improve LSAT score. A candidate must plan his time like an Attorney. Attorneys are known to be time conscious and do not meddle in affairs not fruitful to them. An LSAT candidate must organize every aspect of his or her life as this will help create more time for studying as against engaging in something not profitable.

Engaging in conversations

Engaging law students in conversations is a boost in self-confidence and a push in eagerness to quickly get into law school. It inspires belief and makes one dream to achieve what seemed impossible to the mind.

Some brilliant minds already enrolled in law school would even give tips to improve score and how to come out on top when studying for the LSAT.

Believe in one’s ability to achieve success

Lawyers are known to be capable of anything. They do not feel beat down and they bask in this swagger of confidence and self-belief. Some people even worship them as gods that know all.  This is because they have been trained to believe that they are capable of anything.

If a candidate is ever to achieve success in reaching beyond the limits of getting that perfect LSAT score, then a candidate has to have the belief that such a score that seemed impossible, is truly possible. Take on the garb of a lawyer and bask in self-pride. 

Study past questions diligently

This will help candidates to know what might be expected of them when faced with the questions at present. Past questions are previous questions that have been asked in a particular examination. Studying past questions is a key to success.

Engage in mental stability

Before preparing for any examination, if candidates do not possess a mentally stable mind, even if they have consumed the necessary materials that would give them success, they will always fall short. This is because the mind is the control tower of the body. Whatever rules the mind, rules the body.

Candidates must ensure that fear does not take hold of their minds. Since fear leads to mistakes, the possibility of them falling short when sitting for the LSAT would be highly probable.

Try Again

One major aspect about lawyers is that they always try again. Failure isn’t considered a blockade on the path to success. It is considered a propeller to success. 

Most law students tried repeatedly before getting there. So even if a candidate feels down over a current score, they should try again till the fortune that comes with success is theirs.

In summary, although LSAT might be considered a bit of a struggle by most candidates, if one employs the PEBSET rule, there will be a massive improvement in one’s LSAT score. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is it possible to study for the LSAT in a week?

If one has studied before, 1 week can be considered revision week. If not, it is highly improbable to increase one’s score with only 1 week of preparation. 

  1. How should one prepare 2 weeks before the LSAT?

Adequately prepare for the LSAT, strictly engaging in mental stability throughout. 

  1. How hard is a 170 LSAT score?

Employing the BEPSET rule, a 170 LSAT score wouldn’t be considered hard.